SIGN-UP LIST THREAD for the Old-Lumens ltd. Edition F-13, Courtesy of Banggood

09/28/2016 Well now! I hear from MANKER light, that Neal from Banggood has been Fired. If that is so, and it seems it might be, I would guess that both of my deals will be put to bed. I am certainly not gong to go through all this again with some other idiot from BG. Yes, I am mad enough to call them idiots and I am once and for all done with the Chinese mentality of doing business. It is cutthroat and dirty. Maybe that is what they learned from us, I don't know, but whatever, I am done. If Kronoligical can do something with it, then fine, but I just wanted to tell you that I do not think whatever comes out of it will be anywhere near what I wanted in terms of quality or speed of execution, so my sincere apologies for all this mess and good bye to all of you, as I am ashamed of how all this bullshit crappy mess has turned out. Not what I had hoped for or intended and not what it should have been.

****************** Member kronological has accepted to take over these two threads of mine, so you may contact him about them. I am basically gone for now, so he was willing to help me out and take over. I should have posted this before. I have not been in the hospital. I will never go back to a hospital ever, no matter what. It will be home hospice or nothing.

Take care guys. I'm still alive, just not kicking much now, LOL.

09-20-16 No updates. I really haven't heard anything from Neal for a week, but that's not all that unusual. As far as I know, no samples have gone out and no date as to when they will. I wait to hear back... It is frustrating at times, like last week and this week and next week, LOL. Patience is not a virtue of mine.
Update 09-11-16 The F13 samples should ship this week. Once they have been reviewed, the actual production run can start. I am guessing about a month to go, if all goes well, without problems.
Update 09-05-16 Neal from Banggood will be sending out sample lights to Tom E and djozz, so they can test them out and let us know what they think. I hope that is OK with Tom and djozz? You guys are respected members and have the ability to make unbiased decisions, so I thought it would be good, to let you see what you thought. The samples will go to you directly and Neal should let you know when. I will also be getting one, since the first samples I gave to Dale for testing, which he has already expounded upon? Man, it took me a half hour to figure out those words,
UPDATE 09-04-16 - I received a PM and was made aware of a concern from a member. The concern was about having the same issue with the F13 that was with the Cometa. I felt I should address this.
First of all the F13 is a "Ultrafire F13", or "No Name F13", meaning it was not produced by Manker. It is being sold by Banggood and the Modification to the led/driver/etc. is being done by whoever BG has them done, but it is not Manker. Well, I take that back, Manker may be the ones modifying them, but not the manufacturer. I will find out from BG, but the ones I saw, that were sent to me, were fine and I saw no issues.
The F13 is a different light than the Cometa, but it is a 26650 light, so let me address this. Any 26650 light that utilizes a spring on the driver, for the positive pole, (which is probably all of them), means that there "Could be" an issue with the positive of the 26650 touching the ground ring that holds the driver in.
Why is this? It is a 2 part deal, at least from my perspective. First of all 26650 cells typically have a very weak positive cap. It does not take very much pressure for the positive cap to collapse inward. I have seen it in all the 26650 cells I had. This means that a light that is on the short side of the OAL of the battery compartment, could cause more pressure on the positive cap of the cell, when screwing down the tail cap. Especially with a protected cell. If it compresses too much, the positive cap could touch the retaining ring of the driver, depending on the design of the light.
Since this is an issue, I feel every member should take that into consideration with any 26650 light. Especially if using protected 26650 cells. They are normally longer and typically light manufacturers do not always allow for protected cells properly, so you may run into this in some 26650 lights. When I did the first GB of the F13, I did mods to it and tear downs and I never saw an issue, but that does not mean that someone might see an issue. I am just saying use common sense and make sure your cells are not too long for the light. If you are compressing the springs to the point where the cell's positive cap is being crushed, then the cell is too long for the light.
Just an FYI guys, not to cause a big drama. I do not foresee any issue here, but I just wanted to put it out here so it's been said, if you get my drift. I will also ask BG to take a look at it, but I have never seen an issue with a F13 light so far.
SOLVED, Courtesy of Dale:
Plastic ring around the spring is raised, to isolate.
UPDATE: 09/01/2016 - We have set this up as a 200 piece run now, so anyone wanting one, post up while there are some slots left. We will fulfill all needs, so no worries if we go over 200.
Well, I finally have my logo on a couple of lights. I have always wanted to do this, but I have never been able to. Now is the time for it to happen and Banggood (Neal) has taken the time to work with me, to make this happen, for me, for BLF and for Banggood. Manker and Astrolux also have a hand in this.
The first light I have is one that I was always impressed with, from the first time I saw it. This is the Ultrafire F13.
It is now somewhere between that and the Banggood, O-L F13. It is modified from the stock light. It has a Cree XP-L led on a DTC mcpcb, with a different driver, AR coated lens and lighted tail cap. It also has the Old-Lumens Ltd edition logo on the side of the body.

I want to state, FWIW, that this is still a Made in China light. I am not in charge of QC. I am just the guy who let his name be used and has asked Banggood/Manker to please do the very best when they produce the light and that is all. If there are any expectations from this light, then expect it will have my logo on it and move on.
I am doing this for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to have something that would outlive me. Something that people could see and hold and remember with. Secondly, I will get a small percentage out of this, which goes into the fund to help Valerie, (my wife), when I pass and that is the most important reason for me, or at least it has become the most important reason.
For all of you who do buy, thank you. I believe that BG will honor any and all problems as they arise, but I can not guarantee anything other than the logo is spelled correctly.

Product name: Old-Lumens
Brand: Old-Lumens
Model: F13
Material: Aluminum
Emitter Type: CREE XP-L
(Should be around 5700K neutral white)
Total Emitters: 1
Output Per Dale: With a 4200mAh dark Purple Efest 26650 at 4.19V rested, the F13 is making these numbers…
Moon- 0.005A for 0.483 lumens
Low- 0.02A for 6.94 lumens
Med1- 0.13A for 68.07 lumens
Med2- 0.42A for 190.44 lumens
High1- 1.19A for 447.81 lumens
High2- 2.71A for 883.2 lumens
Turbo- 5.11A for 1545.6 lumens
Group 1:Moon-Low-Med1-Med2-High1-High2-Turbo(Short press<0.5s)
Group 2: Low,Med,High,Turbo (Short press<0.5s)
A6 driver:
Lumens: 42Kcd for 409.88M throw
Battery Configurations: 1 × 26650 or 18650
Switch Type: click
Impact Resistant 2m
Waterproof: IPX-8
Weight: 160g(without cell)

Here are photos of the light, courtesy of Dale, (DB Custom).

Dale has also listed a couple thoughts about the light.
"This is one of those lights with a semi-large but well defined hot spot, a clear aura and a more diminished spill. There are sharp corners left, especially on the crenelated tail cap and sides of the bezel, so it might be a bit aggressive in a pocket. Finish is on par with other Grade II anodized lights, pretty sure this one isn’t a Grade III or military grade but it’s well applied and for the money, definitely difficult to best."

The cost of these lights is $25.00 each and this is the sign up thread. We need a minimum of 100 pieces to make this happen and there is no maximum, so once we reach 100 pieces, it will be a go. None of these lights have been made yet, except for two that were for testing. I have checked them out and Dale has them now.

Thank you to Banggood, (Especially Neal), Manker, Astrolux and BudgetLightForum, for allowing this to happen. It has been a dream that has come to life.

Justin Valleau
AKA - Old-Lumens
You will need to post in this thread stating how many lights you want. I will keep track and post in this thread, a list of who and how many, so we can see the running total. Be patient. I will probably mess up and have to correct things.
I will have to find out answers, as you ask questions and remember the time difference, so answers may take days, not minutes.


1 Bc412
2 everydaysurvivalgear
3 everydaysurvivalgear
4 lionheart_2281
5 raven38571
6 Flashy Mike
7 Trevi_lux
8 Dwantink
9 djburkes
10 Norddeutscher
11 Norddeutscher
12 Mstevens113
13 tru3s1lv3r
14 giorgoskok
15 malamask
16 Pinetreebbs
17 djozz
18 Charga
19 RobertB
20 Lfatman
21 The Jinx
22 chooma
23 chooma
24 pinkpanda3310
25 pinkpanda3310
26 gangstead
27 Keepitsharp
28 Lion42
29 Andybibbville
30 Eivwer
31 Peetz
32 Muto
33 Muto
34 slow2go
35 slow2go
36 BLightSam
37 ReManG
38 Maiden666
39 Corzy
40 antiparanoico
41 Chicken Drumstick
42 Henk4U2
43 Tom E
44 quetzalcoatl
45 RollerBoySE
46 jacktheclipper
47 msim
48 mattlward
49 telephoneman
50 Peho
51 Old bolt
52 Old bolt
53 thijsco19
54 Easyrr
55 gisewhcs
56 ImA4Wheelr
57 Swib
58 Swib
60 strayz
61 BobbyMK
62 fed893
63 carmantl
64 carmantl
65 jealous57
66 apt323
67 apt323
68 Maiden666
69 cbrake10
70 luisgcan
71 Aardvark Spleen
73 hkc2000
74 TexasLumens
75 Franz
76 WillyD
77 tekwyzrd
78 Boro
79 Boro
82 lostheplot
83 Dirt
84 leroycp
85 leroycp
86 Koaksijalac
87 Anthon
88 M4D M4X
89 The Miller
90 DEL
91 Suncoaster
92 nqcken
93 bdogsp
94 gorb507
95 KutKhemist
96 akoposilester
97 Kepling
98 jacktheclipper
99 netprince
100 PyTech
101 elnino
102 -Rick-
103 gungoat
104 SawMaster
105 emarkd
106 G0OSE
107 patmurris
108 LycanthroLabs
109 cnrffl1
110 pepinfaxera
111 ilovejesuschrist
112 slimkango
113 uqs1000
114 JonnyC
115 southland
116 southland
117 fermintm
118 casanovamar
119 HighCaliber
120 WolfA
121 teacher
122 teacher
123 Liber8
124 Gerrh
125 Gerrh
126 THAO916
127 THAO916
128 dodo
129 eric800
130 Calmaja
131 Saigon
132 k-wong
133 dentillozie
134 Speed4goal
135 bikenber73
136 albertopnp
137 teacher
138 Rufusbduck
139 nexrace1
140 Mkduffer
141 Gerrh
142 Gerrh
143 Schkü
144 Gj

We have set this up now, as a 200 piece run, so get 'em while there are slots left. We will fulfill however many people want, so do not worry, but as predicted, 200 was plenty....



Great thing Justin, Dale, Neal and all involved, very nice!

great tint!

Dale, what do you mean with crenelated bezel? Looks smooth on the stock and not clear on the OL version.

I believe it is smooth and I will verify with Dale, it’s been a while and I have forgotten what they were like, as I saw them before surgery, so my recollection is none too good, LOL.

I’m in. I would like 1 please

Hey mate put me down for 2 please!

The light looks good i was eyeing out one of these of these a while back. I like the design.

Anything to help you and your wife out my friend.

Sign me up!

I’m in for 1

A modded F13 is my favorite medium sized EDC currently.
So one more F13 from Old Lumen for me, please.

One for me please.

One for me please. Always wanted an old lumens light. I guess this is as close as I’m gonna get.

I’ll take one.

2× for me please.

Put me down for 1 as well, nice little pocket rocket and a good cause too.

Add my name for one please

One here also :wink:

I’m in for one too

I’m in for one.

Yeah, in for one, to help out Valerie, and I do not have an F13 yet and may mod it with a XHP50 and the 26350 batteries that are sitting idle thusfar :slight_smile: