Show us your lead-emitting tools (guns, that is). Pic heavy

On another thread was some talk about seeing BLF:ers hardware. Here's mine:

STI Spartan

Ruger KMK10

Here it is again with my other MKII

Thompson/Center R55 All Weather

Anyone recognize this one?

Also have Miroku 800 skeet shotgun and Remington 700 ADL in .243. Must take pics someday. Espacially the Remington is nice as it has cool forest camo laminate stock.

Ok, I show you mine, now you show me yours.

What's the best gun design you have seen HID45?

Though one. Do you mean rifles or pistols, manual or semi-auto etc... Everything considered, I have to say that the Beretta 92/96/98 is very impressive. It has a bad name mainly for political reasons. In reality, it's as good as semi-auto pistols get. And if S would HTF, that is the first thing I would grab.

I'll give you a hint. This is me and her doing what we do best.

Very nice firearms you got there HID45. I had over 20 guns and rifles when I lived in Alaska. I cried when I had to sell them before moving here. Cry There are only a handful of gun shops here on Hawaii island where in Alaska--there was one every couple of blocks.

Man, do I miss my guns. Frown

Thanks for sharing another fun passion. I havent seen a taper barrel Ruger KMK10 in quite a long time. My friend has one in SS with 10" bull barrel and it hits like a rifle out to about 50 feet. Very fun accurate inexpensive shooter. What is your Thompson chambered in? Do you enjoy varminting or precision target? That last pic would be the legendary Beretta 92F (M9) chambered in 9. Looks like its time to break out the reloading equipment and get busy. Whistle pigs are good hunting around my neck of the woods with 350+ yard hits being possible on still overcast days (remington custom 25.06 w douglas, leopold 36x vxiii bench rest, 4” hood, burris mounts, floating carbon bed, laser range w bdc app for PDA) I cant hit for beans if I drink coffee in the morning!

It must be in the lighting of the pictures, but that is bull barrel KMK10. Or to be exact, Ruger MKII Target Stainless steel 10" bull barrel semi-automatic pistol. And yes, it is very accurate. Mine (both of them) have Volquartsen accurizing kits dropped in.

T/C is .22. Those .17's are expensive and very rare here. And for a reason I'm not able to explain, it's way more easier to get licenses for .22 than .17 here. I just bought it last winter, and only have shoot paper with it. Mostly on 50 meter range. Next fall I will take a shot at some duck and partridge hunting with it. Shotgun for the flying ones and T/C for those that are just chillin'

[quote=FlashPilot] That last pic would be the legendary Beretta 92F (M9) chambered in 9. [/quote]

No Sir, 92F it is not. Nor an M9.

Is it the Taurus equivilent? I came close to buying one of those but bought the Bersa Thunder 9MM HC instead and haven't regretted the decision...

Ah, so its the exact same fun Ruger as my friend has. His has been worked over but I dont know the details. They actually made tapered bull barrels for that gun at one point but I've only seen one example while at the range. .17 HMR is pricey for what they are, even at Walmart. I can buy .223 for about the same price. Its fantastic that your gal enjoys shooting with you. Do you reload your own? I give up... which Beretta is that? Is the compensator stock or was that added later?

45-70 BFR.

Naah, I don't reload myself. 9's are still quite cheap, as are .22's. Only problem are the .45's for the Spartan. They cost serious money. I only hunt with .243 so annual consumption is less then 100 rounds. Most money I spend on skeet ammo. I shoot about 5000 skeet shots a year, which is not a lot by any means, but still cost pretty much.

Even though my wife took the picture where I'm at IPSC stage shooting, she's not too happy about my gun hobby. She tolerates it, but does not encourage in any way.

It's a stock Beretta allright, just a bit more rare model then the average 92FS. Here's more pics about the details.

30-40 Krag sporter (1950s NRA smithing school instructors project)

Check out my site for many more great lead slinger pictures and other casting/shooting info.

Here is my Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact in 9mm

My custom leather concealed-carry holster. Why pay someone else $100 when you can do it yourself BLF style!

One of my swords: Shinwa Black Nadochi in hand-forged Damascus. I also have a Katana in Damascus steel as well but can't locate my pics right now.

Gill Hibben IV hand-forged fighting machete:

@JohnnyMac - Nice holster! About a year ago, I got into making my own simple pancake holsters similar to yours. I've made holsters for myself and a couple of friends and family members. It's handy being able to do this when no one makes nice holsters for some of the pistols we have. I would like to get some kydex and try experimenting with that sometime.

I have some pictures of what I have made but can't post them from work since they block Photobucket; I'll try to post them when I get home this evening.

Thanks, Keltex! This was my very first attempt at something like this and I’d never done any wet forming prior to it. I have lots of ideas for improvements and will be making a few more soon. I’m not familiar with kydex and will have to look that one up.

Nice! I'm definitely going to have to give that a try!!

Staying true to BLF I wont be posting any 1911 pictures. Maybe a S&W later. I have two budget choices here.

First the Solarforce\Romisen of budget concealed carry pistols, the KELTEC PF9

This is my baby. I love this thing. Is so small and light. It is a handful to shoot though because it is so small. Always fires when you tell it to. I shoot alot both personally and professionally and I have a wierd love for this ball breaker like I have never had before for any pistol.

Next is one of the cheapest, ugliest and incredibly, the most reliable guns you will ever find. The HI-POINT 9MM. I cant tell you how many rounds this gun has fired but it is in the thousands for sure and it has never malfunctioned once. Plus it could hammer nails if you ever needed it to.

I dont let the kids shoot alot with the 1911 and they just cant handle the the PF9 so they shoot the HI-POINT all the time. They also have an old S&W .32 long that they shoot. Dont let anyone tell you any different, the HI-POINTis a shooting son of a gun.

Being that this is Budget Light Forum, gun snobs dont have to read and reply. Even if it hurts.

The business end of my Smith and Wesson model 629 Classic 44 Mag.

Another with my Beretta model 96 Centurion 40 cal. I'd love to find a decent light mount for the Beretta. I haven't looked so, probably is one somewhere. Pic quality is bad - I was in a hurry.

I reload; got a couple of presses and enough gunpowder to . . . well, I have enough. I have an awesome Burris scope for the Smith but I didn't like it as I thought I would. Maybe I'll sell it.


Ok. I have to admit, that is a hard one for any non-Beretta-enthusiast (berettaholic?). It's the Beretta 92 Stock. Even some lesser-informed Beretta-ppl don't know what it is. Beretta ppl consider this as one of the most sought after M92's there is. The original price for it was about a double to a standard 92, and today they sell (in the U.S ) for more than $1000. It's very rare special model Beretta built for sport shooting, mainly IPSC and USPSA. Only Billenium is higher than Stock in the holy grailness of 92's (Combat and maybe also Steel-I are on par with Stock on that). Most folks on Berettaforum thinks that these should be refurbished and safe queened for life. I'll have none of that, I use it as my primary IPSC competition gun. Differences to basic model is the barrel bushing for improved accuracy, brigadier slide for durability and weight and frame safety to eneble cocked and locked start in competitions. Also the internals are finished by hand from the factory. Mine has the D-spring (less stiff main sping from DA-only model, 92D) and the trigger is best I've ever met in semi-auto handgun. It's extremely reliable and accurate. Even with cheapest ammo (I mainly use Sellier&Bellot and Magtech) there's no problems and accuracy exceeds what is really needed in IPSC. I have shot three IPSC seasons with this with 0 failures.

It's a fine combination of aluminium and steel and I just love it.

Those are some nice pieces guys!