Shadow JM05 short review

What can i say, it's a gun-metal coloured light!




Measurements :

High - 2.6A, Med - 0.7A, low 0.15A. (it does not go above 2.6A no matter with which good battery (Sanyo/Panasonic/Xtar/Solarforce) or which voltage level between 4.1V to 4.2V, very stable)

590L OTF, 210L OTF, 60L OTF. Reflected ceiling bounce

Throw = 17k from the OP reflector. (DX meter - 17k is corrected figure)

It has square threads.

Tint is 1A so that's really cool white, but i am cool with that.

Best thing - Not PWM driven. Immeasurable on the DMM, and also on the fan on both med/low there is none of those "pattern". Even on a fast 4kHz PWM you can detect the pattern on the fan on high speed easily.

Quality is good old Shadow quality, ie very near to Fenix. Cutting could be a bit sharper to give you that "punch" look of the premium lights but i am ok with this.

The hotspot is somewhat smaller than the regular U80/C8 lights. Need to do whip out the meter when it's dark.

Wow...the UI is very similar to Balder. On high it will blink once after 3 seconds. Switch it off immediately and the blinky modes will be gone (SOS/Strobe). Do the same to return to blinky mode.

That is a sweet looking light!

I'm a sucker for gun metal too. That light to the right of the JM05 is kinds of cool.


I was eyeballing the same light, Foy.

That's the Kingfire big head But the cutting and anodising is a wee bit rough.....more like Ultrafire/Trustfire level than Shadow level. Just part of the collection man....i mean you don't check out your lights at 30cm distance. I like the looks.

Put it this way, Shadow is like Solarforce. The anodising is so smooth....and i have yet to get chipped edges on the Shadow TC6. It might not be HA though, but it does not chip and you get ugly exposed aluminum.

I have the JM07 Pro coming, suppose to be even better. Hope it will surpass Fenix level.


Well, I like it. Looking at the pics on CNG, I love how thick the bezel is. Man, I'd like to sic my orbital on that bad boy.


And no worries...the GITD silicone caps will go.

Thats a very attractive light. Much better looking than the stock photos we were all looking at a few weeks ago. Its always cool to see a company with descent CNC equipment put their mills to good use in producing such intricate creations. Did you also receive the "fat" battery yet? I wonder if the smaller hotspot means greater throw from that size reflector.

Very cool gun-metal lineup!

2100 -

Give me your honest opinion - are GITD switch boots lame? Give it to me straight, I can take it.


Haha...GITD is practical in real life like beside-the-bed-light, no doubt about it. Just that i don't like for my show lights.

The reflector is the same as the C8, 40-42mm league. I guess it helps a bit, this one is OP.

The King Kong fatty battery will come next week with the Spolite AL06, and the MKNE IMR the week after next i hope.

Wow...the UI is very similar to Balder. On high it will blink once after 3 seconds. Switch it off immediately and the blinky modes will be gone (SOS/Strobe). Do the same to return to blinky mode.

Can you smell F-L-A-S-H-A-H-O-L-I-C's L-I-G-H-T?

Yeah well, "show lights" is what I'm talking about. I ask because I've been having second thoughts about different colored boots. The GITD boots don't stay glowing long enough to matter so, it's an aesthetics thing and I'm begining to think it's a green-pea thing that goes away the longer I'm into flashlights.


This is the real thing.

Yeah, if anybody is looking for the good stuff, the XinTD should be the better version / anodising. But at $55, vs Kingpower single 18650 at 34.

The XinTD stuff looks to be real good quality....hope they come out with more stuff on int-outdoors.

As you say 2100. However I think the XinTD L2 looks much better and can use 2 x 18650 if you want.

That Kingfire is made by Hwa/Wys, so it's made in the Ultrafire factory.

Always wondered what "Hwa/Wys" was.

This site might just be my new favorite. Very few lights there that I don't like but that Xin TD is going to be my next purchase. I like that you can choose between 3 and 5 mode and that screw-in pill - very nice. I want the 3 mode with the SS bezel.


This is the prettiest 26650 flashlight onthe market now :) Ordered one :) I plan to mod it to 3x xml :)

2100 what are the letters on the tail cap?

On the DONGRUI XM-L T6 it's got F L O

Niiiicee, I order one :)