single cell budget thrower

hi guys im looking for a single cell budget thrower.

i was looking at the hs-801 and found this one it is diffrent from the one reviewed on BLF as its a 5 mode

UniqueFire HS-801 R2 5-Mode Long-Range LED Flashlight (1*18650)

this one caught my eye also i like the trustfires i have, i have shot an email off to see how deep the refector realy is.

TrustFire - Extra Deep Reflector T6

i brought a kd c8 a while back and i had to fix it but the best i could get it to draw on a couple diffrent brands of batteries was 1.5 amps so ive given it to my old man to use at work, i mention this so people do not sugest it.

my wife likes this one and i think it would be good for spill and throw upto around 200 meters and im thinking of getting one to replace my kd c8 it should be a bit nicer in the build department.

Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head XM-L T6 900

ive also looked at the Trustfire X9 XM-L T6 the grey colour puts me off a little and the price is getting up there for a single cell

i already have a TR-1200 thats a good one and has good spill and still throw,s realy well with great run time but im after a single cell.

any other suggestions in the single 18650 range ?

UF 980L

The SF Skyline or Masterpiece are quite nice (premium light) build quality.

The MRV clones are good for ~20 or so. These guys even sell a sidekick (prolly clone) for 30: Kind of unique since separate side controls are rare.

UF-980L is not really a thrower...hehe.

You could go for Palight Q5. It should have the ability to outthrow HS-802. Takes 2 cells or 1 cell (split the tube). So you can do 2 x 18350/16340 if you find that it works better than 1 cell (may very well be after you exhaust 20% of the battery capacity due to the Vf nature of the emitter/driver that's commonly used), and still be within that 180mm length.

The host should be very good too, in fact excellent as a budget light. Better than the TR-1200 hosts, Sky Ray SR3800 etc...

this one UltraFire UF-980L ?

i should of mentioned im after some thing that can handle heat be ran for a long time

Yes, you can run the Palight Q5 with 100% cycle in 30 deg heat in the night....absolutely no issue. Heat sink surface area + heat mass.

Buy the one your wife likes that was easy .

ask her opinion much more often too .."what do you think about this light here honey "?

If I were you I'd be practicing these sentences in the shower or in the car on your way home from work .

Are you sure it's the same thing as that OTR X5 you got? Sometimes models look similar but aren't.

As far as the $38 is worth, it is to me. It's like SR3800 and TR-1200, how different are they? It's no biggie....i don't push my money to the last cent. :D

How different is the DRY head vs the Trustfire/Sky Ray/SBOMZ/Fandyfire triples? To me, in reality it is none. Technically of course there are differences. Basically the body tube is what the Sky Ray 818/850 is using. (how bad can that be?)

Or perhaps i need to get a copy of the Palight Q5 and then post here.... LOL!

What I'm saying is that does anyone have first hand experience with it? I mean, you can claim the STL-v6 is the "same thing" as a Olight M3X, but it's really not. I mean, I actually hope the palight is good (and it should for the price), but we're not really sure.

Of course it is not....nobody would claim that it is. But to me, "it is".

I mean, come on man! LOL! :D

I just had a meetup with the local guys, one bought a M3X and its in China for his in-laws, the guys has 2 as in TWO Polarion CSWL Night Reapers (that's over 6k USD). The other has a Surefire UB3T TIR XM-L which is unavailable here but his sis brought it over. (very nice light). I think all are happy with the STL-V6 and DRY etc.... the DRW WW and NW are well received. Actually you reminded me, i have to reply him regarding the Sanmak SM5200.... heh.

Ok, if the Shadow lights are not that good, i'll get the Palight Q5 and test it for you guys.... problem is that i am aiming for 2 budget lights and 2 branded lights now.

lolls but true, if you can get your wife into your hobbies it sure helps, her reason was it looks the best and the stainless steel bezel would be stronger as thats the part that gets damaged when you drop them.

i explained the pencil beam and then the tf c8 beam would be like the kd c8 and the jet beam bc40 and it might be more functional, witch it would, but i dont have a dedicated thrower yet, but have lights that will throw and spill.

the PALIGHT looks good and i guess its good it can be ran on one cell or two cell i might be limeting my self too much with a single cell thrower only but i have a few muilty cell 18650 lights and im after some thing diffrent and basicly just want to buy some thing lolls

i dont want a torch thats going to run to hot after 5 or 10 mins that needs to be turned off.

Bro, of course don't blame me if it's just pumping 0.8A to the Q5. LOL! But seriously from what it looks, "it should be ok". That light/head is massive for a Q5....i reiterate..."how bad can it be?" But do note, such lights can be ringy. So does the MPP-1 which i have.

The On The Road X5 is a drop in which is massive and has threads about 1 inch in length, so more than enough drop-in to host heatsink after applying thermal compound. I am not sure what this does.... so Agenthex might be correct....but seriously you don't need that kind of level for Q5.

Some more pix.

usd31 shipped with registered air mail to USA

DROP-IN! BUY! EDIT : It is not a drop-in, but a nice pill that is screwed with lots of threads (add HS compound)

i actualy like the look of it and i found it here and its cheaper by $3.37 usd lolls and i have a few points to use up from my last orders and shipping is free im in no rush.

PALIGHT BG-8011C Q5 LED 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (2*18650)

it has a bigger head by about 7.58 mm then the jetbeam bc40 (the bc40 has a very nice tint and two modes high and low)

i made a post asking for a single cell 18650 but now i have altest 3 torches i want to buy lolls

but if the PALIGHT is only 200 lumens thats kind of off putting.

found another buget torch with a deep relector like the hs-801 that should throw well and is cheaper.

TrustFire USA168 Q5

advice on the better emmiter R2 or Q5 ? on papper there is not much between them.

hahaha...class dismissed!

Nice find on the Palight 8011C on manafont at usd34.80 +$2 registered. But the aliexpress web is usd31 and has registered mail. The way to protect yourself on aliexpress is via ESCROW, do an unboxing video so that everything is recorded and they can't run away. You could reimburse yourself 100% if it should DOA. You do not release payment from ESCROW -> seller, and can negotiate before releasing. This is how Ali works.

Not much real world diff on R2 and Q5, i mean the head is already 57mm class. If you want throw then you will have to live with the 200 lumens class light. But if it's for pure throw there is not much diff between 1000 lumens and 200 lumens. (4X more lumens, same intensity, it's only hotspot diameter times 2). And we know lumens is never 1000L for even the best driven XM-L unless DD and active cooling.

Looks good. The pill screws to the reflector which screws to the host. Looks to be the same high quality. If you hit someone on the head with the body tube, the part near the head is pretty solid with high mass.

The glass lens takes about 17%. You might wanna change it out for a UCL 54mm if you are feeling rich. The glass is 55mm, but it's ok if you do not submerge into water, rain should be ok.

it looks realy good to me ! nice and solid it looks like it would be great with heat so long run times would not be a problem but it should only be drawing 1 amp or so.

i have enough points with manafont from previous orders to pay for 60% of it, but i might add it to my wanted to buy list.

im leaning towards this one TrustFire USA168 Q5 3-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650) it is $22.55 shipped by registered mail and its a single cell, i true budget light and i dont mind the trustfires ive had good luck with them sofar.

the reflector

42mm Aluminum Smooth Reflector for Trustfire USA 168

it seam like the bigger the head the better the throw, or the deeper the reflector the more of a pencil beam ?