Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

I hope so too, but I’m glad (for once) that they went with glue because I had my non-glued head fall into parts more than once while trying to switch the light off. Much better would have been a hard stop for the bezel build into the design (a small ridge in the middle of the head instead of continuous threading), but some glue is an ok fix of the problem.

Where can i buy tritium vails for this light? and what size do I need?

1.5x6mm vials. I buy mine from - you can also get a small bottle of Norland 61 there.

Thanks for sharing shirnask. My light was only 2 euros so I might skip this mod to keep everything budget on this light :smiley:

I’m curious about your picture. Is your exposure cranked up? Or are they anywhere near that visible at night?

I bought a couple vials (from a random AliExpress vendor) last year and installed one in my raw BLF Edition C01S. But it’s soooo dim. I can hardly see it in a pitch black room.

I’m about to get a ReyLight LAN and am thinking about tricking it out with a bunch of trits. But if they’ll hardly be visible in a dark room, I’m not so sure I want to drop the $70 to do so.

I think the glue you use to fix them in place is pretty important.

yes, shirnask has some great trit pics, I wonder how he does it too:

what color did you choose?

green is the brightest

in this photo I took during the day, I was shining a UV light on the tiny 2mm long green trit, to make it show up

I can easily see tritiums on the nightstand when I wake up in the dark
my iPhone can see them too:

but I cannot see their glow during the day, unless I go into a pitch black room and hold them up to my face

I used a crystal clear UV cure glue, albeit not Norland.

Here’s what my camera sees (left) vs an adjusted pic of how it looks to me (right):

gchart. that’s about right unless your eyes are heavily adjusted like jon_slider mentions waking up at night. If the trit is a little more exposed it may be incrementally brighter too, some slots are pretty deep. the one’s i’ve poked into the rubber nub of clear clicky switch boots are just as visible as this green one when on a dark night stand.

seems normal

trits brightness is somewhat additive
that is, more trits are more visible than just one
but still very dim, still not visible during daylight, but very visible when I wake up in the dark

imo Trits make excellent locators for a light on the nightstand, and they are entertaining to look at when visiting the porcelain throne in the middle of the night

trits cost does add up
it is not hard to spend as much or more on multi trit installs, than the original cost of the host


Those two pics are exactly the ones I’ve been looking at. I realize the effect may be exaggerated in those pics, but the LANs look stunning in them. But I’m scared of spending the ~$70 and never being able to see that they’re there.

I understand that they will never be visible in a well lit room and I’m good with that. But I’d want to be able to see them at night time.

for me, trits produce a visible glow, but when I wake in the dark, without my bifocals on, they produce a fuzzy glow.

I can NOT make out the clear outlines of each trit that we see in the photos… it is more like your second photo… dim and fuzzy, but visible… depending how good your eyes are I guess.

for me, this 6 trit button was a waste,

I could not see well enough to tell the colors apart, and I did not like that the layers overlapped and broke up the full view of each trit

Im much happier with the 3 trit button on the right:

I dont own a TiLan, so it will be up to you to share your tritted Lan experience with us :slight_smile:
(its only money, you deserve it… lol)

Here’s a small trick to get a very slight amount more visibility from the tritium vial by removing the anodization in the slot (or get the bare aluminum version of the C01s):

Thanks! But yeah… I already have the bare aluminum version

I took this picture in a dark room - just automatic settings on the camera - the only thing I did to the picture is change the contrast setting.

This is the one beside my bed at night - my favorite, but almost too bright for my dark adapted eyes ( bad picture taken in a dark room )

On the CO1S the trit slot is very deep and in order to get the best visibility for the single trit I put a small sliver of clear plastic about 1mm thick under the trit to raise it close to the top of the slot. This gave a much better result than my early attempts.

Thanks for the pictures and impressions guys. I think I’m just going to go for it. You only live once, right? Can’t take it with you…

turned up the contrast
I like your trit solution for the Original RRT-01 a lot
are those 6mm trits?

and if you did it again, would you do anything different?


wonder what colors you will choose?

I look forward to your days of joy


turned up the contrast
I like your trit solution for the Original RRT-01 a lot
are those 6mm trits?

and if you did it again, would you do anything different?

Yes, they are 1.5×6mm. For my purpose I really only need 3 trits to make it bright enough for me in the middle of the night.

This light makes it easy to add from one to five trits around the tail cap as it slopes down from the center to the inner edge enough to completely encapsulate the 1.5×6mm trits in Norland 61 – making them difficult to damage.

(I do sleep in a very dark room and what I find bright might not be so for others.)

These just went on sale on aliexpress, various colors available.

Nice. Can’t get the US pricing though. Gave up after trying for a while.