Samsung LH351D 5000k 90CRI LED $0.74 with Free Overnight Shipping

I purchased several of these last week at $2.20 each. For some reason the price has dropped to $.74.
Not as nice as tint as the recent LH351D 4000k AEDe GB led IMO but It produces a 90CRI nice white beam.
I prefer the 4000k but for this price I’ll use them here and there in something. S6 bin at 380-440 lumen’s at 1050ma.
I have no idea how long the price will last. :beer:

Thanks for sharing this!

Couldn’t sleep, checked the forums and this deal shows up! Thanks for sharing!!!

This one looks pretty good too: “LH351C 5000K 90CRI $0.34/each”:

Thanks for the heads up moderator007!

I was amazed to see that international shipping was free.

damn this is good price

scored myself 30 pieces :smiling_imp:

The LH351C is the newest version from Samsung and it has not been tested on BLF yet. Arrow’s or Digikey’s shipping costs makes the EU unreachable, anyone care to send a few in a simple envelope to one of the EU led testers? (Koef3, maukka or me), or perhaps TA is in for another led test?

Thank you

Usually i am not ordering from Digikey, Arrow. . . because of the high shipping costs.
But i really have to check if i do not need a few things if shipping is really free over 20$.

Can confirm - just ordered with free shipping to EU, paid over $10 for 10 “C” and 10 “D” version.

Great price, thanks for sharing.

Is customs covered by Arrow? In other words: will you not be charged later with customs (fair enough) and more than the order amount of handling fees by the carrier? (robbery).

I don’t think so. Typically, it’s the buyer or ultimate consignee who shoulders import duties and taxes, depending on the laws of your country.

Mouser takes care of the customs fee for you, so that you only pay for customs and not for some random carrier fee. Also Amazon does that.

Thanks for the alert Moderator007 :)

I also bought 3 of these XHP70.2's for under $6. Not high CRI, but highest binning they seem to have:

Are these ones better?

Canadians should note that Arrow doesn’t cover customs like Digikey and Mouser. Anything over $20 CAD will come with courier fees. The only way to get around this is by finding a combination of items over $20 USD that ship separately from US/EU warehouses so neither shipment is over $20 CAD.

I went through two orders with Arrow and bought two types of 5000K 90 CRI LH351D leds. It seems that I got free shipping, could pay with Paypal, and they charged tax for me. So it all sounds good sofar, my worry is still that the carrier seems DHL and my experience with them is not good.

Thanks moderator007 for the tip!

Wow, thanks for sharing! :+1:

I’m gonna try some in a Q8.

I also want to say thanks!
Ordered e-parts that i can not get in germany (~22€ total). So there should be no problem with custom.

Thanks OP, I just ordered 6. I will be swapping these into a Q8 once they arrive (supposedly tomorrow).