Short Review of Sofirn SP33 v2 with XHP50.2

This is the new “version 2” of the Sofirn SP33 which now has an XHP50.2 and a boost driver.

The UI is really great on this one.

One click on/off.

When you hold down the button the 3 main modes cycle low, med, high, low….

When on or off, you can double click for Turbo. There is a tiny ramp up to turbo. One more click and you get a smooth ramp back down to your previous level. The ramp up and down seem nice in comparison to the C8F’s ramp up to turbo and sudden drop back down.

Eco/moonlight is hidden. From off you press and hold the button.

Strobe is also hidden. :+1: You have to first double click to Turbo, then double click again.

The electronic lockout is done with four fast clicks. You will see 2 confirmation blinks. Any time the button is pressed you will get 2 blinks to tell you the light is locked out. To unlock, you do four fast clicks again. You can manually lock out the light with a small turn of the tail cap.

The spacing in the levels is really good. The emitter color is nice. I’m digging it.

Full details can be found in the updated manual courtesy of Lux Perpetua.

Sofirn SP33 v2 updated manual

At 3.70 volts the 2200 lm Turbo mode dissappears. Now when you hold down the button you cycle between Low and Medium. A double click takes you to the new “Turbo” level (high mode, 920 lm). So you have Eco, Low, Med and a 920 lumen Turbo mode.

At 3.40 volts you loose High mode. Medium becomes the new “Turbo” mode.

Whenever you turn on the light there is a battery indicator feature in the switch which will light up green for about 5 Seconds when the battery is above 3.4 volts volts. Below 3.4 volts it will light up red and Med is only accessible with a double click.

The mcpcb is 26mm and 6v.

No retaining ring. If you look closely around the edge of the driver you will see a light blue color which to me looks like it might be adhesive.

Here’s a ceiling shot. You can see that the tint is slightly cooler than the C8F. The hot spot is also a tiny bit larger. I like it.

Candela is 18.6 kcd or 272 meters of throw.

Parasitic drain is 121 microamps/0.12 milliamps. Very nice!

The mcpcb is 26mm and 6v.

Lumens are measured in a TA Lumen Tube and it’s calibrated with one of Maukka’s calibration lights.

Amps are measured using a large wire across the tail and a UNI-T UT210E clamp meter.

This is with a fully charged black Liitokala 5000mah.

Eco 0.036A for 5 lm
Low 0.23A for 140 lm
Med 0.60A for 375 lm
High 1.59A for 920 lm
Turbo 5.80A @ 20s for 2,200 lm

Samsung 30T 21700 on turbo:
5.27A @ 20s for 2,200 lm.

Keeppower 5200mah on turbo:
5.80A @ 20s for 2,200 lm.

As can be expected with a boost driver, the output levels are very steady. Turbo is usually 2,240 at turn on and slowly drops to 2,200 at about 20 seconds.

Shockli 5500mah and KeepPower 6000mah do fit.

I’ll add driver pics once I get it removed.

The only improvements I can think of is bypassing both springs. This can help keep the voltage higher and give more cumulative turbo run time.

Also maybe have a locator switch light on all the time. I’ll see about adding that feature if I can get the driver out. It appears to be glued in place.

To sum it up, this is a great light and for only $23, it is an amazing bargain as well! I give this light a big thumbs up! :+1:

Edit: New driver pics!

I used a small Allen key through one of the anti rotation screw holes and tapped the driver loose. You can see that part of the pcb got pulled apart due to the glue. Luckily the little components look okay.

Glue everywhere.

A shot of the switch leds just below the switch.

The machining in the head looks the same as version 1.

Thank you Jason, looking forward to the updates as they come!! :beer:

Thanks for the short review and update :+1:

Mine tested with Blue Lii 26650 4.2V
My est. number
Turbo 6A = 2300LM
Hi 1.75A = 950LM
Mid 620mA = 400LM
Lo 220mA = 150LM
Eco 5LM

Ordered one on 11/11.
Are the reflector and LED accessible?
Or is that glued too?

Thanks Jason. Lobe your tear down threads. I ordered one on 11/11. Should be getting it soon.

So, no retaining ring on driver ? Hmmmm… Seems to differ from DB CUSTOM’s review of the earlier XPL version. Interesting.

Yes, the bezel is just a little on the tight side. The mcpcb looks to be about 24mm and made of copper.

Yeah. I tried pulling on the spring, but it won’t budge.

It may need to be pushed out from the emitter wire holes on top.

This is a nice thread. I have not seen it before. There is a picture of the driver bottom with no retaining ring for those interested.

My pics won’t be up until late tonight.

Thanks Jason. :+1:
I might want to try a Nichia 144 and a TIR in there.

So Jason, how is the tint?
Ugly cool or acceptable white?

I can see in my pictures that there is an adhesive of some type around the driver.

It’s cooler than the C8F. I have both beams side by side. I like it and don’t plan to change it.

Okay, pics are added and I think post 1 is pretty complete. I still need to get the driver out, though.

Thanks Jason for the update. Sounds like a very nice light overall. Do you think high mode would overheat it if used for a long time? Does it step down from high?

I don’t know. I usually use it on Med for walking around and it doesn’t even get warm.

I’ll try High mode tonight and see what happens.

What are the screws under the MCPCB holding?

Do they hold the T-shaped driver/switch board in place?

Great review JasonWW! :-)

Lately, I took some beamshots outside at 3°C / 37°F and the SP33 didn't get substantially warmer than my hand, even after quite some runtime on turbo.

The tint shift is hardly noticeable when outside. You might recognize some yellowish tint on the edge of the spot, somehow identical to the SP32A V2 that uses the XP-L2. FWIW, the SP32A V2.0 heats up significantly on turbo while the SP33, being far more hefty, remains comfortable as a summer breeze.

For comparison:

Sofirn SP32A V2.0 (XP-L2)

Sofirn SP33 (XHP50.2)

Any idea on US availability?

They could be holding nothing and just prevent the MCPCB from rotating (and shearing the ledwires) when closing the bezel.