Sense resistor on Trustfire X6 clone?

Help me. Bad ideas. Baaaaad ideas. Or good ideas maybe. This is BLF after all. :party: I read this [post 16] thread on how far a MT-G2 could be pushed, which is confusing to me given that Match did a similar test and found a much shallower curve than djozz. Nevertheless, I am given hope of my X6 maintaining status as king of my collection until I get the TR-J12 driver from Kaidomain.

I want 3000lm OTF from this light and for that I’m thinking I need to bump power from the now-5000mA to the 7500mA mark [and get an AR lens]. It’s a buck driver so that’s not hard, I’m just not sure which is the proper resistor to trimpot. It’s actually a driver sold by Fasttech , down to the part number. I want to say that R7 is what I need to bridge.

This actually shouldn’t be too unreasonable. The Small Sun T620’s driver saw a 13% relative efficiency drop for a 217% increase in emitter current. Theoretically, and by theory, I mean a wild guess, taking this driver up 50% shouldn’t cause too far a drop in efficiency.

Naturally to see any meaningful runtime I’ll need to buy some LG D1’s, the near 6-amp draw I’ll be seeing on the stack will cripple the Samsung –28A’s I’m currently using. [the draw off the stack right now is 3.4 amps]

Match was testing on the standard Cutter aluminum star, it wasn't on copper.

That makes more sense, and gives me more confidence. But I’m not going to start this mod until I at least have heatsinks for the MOSFETs on the driver, and that will be a few weeks. Plus I’m contemplating reflowing some kind of spacer/shim between the emitter and mcpcb so it will focus right in the reflector. Probably not going to appreciably tighten the beam but lux are lux. Will also need to remove the anno from the emitter shelf at the least. A copper plug would be ideal, but I don’t have access to that kind of tools.

I also think a trio of protected NCRPD’s would be best for this light.