Single AAA with Zoom - does it exist?

Hi all,

are there single AAA flashlight with zoom (and ideally a button and not twist on/off)?

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you all…,.

Ledlenser P3 AFS P is a forward clicky zoomy that uses a single AAA. 75 lumens output.



In my opinion this is certainly a hidden gem within the Led Lenser world. My biggest issue is that it’s only one output of 75 lumen, which is way too high for many other applications. A low mode of 5 to 10 lumen would make this light excellent. Of course, this light is also fairly expensive for BLF folks…
But the optic is just amazing. The tactile feel of the switch is also brilliant; it’s just a great little light with a lot of personality.
A cheaper option is the regular P3 AFS, which has something like 23 lumen or so; it’s a much better allrounder with better runtime. The tint of this one on mine is pretty bad though, unlike on my P3 AFS P, which has a really nice tint.

Sorry - how does the card game lead to a light?

I think they mean the Maglite LED Solitaire – 1 AAA twist on/off and the beam is adjustable by twisting the head.

Thank you :slight_smile:

There are a few hidden gems in the ledlenser world. The QC (Quattro Colour) models being two of them.

There’s also a Skywolfeye floating around on ebay; someone here modded one once. single AAA zoomie with clicky.

amazon also has the Skywolfeye lights for about $3
they are nice for the price
very small and light
tint is bad though, blue/purple
just one mode
at least it doesn;t strobe

Thank you all. I was not aware of Skywolfeye.

Ended up getting 5 different models to try - for a total of CAN$15, shipping included.

Lets see what I get: in the worst case they may be my first steps towards trying to mod…

Can you give us the listing name or a link (if legal wrt forum rules) for the eBay Skywolfeye?

Here it is.

Should be able to get it for free. Order, wait for it to arrive then raise a dispute that it doesn’t make the claimed 5000 lumens. Simple open and shut case with a full refund.

I don’t consider my Mag Solitaire to be a zoomie, rather a twisty with a slightly adjustable hot spot. No flood mode at all.

I am also seeking a 1xAAA zoomie. I require a clip that allows clipping to a hat brim, whether a one way or two way.

Would prefer a high beam of at least 75 lumens.

Would prefer two or three modes with the option to go directly to low from off, regardless of which mode was last used.

Tail clicky for switch. If single mode, would prefer forward clicky.

Prefer neutral to warm tint - green or blue tints are not welcome.

Prefer to pay less than $30, unless the light is really special.

I don’t don’t have money to waste on junk lights and don’t want to have to return a light with a bad tint.

I’d consider the Coast HP2, but I’m concerned that the tint might be too bluish, as my HP3 was. My 1xAA Coast HX5 has a quite acceptable neutralish tint, but I’ve had bluish tints in the AAA Coast lights that I’ve tried.

Any suggestions?

LightObsession, this looks like it may work for you.

The Ultratac is not zoomie! It seems, however, one of the best AAA / 10440 lights you can get for the price it has (on Gearbest sometimes there are discounts).

It is a zoomie as is similar to what as pointed above on this post:

However, I cannot be sure it if has the 3 modes and expected lumens. Maybe you can reach the seller on AliExpress and ask that to them!!

Also, it will probably not have the NW tint :frowning:

MascaratumB, my mistake. Totally forgot about the zoomie part. Guess the paying attention part of my brain was taking a nap.

Same light as in the post above, just on Amazon. The XM-L Q5 LED in that light I imagine would be good for maybe 150 lumens. It also looks like a pretty CW tint.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Ultratac looks like a fixed focus pocket rocket with reversible pocket clip, so it would likely work hands-free on a hat brim, but no adjustable focus. I’ll keep it in mind as an option for a small high power light.

The Skywolfeye is a zoomie, but the clip doesn’t appear to be reversible for hat brim use and I think I’ve read reviews describing the tint as an unpleasant bluish. Maybe my Streamlight Microstream clip would work on it for hat brim use. They are cheap, so I’ll consider a couple or a few to see if I can get luck and get a good tint. I won’t carry a light with a blue tint. The tint and CRI must be good enough for discerning colors of wires and fuses and easy identification when searching for items.

Thanks again for the suggestions.