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KSGER STM32 2.1S Soldering Station Videos

Convoy L6 thread XHP70.2, TA FET driver, lighted side switch. - Supfire L5-S thread XHP70.2, TA FET driver, lighted side switch. Mini L6! - Thorfire S70S MTN FET driver, custom lighted side switch. - 10 NarsilM user videos for BLF Q8, GT, GT70, GT Mini, GT Micro, Astrolux S43(S) and ROT66

Texas_Ace BLF Calibrated Lumen tube and Maukka Calibration Lights for DIY Lumen Measuring Devices - List of Actively Cooled Lights - Headlight List with prices, specs and features - Jaxmnve M1 Stainless 10180 Keychain light Review - Lumintop ODF30 Review - Sofirn C8F 21700 Teardown and Review, Sofirn SP33 v2 XHP50.2 Review - My Sofirn Q8 Results - Astrolux S43S 219C Test Results - Lumintop GT Mini Test Results - Lumintop GT Micro Test Results - FW3A 3D Test Results

Hi Jason,
Good to see another Houstonian in the forums. Been in CPF for many years.

I’m in S. Houston, 45s & 610 Loop.
Might like to hookup sometime and play lights or quads or whatever. lol
Drop a line if interested.

Many thanks,
Stay safe…
X_Marine/ BillyD…

Thanks Jason, you are an asset to the forum.