Silicone grease for torches, which is the best?

I currently use Nitecore’s grease just because its the first one I have used. What does everyone else use and recommendations are always welcomed :+1:

I use the Nitecore grease also. Works well


#metoo Nitecore SG7. Works for me!

I got a small jar of YEZL from FT. Works nice, barely made a dent in it yet. A little goes a long way.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of them. I use the stuff Richard sells at Mountain. Only because I need a little jar of it every 2 years and he seems to have other stuff I need/want as well.

Question. Does the Nitecore stuff come in a really irritating blue tint? :slight_smile:

No, its clear. I just ordered two more jars from Battery junction at 2 dollars a jar. The screw on lid is nice and one lasted me over a year now. Running low so for 2 dollars a piece, that’s a great price. 8.86 with shipping for the two. Shipping was more then the silicone lol.

I have seen alot of recommendations on this topic, but general speaking most will say Nyogel 760G or Superlube.
I have used all the lubes mentioned in this thread and a few that are not and they all worked fine but I find I reach for the Nyogel more than any other for O-rings.
I use to use vasoline before all these exotic lubes came out. Worked fine but had a tendency to attract dirt. Now they say not to use vasoline because it deteriorates the rubber.
I have used vasoline on my rubber O-ring for my whole house water filter for 12 years, its still there and working fine.

I was being a complete smarta. I was just making fun of their mostly blue hued emitter choices. I’m sure their gel is just fine.

I like the screw on lid. Keeps everything inside instead of all over my little parts box. I use one of those really small brushes that women use for detailing their nails. Brushes on nicely. Don’t ask how I know more about nails than I care to admit. :slight_smile:

:person_facepalming: Okay, now I get it :smiley: I never thought about using a brush, what a great idea :+1:

I use the Nitecore grease.

Used vaseline before, then ordered some inexpensive silicon grease (unknown brand, AE or BG) which was too viscous for threads. Now I have a jar from Mountain Electronics which works great.

I bought a 3 ounce tube of Super Lube like 8 years ago, I barely made a dent in it, probably last me another 8 years, talk about getting your money’s worth
Does anyone of you used these?

Cheap food-safe grade silicone grease. Works great to lubricate o-rings, not so much for threads because of the low viscosity.

I use Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease (that I got from Harbor Freight). Super Lube makes different types of greases so you have to be careful which one you use for flashlights.

The “Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease” is compatible with both nitrile and silicone rubber, which I believe is the material used for the O-rings in flashlights. The black O-rings are usually nitrile and the clear and color O-rings are silicone.

But the Super Lube “Silicone Lubricating Grease” is not compatible with silicone rubber. Even the Super Lube “Silicone O-ring” grease is not compatible with silicone rubber.

Been using this for 4-5 years

That one is super in every aspect, price included. Bought one years ago at FastTech, from this $2.61 listing; they also have it listed at $3.15, guess they messed up.

Am I the odd one who use Permatex Dielectric Grease on my lights?

Superlube has worked wonderfully for me and is available locally