Sofirn C8F host. 21700 C8F Available

Sofirn has sent me two coupon codes:
18650 version C8F
20% off code: 20QSPTUA

20% off code: 2045TU4G

Sofirn choosed to go for dual switch and update the firmware. The new design is not only a thicker tube. They added some slots in the head but mostly keep the old C8 design. The cooling slots only the under side of the head but maybe this will change and add two on the top also. The tube finally got knurling and the tailcap also got some block design to make easier to grip and twist.
The leds will be the same XP-L but that may change. The side switch has now red and green battery indicator leds which will work. It is not clear that it will have a 18650 adapter tube or it will be sold separately. The MCPCB shelf will be bigger diameter to make modding friendly and definietly they make a host version of this also. The host maybe can bought in a single side switch version.
The tail switch will be forward clicky. If the light is on, you can press and hold the side switch to stand-by mode or click the tail switch to cut off. If you need lockout, press tail switch.

So many thing not perfectly clear but it will make happen soon.:

The firmware:
4 mode Groups planning:
Group 1: 300lm or 500lm
Group 2: 200lm—900lm—1800lm
Group 3: 10lm—200lm—500lm—1800lm
Group 4: Ramping from 1lm—–1800lm
In any mode, including OFF, hold 1 second to go to Moonlight /ML
In any mode (except lock-out ), Double-click to go to Turbo 3000lm, one click to go to the previous mode

21700 chosen by Sofirn. That is confirmed. And the driver size will be bigger to make modding easier. They want dual switch but it is not decided yet. Maybe it will be dual switch or switched tailcap can be bought separately. They told me there will be some changes in UI but I don’t know the changes yet.

Poll is over
21700 and dual switch early rendering. Not final version:

Old post about host:
Hi there!
Some of us waited for this to happen. I’m happy to asked Sofirn to make a host version of the C8F and now they made it.
You can buy it here in their aliexpress store for 13.78$ now.

It contains the host, switch board with switch, reflector, copper DTP MCPCB for XP footprint sized (3535) leds, and glass lens.
Id does not contains leds or driver.
It has 5,3mm thick shelf under the MCPCB so it is great for buildin powerful triple led lights.
One is on the way to me to accept my XP-L2 leds with a Narsil FW Fet driver :smiley:

I like to see some builds later here so If someone order this host feel free to post it here.

My host arrived and I uploaded some photos to this gallery
Corrected price
Poll result: 21700 chosen by Sofirn, maybe dual switch.
New 21700 dual switch design made and will be available soon.
Coupon codes

Pretty Cool, Thanks for your interaction and getting this listed.
Off to spend some money.

Thanks Zozz.

Going quick…
assuming they listed 50, I bought 4, now 43 left.

Thanks!, got one, 41 left

thank you for sharing, very good product for a fair price.

Excellent news! I got a discount as a non Amazon buyer but this is sooo much better as I was going to rip out LEDs and driver anyway. Thanks!

Yes thanks Zozz, just ordered a couple to play with. Wanted more but it’s that time of year when money get’s really scarce. :wink:

Yes, thanks ZossV6 for this! Ordered two and I look forward to some great build suggestions. :beer:

You are welcome all!
I suggested them a 26650 triple led design too. I hope they think about it.

Great work Zozz. That's a great price for such a high quality host.

If they go 26650, then they might consider going quad too? I could see a quad 26650 with reflector becoming rather popular.

You got a link for that driver please. Thank you

Is that available somewhere?

I don’t know. With XP-L2 it is enough with triple. The light with one 26650 and in tube form can not get rid too much heat. And I think wit triple Ledil cute SS optics is a good option. But they didn’t answered me about this.

Joker145 and d_t_a: you can order TA drivers built by Lexel from him.

There can never be enough :smiley:

I know this. I advice the 2100mA Convoy S2+ and I build for myself the Fet DD driven 2940 lumens Jaxman E2L with triple leds. :smiley:

Wondering how long it’ll take for my 2 C8 hosts to get here what with all the Christmas rush in full overdrive? Got notification they shipped, with a tracking number, should prove interesting to see what part of next year they arrive. :wink:

I ordered an SP32A from them and it is not here so the hosts maybe arriving next year. Is my package arrived to you?

I received tracking number for mine and its already in the USPS system. Recently the LS**CN tracking mumbers have been about 3 weeks but business days are cut short to the holidays. After Xmas the USPS Man hours will be cut short (Normal) again.