SF-My Meager Collection-

This is what i have so far.......i have a lot of lights but prefer and go to these, you just can not beat it performance and price wise. My Knives in the middle from top to bottom are Gerber Evo, Gerber Evo Jr, SW Cuttin Horse, and the CRKT Ripple.

I like that L2T light. :) Sweet looking stuff.

Alfreddajero, are you Foy? All solarforce light. Are you planning to part with your reverse clip? They all ran out of it. Nice SF collection.

Nope, i actually got into SF lights from Don......always modding dropins and making them brighter.

Nice collection. Solarforce is really what got me going on my addiction. Luckily I have not gotten into knives yet, but my gun collection has already emptied my wallet.

I dont own any nice knives really.....the ones you see are the only ones i have and they get used.

Dropped the ball on another SF L2T, this time with a heavier crenualted ss bezel and clip running an R5, the light should be here soon since i got it sent to my job.

Finally showed up at work today, love the heavier crenulated bezel.......

Love Solarforce!! Been thinking of getting an L2T to go with my L2P and L2, but the picture you just posted is the first one that I have been able to get a good look at the knurling. Not a fan of how it looks on the head like that for some reason. Maybe its time to pull the trigger on an L2X

Well i say get one anyway......you will like it and often times now its my go too light.

My small collection of blades.......not really a collector.

Nice collection, but where is your L2P? And your L2i and L2r? LOL

For some reason the others dont interest me as much......i might get the the L2P sooner or later.

It has been awhile since i have been on here, working 50-60 hour weeks and its taking its toll on me. Got my package today and i am pleased. L2P Ace and the LT-1 lantern kit.

Very nice, alfreddajero. What drop-in did you put in the L2P. One of my favorite lights.

Single mode SF XML.......love the look and feel of it, and i also put the lantern on the L2X. Makes it look badass.

Nice and welcome back Alfred!!

This L2m is one of my favorites.

Nice collection Alfred I have the L2T, L2x, L2m Check out my L2m...

Not too many lights you can put up that rikr doesn't have...

(and yes, I'm jealous) That silver L2M is very nice!

Thank you BetweenRides....