Side switch EDC that does NOT need locked out.

I am looking for a side switch pocket friendly EDC light with electronic switch that has ZERO or at least a LOW chance of coming on in my pocket. Without having to lock it out in any way.

D4 size or smaller. 18650 18350 16340 AA Cheaper the better. Something easy mod would be a plus.

Looking into modding my D4. Have hopes for the FW3A clipped.

Not sure how it fits your “price” requirement…but the Zebralight SC6x series (SC62w, SC63w, etc) have a very easy to use but very recessed side switch. Significantly lighter in weight and overall “mass” compared to the D4. I have the D4 (XP-L Hi version)and the Zebralight SC62w (which was still available last I checked) and the Zebra is my EDC just for sheer power to size/weight ratio…and the awesome switch.

Just my 2 cents. Happy Hunting!

Hey thanks for the report. I have had several Zebralights. Incuding the SC62W you speak of. I edc’ed it for some time. Your right it only came on a couple times. I just didn’t like the UI.

I am going through 163 matches on Parametreks search engine, Just to see if It looks like any are well protected.

Thanks again.

The Nitenumen NE01 (2nd version, XPL) has an electronic block

Recommendation: Zebralight SC64w

  • it’s small
  • Great UI: the latest zebras have programmable UIs, and the button is easy to find in the pocket.
  • the switch is deeply recessed so unlikely to come on in the pocket even without lockout
  • it has a good mix of throw and spill, along with good tint.
  • Excellent heatsinking and thermal regulation allows it to maintain high output for quite awhile. Especially when held in hand to help wick away heat.
  • since the turbo is just 1300 lumens even if by some remote chance it does accidentally come on in your pocket, it won’t burn a whole through it like a D4 will.


  • Not cheap
  • Not easy to mod.

Recommendation: DQG Tiny IV 18650

  • smallest available 18650 light
  • adequate output (around 900 lumens). Won’t burn a hole in pocket if it does turn on accidentally.
  • the switch is tiny and flush with the body. Highly unlikely to turn on accidentally.
  • inexpensive, but has good build quality.


  • poor heatsinking due to tiny size.
  • UI isn’t as good as Zebra
  • button can be hard to find in the pocket.
  • hard to mod due to one-piece driver-star. However, still easier than Zebralight.

Hey thanks for trying. The Zebra is a no go for me. I don’t like the UI (post 3).

EDIT- I don’t need to lock out my Armyek Prime. When I had a SC64w I didn’t need to lock it out. Both these would be tough to mod.

The latest generation of Zebras now has mode groups. And you can customize all modes in the second and third mode groups.

Using this programmability it’s now possible to easily adjust the UI so it is closer to Olight:

  • short click - low or moonlight
  • click and hold - cycle modes in ascending order starting with low or moonlight, then medium, then turbo.
  • double click from off - turbo

With this customized UI you no longer have to worry about blasting yourself with turbo when you meant to get moonlight while groggy with sleep.

So you like your fully programmable Zebralight?? Check out post 21 here.

If you buy a sofirn SP32A v2 it will switch on in your pocket.

BUT if you file a washer and glue it around the switch nearly every sideswitch lamp should work.

Thanks JoeChina that’s an idea.

2 ideas: Sofirn SP10A/B and On The Road M3 Pro (you need to press to activate the light) !

This is what I do to all my side switch lights. An added benefit is you can find the switch by feel alone very easily. I apply a little goop glue with a tooth pick, place the washer down and let it sit over night. While you can remove the washer without damage, it takes some doing. Just ordered a stainless steel variety pack from Ebay for $2.50 just to have around. Some Mothers polish and a qtip makes them shine nicely.

That might be the way I have go.

I just find it frustrating with all the options there isn’t more lights you can carry without having to twist or do some combination of button clicks to get it to come on.

I Just want to pull a light out of my pocket turn it on to see a few seconds and then turn it off. 2 clicks, that is it.

I know, I have twistys and tail clickys that don’t need locked out. I just wish I could take advantage of E-switch UI’s daily.

Not due to size, due to absence of thermal path to the body.

It can be good with a Triple board and optics.
Then you can easily make a thermal path to the head.

GOOD IDEA, thank you.

I’ve actually converted two DQG Tiny IIIs into triples. Fun lights, but with a FET driver the head gets absolutely burning hot in seconds due to the small size and lack of heatsinking. Even when you fix the thermal path to the body there simply isn’t enough mass in the head to provide adequate heatsinking.

The head of an Emisar D4 has much more mass and has heatsink fins. Yet even it gets too hot to touch in less than 30 seconds on turbo. However, at least with a D4 the button is big and fat. You can press the button while keeping your fingers off the too-hot-to-touch head. Not so with the DQG Tiny III and IV which have tiny flush buttons.

Also, while converting a DQG Tiny into a triple is an awesome mod, it definitely is not for beginner modders. Only experienced modders should attempt it.

My first recommendation would be the zebralight but that’s out. The olight S1R II has a decent switch that seems to have quite a bit of resistance and
isn’t very easy to push because of its size. The rubber looks like it sticks out a little but it has to be pushed in passed the metal ring to activate.
I can lay a small flat file across the switch and push and it will not activate the light.
Not cheap but a good light and good UI.
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

I have converted 2 DQG tiny’s, they are pocket rockets for sure with the flames and all. They do get hot extremely quick and make over 3000 lumens with a 30Q.
I use both mine with Sanyo GA for the added run time and makes the heat slightly more manageable. Still gets to hot though.

Or you can just carry a D4 and take your chances.

It probably won’t burn through your pocket more than once every 2 or 3 months. :partying_face:

Most any light that has a metal ring around the switch could be modified to keep from a accidental activation.
If you can get the ring out, most anyone with a lathe could make a taller ring.
It also help to find the switch in the dark :smiley: .