Shadow SL3 XM-L2

Has anybody got one of these yet?

This would be nice with the extra chips installed to make 8 Amps or so.

had one - sold it on the marketplace

most a 26650 imr will pull is around 6.5 amps due to voltage sag etc

I have my XM-L shadow sl3 running about 8.5 Amps at the tail using either an MNKE 26650 IMR or Samsung INR 18650-20R.

I initially had it over 9 Amps, but it was leaking current through the switch. It seems ok after removing a coupe of the chips I’d added.

really? 8 amps… how many lumens you pulling? do you have to lock out your tail cap or else the sl3 stays in moonlight mode?

i was the guy that bought it from jmpaul

I bought one from Fasttech. I like it a lot except for the stupid interface. Stock, mine pulls 4.39A with a fresh MNKE 3500 mAh IMR 26650. If it had a separate button for turning the light on and off and modes, it would be a much better light. Either way, I think it is a great light overall and I definitely recommend it.

I’ll check later, but I think it’s about 8.3-8.5A now.
I initially had it over 9A but it would stay in moonlight mode. After removing a couple of chips it’s ok now. I did pick it up one day after it sitting there a couple of months and it was in moonlight mode again, but it hasn’t happened since.

I think upto around 8Amps seems to be ok and not cause moonlight mode.
I’m not sure how many lumens it is, but it’s probably 2.7-2.8A per led.

I have one as well but I agree with oRAirwolf about the interface. Overall it's an excellent light and I recommend it. It does close to 1500 otf stock and I wanted to bump it as well but once I had it I realized that as it sits it's a great compromise of output vs runtime and I cancelled my plans for upgrade.

Yeah it’s a nice light. Id like to be able to measure its output, but ive ni way of doing it. I might get an XM-L2 version and mod that too.

Basically, there is one button to turn it on and off, as well as changing modes. The way they have implemented it, you press the button to turn it on. When it is on, you hold down the button for 2 seconds to turn it off. When it is on you cycle modes between low, medium, and high by pressing the button. If you double press the button, it goes into stupid strobe mode. The rate at which you press the button to cycle it into stupid strobe mode is fairly long, so you will find yourself switching into stupid strobe mode when cycling between modes by accident. The light has no mode memory, so it always starts on low. Having to hold down the button for 2 seconds to turn it off is also an annoyance. The light would be almost perfect if it just had 2 buttons: 1 for switching the power and 1 for cycling between modes.

The interface is not a deal killer, but it is a massive blow to an otherwise fantastic flashlight.

Exactly this. When cycling through the modes to get to high if you click too quickly (and it’s not very quick) you activate strobe accidentally. You have to slow down and click into medium, pause, click into high. You can’t just click to medium then high like you instinctively want to. The pause to turn it on and off is too long as well.

It's really not to say it ruins the light. It just makes what could have been a spectacular little light into merely a good light all things considered.

Mine comes on in high first.

I just measured 8.68A on a fresh cell.

8.6 amps huh…thats nuttz.
i forget how many amps mine was, i think like 6. and thats already about 2000 lumens. yours is truly a pocket flame thrower.

i agree with the ui being a bit clumsy. i actually lock mine out to turn off the light.

but what i hate more is the button. its so hard to press. its like i almost gotta use my nail or tip of my finger.
u just have to press real hard. not like the srk or fenix tk70.

How do you measure tailcap current with this light? Is there a tailcap that unscrews? On mine, it seems like only the whole body unscrews…

Negative lead to the negative post on the battery, positive lead to where the body contacts the driver pill.

So you take off the body/tube completely, and measure tailcap current without the body, with only the battery and the head?

Correct. Just hold the battery in place.

Kind of awkward, since you have to press the side switch after making contact, but anyway, I did it, and measure ~3.82 amps.

So how’re others seeing 8-9 amps at the tailcap?

Edit: Mine is completely stock.

What battery are you using? Others have modded their drivers to pull extra current. Like I said earlier in the post, my stock XM-L2 SL3 pulls 4.39A with a fresh MNKE 3500 mAh IMR 26650. I will charge up an ICR King Kong and a protected Trustfire 26650 and see if the current is lower with those. I shall report back later…

Mine is modified with extra chips on the driver board.