Shadow SC600 vs UF-T50 -- Winners Announced -- The Lights Are Done!!!!!!!

A Zebralight SC600 and its budget counterpart, an Ultrafire UF-T50, will be torture tested by The Shadow, then by scaru, then by mkett39, then restored by Old-Lumens and finally given away.

You, fellow flashlight fans, can enter the giveaway by guessing which light will hold up best: the SC600 or UF-T50. Lights will be tortured, but not so totally destroyed that Old-Lumens can’t resurrect them.

Torture tests and restoration will be performed as follows and documented in this thread:

  • The Shadow — freeze, submerge and boil.
  • scaru — extended runtime and drop tests.
  • mkett39 — drag behind vehicle, drop in bucket of motor oil, run over with tractor trailer.
  • Old-Lumens — restore lights in whatever creative way he sees fit; obviously these will become one-of-a-kind collectors items.

The Rules (PLEASE read carefully):

1) You must be a BLF member, registered on or before January 1, 2013, from any country.
2) To enter, simply guess which light will hold up best BEFORE the results of the first torture tests are posted.
3) You will have at least three days to enter, maybe more, and then the giveaway will be closed and this will become a “reality TV” thread where test results and restoration progress will be posted.
4) The Shadow will randomly select a winner for the restored winning light from those who guessed correctly and randomly select a winner for the restored losing light from everyone who entered, which gives those who guessed correctly an advantage and a chance to win both lights.
5) You may change your guess up until the time the giveaway closes. Doing so after that will result in disqualification.
6) The Shadow may adjust these rules if/as needed for unforeseen events and circumstances but no matter what happens, a SC600 and a UF-T50 will be given away here.

This entire process will clearly take some time so please be patient. Enter while you can and then sit back and relax and grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy the show!

Special thanks to scaru, mkett39, and Old-Lumens for graciously agreeing to play active roles and thanks to everyone else for their input.

Zebralight SC600 will top it! Tks, Shadow!

Just sent a PM with my ideas of what to do to it. :Evil:


The Zebralight will prevail.

Gotta go with the outsider - Ultrafire UF-T50 !

ive never handled either… but i gotta go with the ZL

For anyone wondering, I'm going to be hooking it up to a power supply and see if the heat will kill it. :Evil:

I’m guessing uf-t50 for now, I’m sure I’ve read about some fragile sc600’s…

I’m going with the zebralight.

I’ll just flip a coin - Zebralight SC600

Because I own one, I vote for SC600! and I love the thing, so I hope to see it win.

This is an awesome idea :smiley:

i think the zebralight will hold better :slight_smile: getting excited!

I think it will be the ZL, too. But for the price of one ZL you can get 3 UFs..^^

I’ll go with the T50 just for fun.

+1 (sorry Boaz)

UF-T50 FTW, if surviving a torture test like that is considered a win :wink: Thx TheShadow!

I have to go with the Ultrafire. The tailcap with the magnet is adding enough beef to keep it from getting crushed. Just a guess.

let the torture begin…. J)

i am picking the zebralight - thanks for doing this and very curious to see what you all have in store :slight_smile:

thanks, i believe the underdog T50 ultrafire wins.