So what's everyone's thoughts on these SHADOW SL3 + JM26 Beamshots added!!!

So what’s everyone’s thoughts on these SHADOW SL3 + JM26 are they worth buying or do they even compare to some of my lights? Thanks

EDIT: I am really surprised on the quality of these 2 lights, They seem better than the other 2 Shadow lights I have. I am very pleased with this purchase!! Thanks for everyone’s input… :wink:

My SL3 is on its way. I’m hoping it will arrive today. I’ll let you know what I think.


They’re run off 1 26650 or 18650. For compactness, you’re sacrificing run time and output. It depends on what you’re going to use it for :smiley:

I just use them to go outside and shine them around at the trees and the tower… I never have them on very long anyway…

TN31 at the tower 258 yards

You don’t sacrifice output on the 18650, it’s the same, I love the sl3, it’s the brightest light I’ve owned or seen in this size, an excellent value

Do you happen to have any beamshots? Thanks for replying… :wink:

I’m not saying output is sacrificed when going from 26650 to 18650, but multi-emitter lights which have more batteries (SRK, Shocker, TK70) have the option to be run at higher currents due to less battery performance constraints.

Oh ok i see, well turbo bb measured 1600 lumens and it’s brighter then my tm11 visually with less spill and a more focused beam, sbflashlights has a video on youtube of it

My JM26 arrived maybe 2 months ago, along with a KingKong 26650. I’m quite disappointed with its design. Externally it looks good (the reason I bought it) but internally it has a funny design. I have to put a 1mm magnet at the positive end of the flat top KK for it to work, but a button top 26650 will not fit!

I was thinking of the HD2010 but because of the various small production complaints, I went for the JM26. It has bigger reflector but can’t out-throw my TK41. The hotspot does not look ‘pure and round’, but has ‘small leaves’ around it.

Thank you for your review…

The sl3 doesn’t have these issues I’m using the standard 4sevens 26650 sbflashlights sells with no magnet

Did you look at turbobbs review? It’s a good one

No I have not seen it. Thanks I will look for it.

Have you tried ElectroLumens lights? The BigBruiser comes in triple XML or Sst90 flavors :wink:

I have the shadow jm26 and love it i`am going to buy the shadow sl3 after xmas

No I haven’t… I was just looking at SBflashlights and seen the combo pack of the 2 Shadow lights for $137.99

So does everyone think I should buy the combo pack / Is it worth it? Thanks for all the help!!

My SL3 didn’t arrive yet :frowning: Hopefully tomorrow :bigsmile:

I would be very suprised if you don’t like the sl3, I prefer it over many of my others , it’s almost an edcable monster lol

I am placing my order for the combo pack now, Thank you for all the replies… :wink:

That’s going to be fun when they both arrive :bigsmile: