Sofirn BLF LT1 Lantern: Simplified Visual Quick Reference Guide

[[ UPDATE ]]

I’ve made several updates to the Quick Reference guide. This is release version 1.01

I updated the image below.

Here are the download links to the latest version:

PNG image from Google

  • Better quality than the image below which is a compressed JPG

PDF for printing

  • (contains two sizes, The small version can be cut up and inserted inside the battery tube)

Link to Google Document DRAWING

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  • to edit, customize or translate Quick Reference



TEXT only version

▣ Sofirn LT1 Quick Reference ▣
See manual for full instructions

[Long-Press]► Turns ON Moon mode - [Press & Hold] to ramp up
[1-Click ]► Turns ON to previously used brightness
[2-Clicks]► Turns ON maximum brightness
[3-Clicks]► Battery check indicated by blinks (i.e.4-blinks, short pause,
1-blink indicates 4.1 volt - “zero” Is indicated with a very quick blink - Exit with [1-Click]
4.2v: 100% charged | 3.7v: 50% charged |3.1v: 10% charged [4-Clicks]► Enable/Disable electronic Lockout- if enabled, only
[Press & Hold] will turn the LEDs ON
[6-Clicks]► Enters Muggle Mode - restricted to ON/OFF & ramping [7-Clicks]► Configures the Switch LED indicator (every [7-clicks]) ycles through OFF/LOW/HIGH/BLINKING modes)
[2-Clicks] [Long-Press]►Enters Blinky and Strobes mode - then [2-Clicks] to cycle through available modes - [1-Click] to exit



Runtime: 5 hours (brightest) ▣ Charge time: 8-10 hours

[Press&Hold]► Ramps brightness UP/DOWN [1-Click ]► Turns OFF
[2-Clicks]► Maximum brightness-then[2-Clicks] returns to previous
[3-Clicks]► Toggles Smooth/Stepped mode
[6-Clicks]► Exits Muggle Mode
[2-Clicks & Hold]► Enters Tint Mode-ramps from 2,800-5,000K
BLF LT1 Lantern

Factory RESET: Loosen battery tube - [Press & Hold] - tighten battery tube then [Hold] for 3 seconds
© 2021 Rob McCormack - Released under: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License Sofirn Revision: 10/05/19 - Quick Reference version: 1.01

I wanted to contribute a “Simplified Visual Quick Reference Guide” which concentrates on just the features I use most.

I often found with so much detail in the manual it was difficult to find how to use the basic features.

I would appreciate any feedback on the quick reference guide and any things which are incorrect or not clear.

Quick Reference Guide Features

  1. it obvious whether the clicking function works from the ON or the OFF position
  2. I use a little different nomenclature to describe the clicking and holding actions
  3. it is optimize to display on mobile phones
  4. I am releasing this under a Creative Commons sharing license

Future Enhancements

  1. I will make a special size PDF version that can be printed and that can be rolled up and stored inside the battery storage tube.
  2. this will be a public online Google Document so you can easily customize or translated it (a Gmail account is required)

I hope some may find this useful, it was fun to author this quick reference guide.

Direct link to JPG image


Quick Reference on iPhone 8

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Nice ! Thank you for taking time to do this :+1:




I updated the START of this thread with the latest version (v1.01) of the Quick Reference

  • And some new images as well.

Let me know if there are any errors please,


I usually cut'n'paste from PDF files to put torch instructions in my iPhone Contacts (under a category of "Information"), so this is a great resource. Thank you for your efforts! PS: Just got the LT1 and wish there was something between low and high on the Switch LED indicator - low is too low and high is too high. However, that's the only 'fault' I can find with the LT1... :))

The small one, folded twice horizontally and once vertically, fits inside the bottom cap. Since I already have a set of instructions stashed in my Q8 tailcap this way, I figure that’s where I will remember to look.

Well done. Thanks.

Thank you!

Nicely done, Mr McCormack!

Thanks Mr. McCormack for your very useful posting. I have printed this for my quick reference.

One question: How is the “new” version of the LT1 lantern? I have the original version in Orange. It was sent to me by mistake. After I complained, Sofirn (in China) assured me that I would learn to like the bright Orange lantern. Now I agree.

But I still want a Green lantern. The “new” version in Green seems to be selling well and now in short supply.

Great job on this mrmccormack! :smiley: Much appreciated by us all on the LT1 team and BLF members!

The Cheat Sheet for the Q8 lives in the LT1 :smiley:

In the Q8 Cheat Sheet is a picture how to fold longer papers for fitting under the tailcap