【Sofirn】Design a headlamp together & Giveaway

Dear members of BLF, we are Sofirn Team.
We received a private message from a fan who asked us to design a headlamp suitable for daily use by the public, so we want to collect your valuable opinions.

We have a few key questions for all of you.

  1. What do you use your headlamp for?
  2. What functions do you want your headlamp to have?
  3. What kind of headlamp experience annoys you?

We will collect your feedback to our R&D team. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, and we wish you all the best.

:person_raising_hand: :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman:The new headlamp HS42 will be launched soon. We will randomly select 3-5 people from the comments to get a FREE HS42.

Updated in June 17, 2024
Thank you for your enthusiastic participation.
Congratulations to the winners @raccoon @Quadrupel @Paul321 @Ijon @Lightbringer,
Please check the PM in time as we need some information to help us send the prize to you.

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  1. The headlamp is very convenient for home work as well as for walking when both hands are busy.
  2. A good driver with stabilization is a must; the ability to select a neutral LED; simple and clear control; wide smooth light.
  3. Heavy weight; complicated controls; narrow range light.
  1. Modding flashlights, repair works, night-time walks around property
  2. Stabilized driver, which means constant current regulated driver buck or boost. To me this is even more important in headlamps because the advantage of headlamps is handsfree working.
  3. Weird UI. Don’t try to be fancy or unique. To me, a headlamp especially is simply a work tool. Simple 1H for moonlight, then 1H to cycle L-M-H. 1C on/off, maybe 2C turbo. It doesn’t need to be more complex than that.

I’m not so fussy about emitter choice, as long as a HCRI option is available. It helps in the projects I use headlamps for.

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Modding flashlights, working on the car, hiking at night. Many different uses, indoors and outdoors. That is why I have multiple headlamps.

Seconding this, a buck driver would be great.

519a would be great for the flood emitter of the HS42, if still taking suggestions

I would prefer Anduril 2, but a simple UI would be fine too, if there is a voltage mode and a lockout. Similar to this:

1H for moonlight, then 1H to cycle L-M-H. 1C on/off, 2C turbo, 3C battery check, 4C lockout

Weird UI (hold for off, forced strobes, etc)

Glued or press-fit parts (makes it difficult to repair, or replace the emitters)

Bright side lights that cannot be turned off, like the voltage indicator of SP40. They should not turn on when the headlamp is on moonlight, as the brightness is annoying.

Glued-in tailcap magnet, this attracts magnetic dust from sand, and gets stuck to keys and other things in pockets. Make the magnet removable please.

–Yeah, for people who run, I also think a headlamp is necessary.

–neutral white LED or warm? Do you think you need to use strobe mode?

–The weight of the headlight does not need to be too heavy, otherwise it will be a burden to wear on the head. For example, our HS20 received feedback that it is too heavy. For light source switching, I think click+click-hold would be more convenient.

  1. Working/looking for stuff in dark places like in the attic, or the crawlspace
  2. Buck driver, High CRI, detachable magnet in tailcap, additional short tube
  3. Throwy light, complicated UI, all kinds of strobes in the main menu, heavy

–Then do you think it is necessary to design the tailcap to be magnetic?
“Stabilized driver, which means constant current regulated driver buck or boost.”
– then I think you can keep an eye on our HS42! :smiley:
–If a headlamp is used as a work tool, a simple UI seems to be a must. For light source switching, it is more convenient to just click + click and hold.
–HCRI LEDs generally provide warm light. What do you think of headlights equipped with red light?

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We are gradually adding the 519A version of flashlights, starting with the SC13 mini falshlight 519A version, and other models are also gradually raising design requirements.
Secondly, I think Anduril 2 is too complicated and not suitable for daily use. It should also use simple UI operations like HS42. The HS42 has a lock mode, you may interested.
Regarding the issues with the side light buttons and the magnetic tail cover, I will provide feedback to our R&D department.

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4000-4500K :hugs:

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So a cool white headlamp would be more suitable for work, right?
And about the short tube, what do you think 18350 tube?

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Personally I do not find it necessary. Flashlight with magnetic tailcap usually because I want to have my hands free to do some work. Since I am using a headlamp, I am already hands free.

Yes, it is important to have simple UI for working tools. I am not interesting autolock feature. If there is such a feature, please make sure it can be easily disabled. Automatic lock feature goes against ‘simple design’ idea for UI.

I usually don’t need red light so much. If using 519A, 4500K or 5000K is fine.

Don’t like 5000K? Light below 5000K is warmer.

That is great to hear, will there be multiple CCTs offered? I think 5700k (CW) and 4500k (NW) would cover nearly everyone’s interests, especially because users can dedome the 519a to make it warmer (4500k becomes warm 3200k).

As of the last few years, my everyday flashlights have used Anduril 2, my most used headlamps as well (Emisar DW4, D2, and some modified lights), so I would disagree, Anduril 2 is quite suitable for my own use.

It would be possible to make a driver that can use both simple and Anduril, by designing it with a t1616 and flashing pads, so enthusiasts like me can use Anduril but everyone else has the default simple UI.

I prefer mostly 4500-5000k, but 5000k is fine too, if using a 519A.

I don’t usually need red light on a fullsized headlamp, as I only use a very low brightness of red.

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So in daily work, are turbo mode and strobe mode not very suitable?
It seems moonlight mode more useful?

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For a headlamp, strobe might be useful only to get a headache LOL

Having an optional turbo mode can be useful though, for when you need just a bit more brightness for a moment.

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Turbo is fine. I don’t think strobe is necessary, but if it is available it should be a hidden mode, such as 3C.

In my opinion, a little “warmer” than 5000K is more pleasing to the eye and more to most people’s liking.

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I think 18350 optional is good. But how do you think about the headband strap? will it be able to fit the flashlight in 18350 mode easily?

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–Indeed, people who are familiar with the Anduril version will prefer Anduril UI, and people who are unfamiliar with it will prefer the normal simple UI.

–The conventional color temperature should be given priority at the beginning, and 4000K or 2700K may be considered later.
Whether to retain the red light is also under consideration.

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Haha, the strobe mode is completely useless. Or when you need a brighter light, maybe the high mode is enough.

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