Show us your Kershaw knives

I’ve notice recently that there were more BLF members collecting the affordable Kershaw knives. I have been collecting Kershaw for sometime now.

Here are my Kershaws…show us yours. Sold my Whirlwind and bought the Avalanche (fifth one down on the right below the Ti Talon on the top pic or second one down on the right on the bottom pic).

I have tomorrows assignment now! Look here for a group pic tomorrow. Does “Kershaw” include ZT?

Sure but I was going to keep it a budget knives.

Zero Tolerance are not budget knives…I will add my ZT later. :wink:

lol, depends on what you consider “Budget” ( :wink: I am joking I know what you meant) I have gotten quite a few cheap though tbh, like under $100 .
*I only actually brought up ZT because (I could be wrong) but I spotted 2 knives that are not really “budget” in your posting, they may have been though when they were new.

Here's most of my Kershaw knives.

I couldn't find my Kershaw Brawler, and there might be some others that are missing as well.

No auto's?.....

I have about 5 or 6 Kershaw's so far.

Nice collection::drool::

I have one kershaw knife lol! Its okay still expensive here like 40-50 aussie dollars



No automatic knives...

All assisted-openers!

(They're cheap and technically legal.)

I just remembered what knives I forgot.

I think in my closet don't know where, but I forgot my Kershaw Blur and Shallot!

EDIT: Darnit! I also forgot my Kershaw Tactical 3.5!

And ZT’s

I put them in two separate pictures:


BrightKen that one with the blue/silver striped handle, do you have a number/name/link of that?
that looks rather intersting!

Kershaw Bump , they also came in green. :slight_smile:

*The Miller wrote *BrightKen that one with the blue/silver striped handle, do you have a number/name/link of that?

jealous57 beat me to it. It is the Kershaw Bump with 3-D titanium shaped handle, speed safe with S30V blade. Limited edition that was dc and came in blue and green versions.

Have to check the SN tonight.

Nice collection of Kershaws and ZT jealous 57.

Wow Coon, your collection is getting bigger.

Thanks! It was fun digging them all out. I am trying to decide and track down a couple individual cases/pouches (thinking Bill’s Customs or the standard Kershaw/ZT lines pouches) for the two Japanese Kershaws (the Wild Turkey and the Double Cross, all the way to the right on the bottom) and the ZT 0205. So those I had to find, as they live in their boxes, the others live in a Kershaw/ZT bag lol.

nice, thanks for replies!

That Talon looks awesome! :+1:
BrightKen & Jealous57: What do you think of your Emerson collaborations?

My ones:

I like them, I prefer the non coated blade ones better. The coated feels kinda cheap. They are pretty cool though for the money. I can’t comment on usage as I haven’t and prob won’t ever use them, lol.

I like the Emerson collaborations too. Same here, I prefer the non-coated blades too. I am not a big fan of coated blades. Most models are smaller than the custom.

I also prefer the collaboration frame lock than the liner lock custom but the down side is the extra weight.

The talon is one of the earlier Kershaw that is made in the US of A with ATS-34. The Ti frame seems to discolour faster than the newer Ti frames.