simple way converting ultrafire C8 throw to flood (pic)

sometimes we don’t need a long throw to light up 10 feet around you
simple solution…get a wide lens
replace the glass lens with one of these and voila… U got a nice flooder



a little bit less lumens but more wide beam :slight_smile:

and the best thing is… it takes few seconds to convert it back and forth :slight_smile:

Nice, a simpler method is to rid of the reflector.
Not so ellegant but works too!

that will work too but the light output will greatly reduced
it’ll shine a lot lower than low mode with relector
this way… you only lost few lumens at most and only cost a cup of coffee at starbucks :slight_smile:

I have one of those lenses, but haven't even used it yet. Thanks for the before and after pics!


I've never played with those lenses before but have considered trying it. Thanks for posting the pics. :) How is the beam for actual use? I'm not sure I could get used to something like that.

It looks like Saturn in the fog.

Any chance of some outdoor beamshots?


Finally decided to order one of these wide angle lenses for my MagicShine imitation 2*18650 XM-L headlamp.

Dumb question, but where did you get the lense?


There's a link to Action LED Lights in the first post.


looks like it changed the tint a little - is there a purplish tint added in person? just in the pic? or is it just me…

Would be great for coon hunting if you rotated the torch 90 degrees so the spread is vertical.

Ordered !

Thanks for the link , Daylighter .

Gonna see if it makes a good biking beam for my XIN TD .

here’s nightshot of the mod lens… the shed is about 50 feet away


sorry if the pic is not in HD… it was one of those point and shoot camera
1 hand holding the flashlight and the other taking pic … so it might be a little blurry
but just enough to show what’s the different with or without the wide lens
notice the light on both sides of the shed :slight_smile:

ez… take the top off. reflector, glass, front bezel and all.

i did try that too… but the light output was horrible… output was lower than low mode with reflector!!

actually i bought this for my bicycle light… one of those chinese XML T6 “1600” lumen

it turn out the head size and reflector size is identical to my ultrafire C8 but much brighter
unfortunately the wide lens are a bit smaller than the glasses for both light…
simple solution… install the wide lens and the glass together for perfect fit :slight_smile:
just remember to install the wide lens vertical not horizontal.
the trick is to hold the wide lens in one hand and then using the other hand to tighten the bezel
it will help keep it vertical :slight_smile:



AFTER ( 30 degrees wider vs original 10 degrees)

the distance is about 50 feet

Nice tip! I bet the wider but still throwy looking beam makes for a nice beam for night riding :cowboy_hat_face:

Now I need to get one of those and try it out.

interesting… is it just me or does it project a horizontal rectangular beam?

i usually use german peel and stick opaque optical sheets that i purchased for only a few dollars from a cpf member. it makes a very wide floody beam thats really even all around with no hotspots or darkspots. its not that easy to remove but it takes about as long as swapping the lens out.

you can’t go wrong it’s only cost $4.00
and takes seconds to install and uninstall :slight_smile:
i used 2 lights one for throw ( to see 75 feet ahead ) and one for flood ( to see 25 feet ahead)
now i wish they make this wide lens for my Sky Ray S6 headlight or my Sky Ray King flashlight :slight_smile: