shake, shake, shake

Whew. For a minute, I thought I was shaking my Groove Thang just a little too hard.

Called it, too! 4.8. I recall the 4.5 that I barely felt, figured log scale, soooooo… 4.8?

And they just announced it, a 4.8!

Wondering where’s the epicenter, news is just starting up, emergency alert only now came out over the phone, so it’ll be a while…

Lebanon, NJ? Showing the dot on a map, but dunno if that’s the epicenter or just where The Disembodied Voice that’s being interviewed is coming from. Might be the epicenter, as other Disembodied Voices are being interviewed, too.

Think my amazon packages are presently in that nabe… :roll_eyes:

I felt it big time.

Yeh, that definitely jarred me awake. Was like waking up on a Magic Fingers Bed From Hell.

Quite rhythmic, which was odd. I’ve seen vids where it seemed more irregular and jarring, but this was a constant rocking side-by-side, at least from my perspective. And with the hollow streets, I feel vibrations when heavy trucks go rumbling down the street, so thought it was some heavy construction equipment or a killdozer roaring down, but nope. Car alarms started going off, no truck-sounds, just rumbling. So yeah, “Oh shiite… erfquake!”.

Funny thing is, I always wanted to make my own seismometer, if only to measure that rumbling from trucks, etc., to prove my point, but never did. Kicking myself now…

Hmmm, earthquake, the sun goes black… okay, so who’s cracking open those Seven Seals?

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The End Is Near … :worried:

Here in So. Cal it’s all in a days activities. Makes it OK to have an eye opener on the East Coast … :cocktail:

Yeah, but I’m already bored with it, and turned off the news. They start out pretty good with actual info, even get into past history (5.3 in the 1700s or so), the what/how of earthquakes, etc., but then they go interviewing a dogwalker, construction guy, etc., to ask them what was their experience feeling the earthquake when it happened, etc. Useless filler.

Now it’s gonna be all that all day.

Like when temps dip down into the 20s, you’d think we were in Fimbulvetr and that Ragnarok was nigh. Yeah, talk to some folx in Minnesota, who think that’s a heatwave in winter. But the news is sure to cover all the “Emergency Measures” that The City is doing. Yawn…

It was definitely… interesting. Definitely the biggest one I ever felt. Eerie.

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Yep … the same in So. Cal when precipitation of any sort is predicted.

News reports “Killer Drizzle” is on the way and for sure many will perish. Be sure and stock up on plenty of TP … :scream:

Taiwan 4/2/24
NJ/NY 4/5/24

California 1/17/1994
Indonesia, Halmahera 1/21/1994

One side ‘O’ the Earth moves and Bingo 3-4 days the vibe gets to the other side.

To me felt like a big truck going by here in southeast PA.

It’s a conspiracy.

Wow, all this over a single 4.8??

Never realized that even small earthquakes were that uncommon in the east.( I’m in Alaska. )

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Aftershock, just about 1759-1800 or so.

Just felt it, even my cats were all like “wtf??” again.

If I had to guess, barely a 4.0, maybe 4.1?

This area is pretty much a solid slab of bedrock, so quakes are minor in the extreme, so when one does happen, it’s An Event.

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Checkout the New Madrid Earthquake. - 1811(?)
It and the aftershocks moved the Mississippi river…
The whole country felt it if I remember my Geo. class right.

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Earthquakes under 5.0 are pretty common in Southern California, though an earthquake’s magnitude is not the only factor in how devastating an earthquake is.
I hear that the earthquake in Taiwan was pretty huge, though. :+1:

Did anyone hear what caused it, I cant imagine there is a fault in that area.

Aliens, it’s the aliens.

That would explain it, a spaceship landing.

There’s no real explanation…

Yes, there is a giant fault in the area.
Large earthquakes aren’t very common in the northeast, but they do occasionally happen.

That, or a Shadow planet-killer.