Show Your Gun Lights!

Here is a Fenix TK15 on my Marauder. When the Fannyfire STL-V6 arrives (if it arrives), it will be mounted in place of the TK15.


Nice setup you've got there. The STL-V6 will provide far more range than what your gun can reach accuratley. Do have night time varminting chores to attend to? My friend uses his marauder to dispatch more feral cats than a bug zapper during a busy night. Sad but necessary routine in the bird sanctuary, but pretty much one shot one kill.

I have a modded RWS 48 Diana .177 (1275 fps on the chrono) that Ive enjoyed for many years. I probably wouldnt have bought it if I had realized how expensive competition level reverse recoil scopes cost (a lot more than the rifle)... but then thats probably true of most quality firearms with good optics.

If youre looking for a non-lethal approach with your .177 that still delivers one heck of a hard punch out to about 12 feet, try the high density RWS felt cleaning pellets. Ive sent many of cats screaming into the night and away from my garbage cans with these and they wont break the skin. Oh, and they also do a great job of cleaning the bore! LOL!

Have you found the most accurate pellets for your gun?

Hey Flash! I used to fly gyrocopters and aerobatic aircraft in the 70s, but had my med. cert. pulled, and don't fly any more. Had to give up motorcycles after 42 years of riding. Anyway, my Marauder is a .22 cal., and it absolutely loves H&N Field Target Trophies, and the heavier Baracuda Match in 5.53 head sizes.

I have an evening pest control problem; armadillos, opossum, raccoon, and in the day hours, squirrels.

The TK15 is good to about 50 yards, but I take shots out to 100 yards, on occasion, and need the STL-V6 to put more light on the "subjects", when shooting the heavier Baracudas. Have a 1.5 mildot holdover at 100 yards, with the Baracudas.

I use a crown saver to clean, with patches. I'm a little cautious about using cleaning pellets, as I don't take-out the shroud baffles. Don't know if they would damage them. I did use them (cleaning pellets) for a bit, but hated to remove the shroud and baffles. Plus, it made my ears ring with the baffles out.

I've got a 5-shot group half the size of a dime @50 yards with it. Best group ever. Center-to-center of .110 inch. It took a few weeks of fine tuning the gun for the FTTs, but am pleased with the results.

Enough rambling. Time to charge some 18650s, for evening festivities!

Im sorry to hear that you lost your medical. As I understand it, you can get a sport pilots cert if you didnt lose your medical and hold a valid drivers license. If you have an interest, there may be ways around the system to get one... depending on why you lost your medical in the first place. Once you hold a sport pilots certificate, I think you can maintain it by simply holding a valid drivers license. I know several pilots who fly LSA and have as much fun as the rest of us. At 4 gph or less, they sure sip the fuel in comparison to most certified avgas guzzler aircraft.

If youre interested in digging through it:

Armadillos? Be careful you dont cause a ricochet!... just kidding. Im surprised you dont have greater drop at 100 yards considering the heavier projectile at 1000 fps or less. I sighted mine for 75 yards on sandbags in a warehouse and can put holes through holes 4 out of 5 shots with the RWS Meisterkugeln target pellets. The arrant shot just opens the hole up a bit more. Kinetic energy diminishes past 75 yards with my .177 and only does the job on smaller pests out to about 125 yards.

I usually load 2 cleaning pellets to help add some resistance to the compression chamber, spring and seals during firing. Granted, our guns are of completely different design. Ive taught many people how to shoot large center fire rifles with the RWS and its as much fun to shoot as the best of them. Im sure you must have as much fun with yours as well.

BTW, love the tree in the background of your pic!

GO BIG or GO HOME! Words borrowed from my friend 1BIGGUN at Gunco forum. Huntin flashlights brought me here. If I can't buy them I make them. Here are some of my toys.

My PT54 red (max 750lm) in my own Copper/Aluminum heatsink and PT120 green (max 4300lm) work in progress.

My S&W 500 Pistol and matching Saiga Semi-auto 500 S&W conversion (100% done my me) with 501b Cree green @ 1400ma aspherical with Phlatlights.

This Saiga Conversion conversion was done in 2008 and is on many gun forums and was first posted on THEAKFORUM.

Hope you enjoyed the show!



I hope your lights enjoy massive recoil and muzzle flash, as does its shooter. LOL! At least the barrels appear to be well compensated. Very nice pair. Thanks for posting!

My "Howitzer" style muzzle brake along with heavy barrel tame the 500S&W well. The brake is tig welded to the barrel, the original barrel blank was only 15" and needed the extra length to exceed +16" minimum. I did all the machine work (barrel, threaded trunnion, brake, adjustable gas block & carbide piston) and welding and am a machinist extraordinaire with 35+ yrs.

Nice piccies, Willie! Flash, my holdover is 1.5 mildots from 50 yards (zeroed), using the Baracudas at 50 and 100.

I'd love to fly sport-pilot, but my FAA doc quite quickly squashed that idea. Had a vestibular schwannoma treated over a year ago, and left me with vertigo and balance issues. Oh well...I've got lights! Lots and lots of lights!

My wife just looks at my lights, shakes her head, and moves-on.

Willie, is that a red-dot on the rifle? I've got a Walther red-dot on my Beretta CX-4 Storm.

Pictures and guns...what's not to like?

EDIT: Willie, I built a 250mw red barn burner, but it just doesn't have enough "oomph" when not collimated, at the distances I need. BTW, what's that tape doing on your grip? Too many hot loads? ;-]

Guess a high-power green is in my future? My wife will kill me if I buy a 1 watter. Don't think she'll like the idea of me doing my best Green Hornet impression.

POST EDIT: The scope is a 6-24X, 44mm sidewinder sniper, with variable aperture front and rear.

@flashpilot, did you know that feral cats have a high incidence of FIV? Just do a search on "green glowing feral cats", and you'll have quite a read. I don't have a link, sorry.

Back on topic, I ordered the fanny fire the 18th, and it was shipped the 28th. Looks like another wait in store, for the light (from DX).

I hope your friend hasn't seen any modified feral cats? We may get some "Green Glowing Cats from Mars" panic.

Should make them easier to target at night, however? ;-]

The tape holds the pressure switch for the green Cree. I got my Fannyfire V6 last week. You will be pleased. I’m like a pet coon always f**king something. Just can’t to improve the STL-V6.

Heck! Just missed signing for my fannyfire! Will have to get it later, at P.O.

Piccies on gun, later.

Wow! Nice firearms guys!

Got this NcStar light before I learned about this forum...

I'm open to suggestions for other lights that can be mounted on a pistol rail.

absolutely floored ! IDK the range on that saiga but you have to be highly accurate to 100yards ??

i recently shot that pistol. pure power ! i cant describe it the shell was longer than the barrel and it felt like it launched a yugo ,if you havent shot SW500 try it

ridiculously nice work willie , what i would give to shoot a few rounds out of that thing

I love the Streamlight TLR-1s weaponlights and have one on my Glock 17, Mossberg 930SPX and my wife's AR-15. I have thousands of rounds through the one on the G17 and it has survived many intentional drops during training courses.

You can also look into the Surefire X200 and X300s

Got the Fannyfire STL-V6 mounted on the Marauder, and what a difference a day makes! Much lighter than the heavy-duty hosts of the FryRays. This is a huge plus, as the rifle is already a heavyweight for rested shooting.

Very nicely lights "subjects" at 100 yards now. And best of all; it worked out of the box, for hours, unlike my 3800 and 4000 FryRays. Gotta love stuff that works.

Piccies of it, and my CX-4, and my Marauder Pistol/Carbine to come, all with nightstalker treatment.

Here is my light rig on my XD-9. Not holster compatible but is great for home defense and easily accessible by the trigger. I have shots of it with both an LM2 and a 501A but the 501A is the one I keep on it. Both are XM-L driven at 2.8A but the 501A has tactical strobe.

I have that setup for my Glock 22 but I use a XPG driven at 1.7 amps for a much tighter beam, it is a very adaptable setup. I stick the DX direct drive 5 mode XML 501A with an bestinone 18350 IMR sometimes just to change it up to the crazy blinding strobe. Nice setup.

I got MX6 before I learned about this forum a blinding 100 lumens with a 5mW laser for only $300. 22 rounds .40cal

The 501A is perfect for this application, in the event I need to use this I don't want to have to worry about reloading. 32 rounds .40cal

I believe it is a USA168 or similar with a green led; I use it on my 6.8 and my custom built DPMS AR-10 i have taken pigs out to 240 yards using it...

Looks like we share similar taste in weapons and lights. I own a LR308 24" w/ Geissele & MK4 LRT 4.5-14. My personal best distance best pig was 299yds. There only a couple of spots on my lease that landscape allows long distance shots.