So hideous it's cool

Gross but cool

Hmmm… interesting. it looks so… “busy” :party:

Looks pretty cool to me, wouldn’t carry it in my pocket though. :bigsmile:

I think Worf used to carry that on NextGen.

I like where it says POLICE on the tailcap.

Amazing. Not only does it have grossly exaggerated chinese lumens, but it doesn't even really exist.

I’m not going to chance it, two sellers carry it. Exact same pic, might be a hoax or scam?

There are a lot of 2000 lumen XML lights appearing on EBay. Chinese lumens have suffered from inflation

At least those other lights all provide a real picture. This thing is just a 3d rendering, and not even a very good one.

Yes, because any light that says “Police” and has black, or says “tactical,” MUST be high-end! lol

It’s real:

it comes up as twelve quid on uk ebay.

so, twelve pounds for a light, mains charger and car charger and two “cells”……

the charger is built into the light…….

anyone want to buy one, stick one of those cells in that tube and try charging?

According to dx it makes noise as well. ?

This is also so hideous its cool:

That is the Famous: Anti-Woof Moddel

i ordered one already… but not from ebay… it’s from aliexpress… for $16.99
it’s going to be mod with XML2 U2 1A and 3.5 A… it’s going to stay in my car for “emergency” purpose :wink:


Got mine today!

Here's my first impressions..

- Looks tacticool
- Design is unique
- Side clicky
- Mechanic clicky, no parasitic drain & easier to replace driver
- Reasonably driven at 2.5A, 1.25A & 0.33A (about 500, 300 & 100lm OTF)
- Build quality is ok for so cheap light
- High PWM frequency (unnoticeable)
- Good tint for CW (pretty neutral)
- Comes with charger

- Looks tacticool
- Alert sound is way too quiet (which is actually good as I tend to occasionally press the tail clicky by mistake)
- Glass breakers can't be just removed, they need to be replaced with similar screws (to hold the bezel on)
- Next mode memory
- PWM makes some whining noise on med & low

And then some quick cell phone photos..

Business end:

Closeup on fins:

Nice internal design between driver and mechanic side clicky:

Body design:

Seat belt cutter at tail:

The end:

The end flashing red with alarm engaged: