shirogorov and sebenza copies from aliexpress?

Does anyone have any of these?Beautiful design.It says d2 blade!I was wondering what kind of steel these knives that are marked d2 or s35v in more expensive copies have.I have always liked sebenza and umnumzaan designs but theyre over the limit$$.How are these copies,and which ones are best?In some videos they look exactly like real thing.How is the quality of good ones compared to real sebenzas

Over the years I have/had multiple gens/clones of both, Shirogorov’s and Sebenza’s. The best Chinese maker atm imo is Kevin John, he uses genuine s35vn steel, you will pay more than double the price of many of the other makers, but it’s well worth it… make sure it’s a authentic Kevin John, funny some Chinese makers are even cloning his clones.

For under $40.00 Green Thorn makes an excellent high quality small Sebenza, 4 of the 5 I have are going to be gifts. You will though need to blue loctite it’s pocket clip. Not sure it’s d2 steel, but it sharpens and keeps it’s edge like it is.

These clone F95’s and Sebenza’s are similar to the gens in quality and build, but definitely not authentic. The differences are many from blade length/width/weight to washers/bearing system. If you want gen then you need to purchase gen, but these clones pretty darn close.

Check this link, honest and fast shipping… the only seller I recommend.

Kevin john looks real good,havent seen any tests online on s35vn they use

The new Green Thorn versions of the Shirogorov F95 and Dark are also pretty good.

thx guys,id love to have originals ,but theyre too sure these copies perform almost as good,as ill not be afraid to use them!

so actually these knives are in d2 or s35vn.has anyone tested this yet?is there any videos of these knives being tested?

Based on prices I would doubt they are the listed steel but knives look great. I have had real sebenza 21 and would be ok with a fake.

This is a cutting test video comparison between the Kevin John Hinderer replica and the Wild Boar Hinderer replica where the KJ cuts nearly five times more before dulling, suggesting that the claim of S35VN is accurate while the claim of D2 probably isn’t.

thx guys,I just ordered spyderco military replica,from dhgate for 20 dol,what kind of steel is on those?9cr13?

My fake military has a 9Cr13 blade

Nice site Lobster, I just registered.

Is anyone using some of the better fakes hard?except screws that might strip and different blade steel thwy should be about equal to originals,or that might not be the case?

The hard use term is relative, do you mean using a edc folder like it’s a Esee fixed blade? Most of these edc folders clones and gens are not designed for that… hardware failing issues. Medford Knives make’s what looks like a type of folding fixed blade I’ve seen some Medford clones on Aliexp/Dhgate, for me their too big to edc… don’t have one or want one.

how are Dicoria clones,theyre little cheaper than kevin john but above others in price

I typed in the two brands into google and it took me to knifecenter would you mind waking me up now? lol wowzer expensive knives!

I ordered 2 Paramilitary 2's. There's at least one comparison video I watched before hand on youtube.

I’ve purchased numerous knives from Ben at Dicoria… great seller fast shipping, but wasn’t pleased with their brand of Sebenzas. It’s titanium handle scales are thick and heavy, lock bar tension is way off (loose) and the blade is much too narrow, and it’s jibbing isn’t Sebenza like… overall not a very good copy. For the money… Green Thorn is the best, I read somewhere that the Green Thorn brand is the high end division of Wild Boar. I have one of these, it’s made by Wild Boar… it’s a good copy.

If blade steel is important then Kevin John is it, the larger sell out pretty fast. He does production runs of different models through-out the year, right place right time… good luck.

Edit: The only Wild Boar product I recommend is their Sebenza 25, after that it’s Green Thorn or Kevin John.

thx,I found kevin john small sebenza, for decent price.Is the quality similar to the real thing,says it has s 35vn!

Patiently waiting for either Kevin John or Green Thorn to produce one of these;searl\|3472636478.

Do you have a link or pic?