Show us your Kershaw knives

As a side note , I will at some point I am sure get one of the ZT Emersons. From what I have read and watched review wise… they do Emerson better than Emerson.

And I keep remembering more that are hiding from me!

I found my Blur and Shallot. But I still need to find my Brawler and FreeFall, and take a proper group photo.

The ZT/Emerson 0620 CF is a great knife…top notch quality with the Emerson wave.
I have one of the older 0620 CF with the satin M390 blade and one in black Elmax blade.

I like the frame lock of the ZT over the Emerson liner lock but some of the back spine test show a failure…I don’t use my knives to whack somebody. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at adding the 0630 with S35V blade…trying to save up for it.

Just got my ZT 0566 back from Zero Tolerance for warranty work. I will attach pics of my small ZT collection.

How do you find the warranty process with ZT?
From what I read at BladeForums, they are second best behind BM

If any of you guys are near Tualatin Oregon in early December, check out their warehouse sale. Supposedly most of the knives are over runs and seconds but I’ve never seen a flaw in any of the knives I’ve bought. The prices are dirt cheap. Knife sharpening is free. I’ve seen guys bring in big bags of Kershaw knives to be sharpened. Just drop off all of your knives at the sharpening counter and go shopping while they put an edge on them. The line is long so dress warm and get there early. They restock every day so there’s always an opportunity to find something unique if you go more than one day. It wasn’t until I started going to these sales that I learned their full product range. Trust me, there’s way more than just pocket knives.

Kershaw warehouse sale

I wonder if they check for Oregon ID's when selling auto's. I know a lot of places I've shopped at in Oregon while visiting do not.

Jhalb. I’ve never heard of anyone ever having to show ID just to buy a knife. Is that common in other states?
Then again I have never bought a stiletto or switch blade.

My one and only Kershaw. I forget the model

That's a Kershaw Swerve 3850.

Thanks pal :slight_smile:

I love that knife, little fatty.

akhyar wrote

YES…Zero Tolerance and Benchmade service is second to none. :+1: :+1: :+1:

They replaced the defective blade, replaced the clip, all the screws and clean the ZT inside and out. There was no charge and it took 2 weeks from the time I shipped it off and returned to my door.

It is a pretty cool knife. Well built, and I like the assisted opening feature.

The Kershaw assist's I like better than the auto's I have. I think they did that on purpose to show how silly it is to have laws against auto's in certain states. I love it! I'm getting stuck on on Byrd and Spyderco now also. Just got a Byrd Cara Cara 2 today and just love it. I think it was 20 dollars, comes with phosphor bronze pivot washers. Tight as a frogs ass!

I always wondered how tight a frog’s ass was, butt we won’t go into my little problems……lol!

Here is my small Zero Tolerance collection.

The bottom ZT 0620 CF is my EDC.

God those are lovely! ::drooool::

in my pockets

That is my only Kershaw knife. Limited Blur SG2