Sipik SK75 2xAA strange looking flashlight

Just browsing DD to look for some deals, and I came across this funny looking light!

Never seen this style of light before,

what do you guys think?

Sipik SK75


I can`t find it on the Sipik= website either.

I like the side switch………………

Oooh…I like that! Time to check the specs. :bigsmile:

spontaneous thoughts ..

has magnets installed at the bottom

interesting zooming action but torch looks ugly

are the cells in series or in parallel

why is the torch so big and bulky

is it a fake Sipik and a clone of the Rofis TR51

difficult to clean (lint, dirt, oil, grease, body fluids)

are 2x 14500 okay

why has it old emitter

looks slippery

what is user-measured real life runtime, weight, OTF lumens

how good is brightness stabilization

beam beauty and tint nice or not

switch looks like good quality crap

which shop sells it for free

i wouldnt review it even if it were kreislapproved

sipik sk68 isnt the original of the sk68. the sk68 itself is a clone of nitecore or so.

if knocked at my head probably hurts ouchie

why am i bothering with this if i am busy with 2 BLF reviews of much better lights

okey lemme forget this torch and move on thanks

Yeah, you better move on Kreisler :wink:

It doesn’t seem to be comfortable to hold in hand. Also why the head is even smaller in diameter than the body? Kind of a waste of the maximum size.

If I can mod it with an XML and good driver I will be all over that one. I like it.

It's probably a floating pill design with bad heat dissipation...

My thinking is that it probably has that horrible internal zooming mechanism that offers the worse heat sinking ever. If I’m correct then this isn’t worth the cardboard to pack it in. Other than that I think it’s funky enough to be appealing. I’m with my pal, Langcjl, moddable with XM-L and a good driver and I’m all over it!

Its a Sipik…Looks good as long as you dont use it…

Looks like a large pill perfect for a U2 modification

why am i bothering with this if i am busy with 2 BLF reviews of much better lights

I hope one of the reviews is of the EagleTac D25C clicky…

kreisler is more of an AA guy, so maybe it's D25A clicky.

I have been holding off of writing my D25A Clicky Ti NW review, since I know kreisler will write so much more thorough one.. :)

Back on topic: I'd bet this light is using parallel setup, thus being able to use also 2x14500.

i have 2x AW14500’s thats say you are correct!

Leave it to kreisler to consider the ease of cleaning off “body fluids” in torch selection….


Absolutely parallel. Say’s so on the site. Here are the listed specs. Actually sound a little underpowered but should have decent run time.

Brand: SIPIK
Model: SK75
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: Q5-WC
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 3 WHAHH???
Battery Configurations: 2 x AA / 2x 14500 rechargeable battery
Voltage Input: 0.7~4.2V, 4.2V Max.
Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location: Tail-cap
Modes: 3 Mode
Memory: -
Mode Arrangement: -
Circuitry: Digital Regulated 450mA Current Output
Brightness: 500 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated) No chance in hell.
Runtime: 300 minutes (manufacturer rated)
Lens: Plastic Convex Lens
Reflector: Plastic Smooth/SMO Reflector
Dimensions: (13cm x 3 cm x 3 cm)
Weight: (140g)

any guys ordered this set?

I pulled the plug. Hope it is not as bad as what Kriesler had predicted…

fingers crossed.

Hi C-channel, we`re looking forward to your review.

Ditto. Thanks for taking the hit on this one, C-channel. :slight_smile:

I ordered one of these 18/7/12, shipped 3 days later.
Should be here soon….

Thanks…Would like to know if the specs posted are actually close.