SHOT Show 2023

I’m flying to Vegas in a few hours to go to SHOT Show. I’m going to see whats coming out this year from the flashlight manufacturers. Lots of pictures will be taken and post when I get back. A few gun pics might make it in. Returning on the 25th.

If you see any Euro import flashlights please take lots of photos. Sometimes these show up at SHOT and seemingly nowhere else.

I’d appreciate some of those new flashlight photos :wink:

Enjoy the show :sunglasses:

Kershaw has a new OTF and a new axis lock. You should post any thoughts if you get to play with either of those.

thanks from London !!…

i am SOOO jealous.
Shot Show is on my Bucket List.
please post some KelTec pics.
they usually have a few
innovative ideas.

Looking forward to the post! SHOT Show sounds like a lot of fun but I can’t really justify the cost of going.

Post H&K pics.

Just got back from Shot show and just enjoying Vegas. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Do they still put the bullets backwards in the magazine? Would have said clip but didn’t want a flame war.

I used to have a few HKs. VP-70, 2x 9mm USP, P2000SK, MP5K, SL8-6, and P30.

So I guess that wasn’t you that tried to check your Swiss tank rifle at the airport without declaring it? :slight_smile:

Were there any “Dog Proof” trigger guards for sale there?

Saw a video from Shot Show with a Coast flashlight, a zoomable that uses CR123 cells. Not sure how good it is, but it looked nice (although not small as the OTR i3).

Can you let us know which flashlight brands were there? Saw some videos about Coast, Nitecore, Fenix, and a few more.

We could have a flame war over “bullets” if you prefer. :smiley:

Oh, right wasn’t even thinking. Perhaps I should have said cartouches. :smiley:

I only liked Coast when it was Coast Led Lenser.

That’s what “Inspector 12” puts on them when they are approved…

Oh wait, that’s for Hanes. ;o)

What surprised me at Shot this year was the lack and sometimes complete lack of product knowledge. Streamlight had a new sales rep who confirmed that they use LEDs in their product. After about 5 minutes and he seemed to want to know. He learned about CRI, Kelvin, cr123a’s and 18650’s. Inforce told me that the LED was a propriety secret, the runtime was a propriety secret, the current draw was a propriety secret. Fenix knew their stuff and was happy to talk shop, nothing was off limits regarding batteries, LED’s, and electronics. Eagtac which I didn’t know is owned by the engineer who does all the design work. He and his wife were very enthusiastic about the product and of course knew every detail. Everyone also said Cree LEDs were very had to get and Luminus is filling the void.

In 2018 many of the flashlight booths were closer together. Product was stolen, possible fist fight. So in 2019 and on the light venders are spaced further apart.

That’s some great info! I guess 2018 was an iconic year, i’d never had guessed violence would be a part of the show.

The difference in rep mentality is interesting, ‘Inforce meet clamp meter and a calculator, clamp meter and calculator meet Inforce’s proprietory secrets…’.

Does Eagtac’s owner know about BLF now? :smiley:

Wow, that really inspires confidence. :person_facepalming: Imagine getting that kind of response about any other product. It would be like Apple saying you weren’t allowed to know what CPU they used in their computers because it was top secret info. wtf