sk68 or clones No next memory mode and glass lens?

Hi guys
From wich seller can buy sk68 with with these requirements?
my clones are all with next memory mode,
will be better find with memory mode,but also start always on high mode will be ok
and about glass lens?
also the real Sipik on DX mount plastic lens?
glass lens replacement are suitable for sk68?

If you have a few clones or zoomies with next mode memory the pencil line trick seems to be a quick and easy mod to get rid of it

I have quite a few cheap zoomies that had next mode so I tried the pencil mod and it worked on all of them, the trick is getting the line the right thickness
If it’s too thick you will start in full every time (good imo) but won’t be able to use other modes it will be stuck in full
I had to try a few times till I got the right thickness (just two passes with a 2B pencil) and now they start in full but I can toggle to low modes
This post explains it with a photo post 2 says what needs to be done and where

Pencil mod

The only SK68 I have is a Singfire one that comes with a XML-T6 LED in which seems quite rare in a SK68 but not as bright as a SK98, I have changed the driver to a Qlite and changed LED to a XML-U2 it’s now a bright little torch

Singfire SK68 from

Meh Dx take 4 weeks to deliver i got bored with it and the items there are not cheep