Soda can lights

Many have similar performance. Do you have a favorite and why? I prefer my Haikelite MT40 due to it’s beam profile

Fireflies ROT66. They got my attention when they released it as their debut product and it had many flashaholic features— beryllium springs, stainless steel bezel and tailcap, ramping ui, aux lights, not to mention offering the famous 219B SW45K as an option.

Nowadays I rock the ROT66 generation 2. I like it with SST20 FD2 bin plus a Lee804 filter with the 45degree beaded optics. It’s a perfect amount of floody light with amazing cri and tint for hiking.

Plus one ^.I do have the Q8 but since the 36 it has become an lantern light.

Noctigon M43 219C. My reference light.

I really like the BLF SP36, the beam is a little better than the Q8. But, I will not be giving up my Q8’s any time soon.

Another vote for Sofirn SP36. Smaller than the Q8 and fits in a jacket pocket quite a bit easier. My Q8 lights are for around the house and property, but the SP36 is the one that gets the nod for camping trips away from home.

Ditto: Noctigon M43 219C

If I ever get around to finishing my Supfire M6… Need to reflow the contact ring onto the new driver, but I don’t have the tools.

I’ve got a few popcan lights 2 q8s, 2 m43s with the 219c, emisar m18 with 3000k sst20, and astrolux mf1 with the 219c. The M43 is the best built and gives a really nice floody beam, the q8s have the best throw and are a great value. But the Emisar m18 kills it with being so compact and so powerful. I like them all, but would prob get rid of the mf01 first since it’s not as compact as some of the others and the ui isn’t as nice, but it’s still super bright.

My favorite… modified Sofirn Q8 4x50.2 3v 5600k…

Just for the sheer output…. 17,000+lm

Wow, for how long. Must get hot.

That needs to be a Sofirn option. Even a modest 2,000-3,000 lumens each LED would be a great option.

Still my 3 favorites: tn36ut, x7, m43

All of mine are equal favorites, because as performance increased over the past few years, the older ones gained more sentimental value.

Nov. 2014- Niwalker MM15. I was so super excited about this light for more than a few weeks, that I started to get black rings under my eyes from lack of sleep.

June 2015- Noctigon Meteor M43 XP-L. For more than a few weeks, I excitedly followed the development of this item in the Russian forum.

Jan. 2016- Thrunite TN36UT. I was so excited about this light for a few months, that it got beat up from edc use for almost half a year.

Feb. 2016- MM15MB

Aug. 2016- Fenix TK75 Vn 70- so far, my only Fenix light, even though I love the looks and feel of the build quality.

May 2017- Nitecore TM06Vn XHP 50.2- My first strictly collectors item, I decided to not let it get beat up.

June 2017- Acebeam X45vn boosted to 25,000 lumens has been my daily use pop can light for a longer time than its predecessors.

Pop can flooders got me into flashlights, K70 got me into throwers, and TM9K has me finally into its size class.

I only have two, the M43 and the Q8. I hardly ever use them. I don’t think I have ever ran down the cells in them. They are immensely fun to play with once in a while though.

So true Todd.

Let me add to list here : Nitecore TM28, Sofirn Q8, Thorfire BLF Q8, Haikelite, MF Tactical Mini Monster, just to name a few.

I like the BLF Q8 for beam profile and thermally sustainable output. I do hikes where I’m running it at thousands of lumens continuously. Any smaller and that would become problematic. Any bigger and it won’t be as comfortable or fit in my jacket pocket. It’s about perfect. If anything, I wish it was a bit floodier or the hot spot less defined. But I’m nitpicking.

I also like the Thrunite TN4A. Something efficient to run in AA.

They both tailstand and have a low moonlight. They’re the perfect combination for an emergency light.

I have the mf01s, q8, x80 and rot66 and I like each and every one of them. Q8 is my favorite work light and x80 if I feel like showing off a little, but they are all great lights in their own way.

Have you tried with D-C fix BLF link I haven`t tried D-C fix on my BLF Q8, but it made my Sofirn SP40 and Astrolux HL01 headlamps beam much more pleasant for close up work with less prominent hotspot.

And the Airpro DC7. Rather Q8ish but with a basics-only UI (ramping works great, and shortcuts to moonlight’n’high) and onboard usb-c charging.

Cooler and throwier more like the Sofirn rather’n BLF Q8.