Show us your motorbike. Stll, action or broken.

RMM is to blame for this thread with his action and still shots of his YZ250. There are a lot of us here that love motorbikes as much as they love anything else in life so please indulge yourself and show us your pictures. Everything welcome.

I'll start with a few old pictures from 1979, the start of the DNF era. This was my first real bike and tried to kill me or blew up every second time I rode it. The things you wish you still had.

An action shot. Note the top line safety gear. I did have a helmet on though.

Unfortunately open face helmets don't offer much protection when you face plant.

What does the DNF stand for?

Here in the USA in motorsports it means “Did not finish”

Nice lookin bike by the way.
P.S> Where you in Ac/Dc? :slight_smile:

DNF= Did not finish……must have gone balls to the wall and crashed out of everything like James Stewart :wink:

Here mine is in her practice set-up

This is what she looked like when I got her

She has many outfits, spoiled girl!

She has at least two more than shown :wink:

What happens when you pound her to hard

My first love (man how I miss her! Now I have a ’03 yz125 as a backup bike)

First race with my numbers on the bike

Dont tell my GF but my bike is more spoiled than her! Bike has over $15k in parts and engine work in it. I could talk about her all day, motocross is such a love of mine and I cant wait to recover from surgery and get back on the bike!

My Jonway 250cc scoot. er. Parked in the garage this week, lows down in the teens (degrees F) make it a bit uncomfortable in the mornings. Normally a daily work commuter, gets me about 73mpg. All lights except for the cluster (and headlights) have been replaced with LEDs for increased visibility and reduced drain on the charging system. I'm currently waiting on a shipment from DX with LED bulbs for the cluster, and once done, I'll be full LED. Maybe some aftermarket HID headlights in the near future...

Here, parked between a Victory and a Can Am Spyder at my workplace:

Yep you got it. I read it in a US dirt bike mag in the mid seventies and that pretty much summed me up then. My parents hated it.

ltinifni, You have had some varied bikes. The Ducati must be a weapon. My brother in law had a 848 which I was lucky enough to ride. Its gone now as with two kids his wife put her foot down and said sell it and get a car for the kids.

Pavithra_UK. You haven’t stolen Pulsars bike have you? No seriously I’m not familiar with your bike. What is it?

Livinloud. I’m glad you can talk about your girlfriend all day and I’m sure she could talk about you all day as well. A yellow Yamaha. I thought you had a Suzuki for a sec. I never did any serious moto cross, mainly just bush bashin. It looks real sweet. I’m sure your girlfriend would approve of the money spent anyway if you just talked to her. Maybe not. Best keep what happens on a light forum on the forum. :wink:

Keltex. Hid headlight on the maxi scoot. Sounds like a plan. O dont know anything about them personally but dont they take a second to get up to max light output? Cant complain about the mileage. Your mileage would sound even better in Aus as we have bigger gallons. Its gotta make a cheap ride to work. What does the owner of the Victory think of it? I went riding with a mate who has one a couple of days ago. He’s done 12000 miles and loves it.

Nice pictures and story’s guys. love it. :slight_smile:

Dangerous bloody dirt bikes… :8)
You face has not improved :bigsmile: it just has more character.

That sand pic reminds me of once ripping up a wheat paddock next to the Little Desert National Park in the Wimmera on an RM500.
I felt a tug on my boot and looked down (doing about 80kph fanging it) to see a loop of fencing wire around my ankle… don’t ride near a fence…

Ive had many bikes of different sorts. Love em all !! Here is one of the last, about 3 years ago. Really only ended up being a Sunday rider. One of the original super bikes, 1984 Honda Cbr 900 RR. 25 years old at the time and totally original with low k’s and went really well, even up against the fuel injected models of today.

Check out the blue tint in the headlight.

Nice Blade.
I rode with a few guys that had them, I could never keep up.

Most of my bike pics are from last century and before digital cameras.
Here’s my red CBR600F2 at Mount Glorious.

My favorite bike was a 1994 YZF600RG, that had a wicked induction roar and was fun on the Black Spur,
this colour, this one’s not mine, I have no digital photos of it:

My R6 from this century:

A mate and our Honda 125s on one of my many rides around the Island Of The Gods:

Crazy local bike on Bali:

Nearly bought this to ship home as a project, as my brother has a 1955 Matchless and outfit.

Thinking about doing a ride from Denpasar to Jakarta, via Ubud, Borobudur, Mt Bromo, Jogjakarta etc in September…
Must ride more.

I dont get to ride as much any more unfortunately, and I dont have a bike at them moment, but that wont last long :).

This was great in the bush, but was a real B## to start especially with no compression release.

The old Kwaka Z500 ready to take Santa around for the kids at a street party, years ago.

CT50,RX125,DR250,DR400,RD400,XL500,RZ250,CB900F2C were my “real”bikes.

These days I’m happy with my Ducati…

:bigsmile: he he its Bajaj Pulsar 135LS. made by indian bike manufacturer Bajaj. Its 135cc bike.
Yeah all you guys not familiar with this bikes becuase they dont export these bikes to US or Europe. these are economical and cheap bikes for most asian and african countries. In here sri lanka, cheap indian & chinese vehicles everywhere. not perfect in quality. I brought this bike second hand and paid around 1600$. new one cost around 2000$
cheapest bike in here cost more than 1200$.

most of the bikes in this thread, I saw rarely in here. before indian and chinese bike invasion, japanese bikes were very famous. even now some people still looking for japanese bikes regardless of price. Honda AX1, Honda hornet, Yamaha TW200, Honda Jade, Honda CBR, Kawasaki D tracker most famous bikes.

90cc westbend bee go cart motor on a chopper minibike was my first bike/ loud ,very loud..ran like hell or not at all...age 12 /honda50/honda50/honda70/suzuki ts90/15th birthday I bought a 71yamaha dt 250/75 suzuki titan 500/78 yamaha dt175/yamaha rd350/rd350/rd350 cafe/// drz400/suzuki drz400

honda50,70,yamaha dt125 still using here…

forgot I still have a 71 kaw.125 f6 in the barn too

mine was about that nice before it got tossed in the shed.:P

If it doesn'thave dirt on it must be a girls bike

was looking for pics of mini chopper like mine

< kind of like this ....I sold off the moter to a go kart guy & I kept that frame forever .... I was a bad dude

first was an italjet big wheel 50, then was an rm80 that was a retired race bike that was all done up by pro circuit. that bike was crazy when power ban kicked in. then a kx80. i have some pix of that one i can post up tonight.

my dads buddy has an rz350 in his basement i would love to get my hands on... someday maybe.

love me some 2 stroke

2009 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Custom
My current ride. I bought it in 2010 and it now has over 32k miles on it. I don't have a pic of it uploaded (much to my surprise) but here is one that looks just like mine except I've changed out the seat and added a luggage rack/backrest.

2007 Buell P3/Blast
I got back into riding with this one right after my divorce. This is my bike pictured (lots of photos of this one for some reason). I bought it new and put over 26k miles on it before it shit the bed on me by having it motor literally fall out on me on the highway. I got back every penny when they covered it under the state lemon law (couldn't keep an exhaust pipe in one piece. That and the whole engine falling out on the highway thing). Took the money from it and bought my current H-D 883 Custom.

1985 Ninja 600R
My second motorcycle. Bought new. Didn't have it in one piece for long before I totaled it with just 1000 miles on it. Had it for several years and fixed it back up. Ended up selling it. That person totaled it in just 2 days. This time I think it stayed dead. I swear the bike was cursed.
Bike pictured is not mine but exactly like it. I think I have some old photos somewhere in an album but are probably lost.

1974 Yamaha RD350
My first motorcycle. Can't recall how many miles I had on it when I sold it to a co-worker. AFAIK it's still alive.
Not my bike pictured but one exactly like it. I don't think I have any photos of this one. If I ever did they are long lost.

Nice thread, I’ll share
First bike, 1986 VFR700. Painted it myself with rattle cans (including the Honda wing on the tank)

Second and current ride, 1995 VFR750. Swapped out the front end, gauges, rear hub and rim (there was nothing wrong with it, guess I just like to tinker :slight_smile: