Small Sun ZY-T08

This one came in yesterday. It’s not a bad light at all. The only negatives I see - the spongy switch, the fairly sharp machining edges just below the switch, and the ringy beam or artifacts around the hotspot. But these are all minor flaws. All in all its well worth the money. The beam is almost identical in brightness to the Small Sun ZY-T13. But it has pretty nice anodizing and machining all in all. It tailstands, and has a nice metal screw in bezel at the front of head. And it has a nice deep reflector.

I’ve got one of those on the way to me, they do look good for the money.

Any idea how hard the driver is working the LED? I might do a driver swap.

What other throwers would you put it in league with?

It’s probably going to throw about like the Small Sun Zy-T13.

Ok I took some much better photos of this flashlight.

I just got done taking some beamshots. This thing is a thrower. I believe it will out throw the Small Sun ZY-T13. When I first turned it on outside for the first time, I was truly impressed. This thing has a pretty tight beam and is perfect outdoors.

These were all taken on manual exposure of 1.4 sec with a f/4 and ISO 400.

75yds approx

110yds to pool approx

Now these next 2 I wanted you to see both. I can’t believe how well it did at this distance of approx 350yds or so. The first one isn’t zoomed in as much. But they both turned out really well.

Thanks for the insight.Looks alot of kit for the money.Mines ordered two weeks ago.


Thanks Don.

I just compared this ZY-T08 to my ZY-T13. And there is no doubt in my mind that the ZY-T08 beats it very easily in throw at 100yds.

And just to show what my eyes seen comparing the ZY-T08 against the ZY-T13; the camera seen it as well. We'll do a mouseover on this one. Same exact settings as above. ZY-T13 mouseover and ZY-T08 mouseout

No I don’t.

But I would say it’s putting out around 600 lumens.

Can you confirm the (2) 18650's are in parallel in this light? I'd like to know about the driver current too, like whether or not it's direct drive on high.


All I know is the batteries are stack side by side. I am just a dumb flashlight collector.

Can you place them in the carrier and then measure voltage of the carrier?

Stack side-by-side in the same direction (positive toward the LED end of the carrier)? Can you trace the contacts? Are both + ends of the batteries connected together (i.e. both + ends touch the same contact plate or strip)?

You could also measure voltage across both contacts of the battery carrier. Wait a minute - I just checked and this version doesn't have a battery carrier. So the cells just drop into the body? Do they go in with the + ends of both toward the LED? (That's what I assume which makes it parallel.)



Both positive ends points towards the LED.

I’m guessing this thing puts out close to 45,000 lux. But that is just a guess on my part. It won’t beat my STL-V6 which I’m guessing is around 50,000 lux.

Can you try it with only one cell in the light? If that works, then definitely parallel. Thanks.

It looks like it did pretty well in the 350yd shots. This looks like a nice candidate for a mod (overdrive + dedome). Oh my, I think I’m obsessed with modifying now.

And as always, I love the SS bezel!


For under $30, it’s one of the best throwers now I know of for the money. But again, it won’t out throw the STL-V6. It’s just driven harder. But if a guy drives this thing to 3.5 amps or so it would whip a lot of lights. It’s got a very good deep reflector.

I just did and it works perfectly. So now we know.

I might add that even the Xtar 18700 2600mah batteries fit in this thing. There a little snug. That’s what I have in it.