Single Emitter LED - compact FF4 look alike?

FF4 is aesthetically good looking and the form factor is so compact yet nobody will expect such power out from it.
I’ve never been into HID bulb. so I wondering, is there any FF4 host look alike that:

  1. use single LED which equally bright (or not so bad compare to it)
  2. use 4x18650 in parallel
  3. decent built quality
  4. budget price, hopefully below $60 if there’s any.

if there’s no such thing, then this is just discussion thread :slight_smile:

The TM26 comes into mind, but it’s a 4 emitter light…

I think there was a SRK look alike but with 1 emitter.

Roche M170, but that comes with 3 emitters.

I have kung myself. the host especially the head outline is nice. supfire m6 is nice. roche is really close to the FF4…but again they’re all multi emitters.
or is there a look alike f170 or m6 with single led?

I just bump into solarforce site. K3 head with MTG2 on p60 tube size good looking too. but only take 1 cell to maintain the compact factor.


or 3 individual reflector with beam profile look same as 1 LED.

I forgot this.

Multiple cells in parallel is a pretty major stumbling block if you're wanting to drive a LED hard. Multiples in series with a buck driver is what you want.

Unfortunately the K3 head has to ben run with 2 or 3 cells. “5V-13V”

that NAGE from KD / DX UF is quite okay, judging from the battery count 2 or 4 it will be 2s2p. the reason I tend to avoid series is that I rather like not to worry the need of maintain match cell. in parallel the worry is lesser plus I can use 1 cell in emergency.

the look of supfire m6 is great but it is not single emitter.
I think the light for my criteria currrently doesn’t exist.

I didn’t read that working voltage info of K3. for branded, it seems crelant 7G10 can fit criteria, although I’m not sure the battery config.
after reading some user test, like say an XML driven so hard over 4.2A is giving little increment compare to 3.5-3.8A. anyway a decent drive like 2.8A actually is suffice.

in HID, how long the bulb life before need replacement?

maybe i will suggest that they make a single emitter version of the supfire m6 upgraded version. they may listen, may not

that will be great if realized. Single MTG2 in compact form factor. how nice it does sound :slight_smile:
Pulsar, may I know which light that you are eyeing for the next group buy? PM if it is still secret :smiley:

The 1226 with a dedomed xm-l2 @ 5A would be a SERIOUS thrower!

anyone have that nage? that looks like a promising host

I used to worry about this, but now I don’t anymore.

Because I think Don is right…
“You are more likely to be killed by a dead fish dropped by a seagull in the Sahara Desert than by a lithium ion cell going bad.”

And the reflector works nice with a MTG2. Measures 62mm across the front and has a nice wide base to give a tight center spot.

Also has a 10x 7135 single channel (duh) driver the same diameter as a SRK driver, & tailcap clicky switch instead of momentary. But... it has the awful next-mode memory. So close, yet so far....

Still, I’m not taking that risk over my personal safety or any other people surround it :smiley:

Nage host looks more interesting over UF1226. Especially the UF tail. are both of them having same reflector size around 62 mm? Should be around the same as Small sun ZYT08 too…
I like the idea of SS using MTG2 :slight_smile: