Simple One hour build - Defiant $5 light, $5 led and a few minutes time.

I bought a couple packages of the Defiant two light specials, from HD. I modded two of them tonight. One with an XM-L T6 and the other with a Nichia 219.

I am showing the Nichia mod.

Here's the package from HD. 2 lights w/batteries, $10.

That looks a little like a ledil reflector. It's a plastic reflector & lens. XB-D emitter.

Broken down. 20mm star and ??mm board. It's just a board for the wire contacts, no driver. I will reuse that in this mod.

You know, I wonder if I could put the Nichia right on to the XB-D pad. No I can't?? It's too small??

Watch me!

I've done so many builds, I have run out of copper discs. Now I am down to brass. I am using two 1/2" discs and two 5/8" discs. Soldered together, they help to give a little heat transfer. Not a lot, but a little.

Pill is ready.

Used the same contact plate. This is an inexpensive mod and it gives you a brighter light to boot.

Beam shots are of the stock XB-D and an XM-L. I can tell you that the Nichia has a smaller spot like the XB-D, where the XM-L had a larger spot.

These are all Mouse over shots. Mouse out is the STOCK light. Mouse over is the XM-L light.

Well, there you go. A quick and cheap mod. I will try to do a couple beam shots of the Nichia, but you know what they say, once you have seen one, you have seen 'em all.

This. Is. AWESOME.

One hour mod? I would take a day, and that would be to just do the soldering. Did the mouse over and blow me down, I thought you'd blown a hole through your door and wall. Amazing the difference with the XM-L. Nice mod and super cheap to boot.

That light actually looks quite decently made. Do you have any thoughts on the host other than the hollow pill? Machining, thread and so on?

BTW: TY for sharing this O-L

Nice work!

i wish i could do this stuff :bigsmile: nice work

Nice. 8)

Ace, given me new inspiration, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Nice build

what is that stock driver ?

safe to assume a 3s AAA carrier and direct drive?

It is not a driver. Just a contact plate. Just two wires a ground ring and a spring.

Yes, 3xAAA carrier and DD.

very nice mod!

You get a lot of cheap but nice flashlights suitable for modding over there in the states, unlike here in Europe. Lately I found some Varta lights with XRE's in them, might have a go at one of them, but they are just a bit pricy

awesome mod! Thanks for posting this, you inspired me to go through my old inexpensive lights and “pump them up”

Old Lumens I’ve been reading your mod posts and wonder how you choose your projects? I’m sure cost is involved but are you looking for metal bodies, battery size, reflector….

I bought the Defiant headlamps at Home Depot and your post made me wonder if they could be modified. Problem I see is that the headlamps are a plastic body which makes a mod less practical.

Good question!

Aluminum body first and foremost. After that, I just look it over. Is it appealing at all, does it seem like it would be worth the modded price, which is the original cost plus all the modding costs.

Battery size, for me, means mostly NiMH- AA, AAA, C, or D. Once in a while a Li-ion, if I feel I know it will resell.

Budget is the biggest thing. $10 or less is great $15 is ok, $20 or over? Not for me. Makes the end result way too high priced. Mod a $50 light and you have a $50 light, which someone just found for $30 somewhere else.

Maglites are my main stream because they are good modding lights and the prices for Incan hosts (so far) stay the same most all the time.

Nice Mod, whats the runtime (and current draw) on the lights with 3aaa, and did you use primaries or eneloops?

Hmm. . . I like! Might have to try a Nichia in one of these. Gotta stop by Home Depot soon and see if they still got these!


where do you get the discs (brass) and how do you attach the LED (i.e., pill)? Told you I didn’t know anything. BTW, awesome photos and doable build (I hope).