Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

I am really trying to decide if I am going with the 573 de-domed or a 453 dome on. Where does the 573 de-domed come in with it’s CCT?

I just can’t stand the green LH351D in mine, even with an 802 filter it is still not good.

4000-4100K on my Opple

left to right domed and dedomed, three 519a pairs:

fwiw, the stock 5000K LH351d was 4700K, duv 0.0047

Thanks for that data… I have 573’s, 503’s and 453’s on hand, does not seem to be a linear change looking at the results of your 573 dropping 1700k and the 453 only dropped 1100k. So, I am guessing that the 503 will drop to slightly below 4000-3800k. I think I will go a de-domed 573.

I hope you like it, I think its very nice.

Thanks for the info. I think the step by step guide will be quite helpful for people with proper skills and equipment. I will definitely investigate it when I am ready for modding.

Green in LH351D doesn’t bother me in high output (more than 200 lumens), but when used in low output I notice it more. This is a problem for me because I use low output most of time.

Among the 5000K LEDs I have, E21A is my favorite so far. It has high R9, therefore reds standout. However, it is a little more than I like. I also own 219B in 4500K, but I think it has a little too much pink. I don’t have proper tools to measure the colors, but when I can definitely notice it when I compare the light with natural sunlight. I usually shine the light on my palm during the day and see the change in tint.

I wonder how 519A compares with my current favorite. I will wait for Hank or Simon to make decent flashlights as I don’t have tools and enough time to invest in modding flashlight at the moment. By the way, I am also interested in trying out B35AM.

A bit of info here, including a really nice chart thefreeman made of his dome-on and dedomed measurements, and a brief followup comment about the fact that the change seems non-linear if you’re looking at color temperature:

I changed out the led in mine for a sst-20 deep red and it works perfectly on AA batteries, wouldn’t try a 14500 though as the forward voltage on the deep red led is too low for direct drive.

The lowest setting on the SP10 pro is actually lower than the lowest setting on the C01R.

great to hear the red works well w the ramping UI…

Ive been thinking a Red Light w Anduril would make a good camping light.
Enjoy your mod :wink:

The bezel on mine was glued, but wasn’t that hard to break free. Just used rubber wrapped around the light to get a better grip and twisted it off. Nothing like a fenix light I tried to get apart once… the deep red sst-20 reflowed really well on the mcpcb even though the footprint isn’t quite the same. Even centered itself pretty good.

congrats on fitting a non 3535 LED onto a 3535 mcpcb

fwiw, the XP-E2 Red and the XP-G3 Red, use normal 3535 solder pads

Ive used 620nm, 660nm, and 730nm… I like the 660nm best, the 620nm is brighter, but more orange… the 730nm is deeper red, but has even lower visible output than 660nm…

Just installed a de-domed 519A sm573 in my SP10 Pro. Ugly, crappy green is way gone! It came out rosier than I really expected, almost more than I wanted and definitely more than I expected given that I started with 5700k! This light is rapidly becoming a favorite and will earn a spot in the EDC rotation! The final CCT came out right around 4300k and an Ra of around 98 according to my Opple (I know, highly scientific). Do not have a way to measure lumens, but it is very comparable to the LH351D with an 802 gel. The stock heat paste was barely there and obviously not working well. She now warms up very quickly. I just can’t put it down now… I am going to have to try a domed sm453 next!

But, be aware if you plan an emitter swap… the standard Noctigon is to thick and the stock MCPCB kinda sucks. The solder pads for the wires are very small on the stock one. Unfortunately I installed the emitter on the Noctigon and had to then move it to the stock MCPCB and still did not manage to kill the 519A! For those who are not aware, I have been having serious eye problems and unfortunately this is likely about the most complex type of mod I can now do and really will never be building another driver again. I miss serious mods, but have found someone who can and will help me with triples and quads with aux boards and such. Really sucks, I loved doing mods for myself and others.

congrats! I have the same impressed reaction to my dedomed 519a mods…

fwiw, the 802 gel causes 25% transmission loss… this is very severe… glad you found a better option

my dedomed 519a 5700k is only 10% less bright than the LH351d that was in my SC21 Pro.

Sorry to hear your aging eyes are creating modding challenges for you… I have age related vision challenges too… Ive been able to mod only because I use a Jewelers Magnifying Visor

but my mods are just LED reflows, no driver building… glad you were able to do what you did, when you could, to help self and others…

enjoy your new Light and LED! :beer:

Matt if you are around Chicago, and would like to mod together let me know! How do you design a driver? I thought it was done in CAD. What kind of vision problems are you having? Is it treatable? Some facinating red light therapy threads on here that could be your next project, I heard it can help with vision. I think most people are using 670nm LEDs so "normal" ones.

fwiw, there seem to be a few Black SP10 Pro available

Im not sure of the actual availability, since the web text says preorder, but it also says 46 in stock.

So I had rona in January of 2020, very bad case before it was really known. 102.5 to 103.4 fever for over a week. Several months later my sugar, BP and other things spiked very hard and very high. Almost instantly ended up with diabetic retinopathy. It is being treated, level are all great again with no meds, but eyes are screwed. Bout all I can do now with magnifiers are emitter swaps and they are difficult at best. A1C went from 5.9 to 13.1 in a matter of weeks, back to 6.1 now. BP spiked to 220/175 at the same time, now 128/57.

I built/ relowed many of my drivers, only designed a couple for really odd hosts. We have many guys designing great drivers, but gotta get the boards on Osh Park, reflow and code them up.

Would love to mod with a friend, but right now work is nuts, my freshman daughter is way deep in sports and I am trying to retire from my University. Yup, life is nuts!

mattlward, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? I’m 43 right now. I believe I may have had Covid in December of ’19 (same symptoms as you, and was tested for flu, which it wasn’t), and know I had it in January of ’21. My blood pressure is fine, but my A1C spiked from 5.3 to 10 in six months. I’m currently on meds for diabetes - have been for three weeks, with a followup appointment three weeks from now to check again.

Also, since the summer, I had to start wearing reading glasses. My near vision is abysmal now. On some days I can read my watch if I hold it a foot from my face, but most days I can’t see it clearly at any distance (without glasses).

Diabetes does run in my family, and vision does get worse with age, but perhaps there’s some causation from covid… Could it be coincidence or do you have some other proof it was related?

Other than no history and my doc has seen this happer with a few severe cases of the original rona. That is about it. Please get your eyes checked by an opthomologist, not optometrist. Nothing close or magnified is sharp anymore for me. Really sucks!

BTW, forgot to answer… I am 57 this fall.

The drivers are available again at

I’m of mixed minds about the driver.

  • It’s really nice having Anduril in a driver for this type of light.
  • Having it able to run 14500 and AA is nice … but not crucial for how I use my lights.
  • The low max output is irritating. Just 3 amps? I can really see the difference when I compare it side-by-side with an FWAA, especially after modding my SP10 Pro to use an FWAA optic, star and the same emitters.
  • If I had to choose, I’d rather have higher max output over 1.5v support.

Got my shipping notification today! Another wait begins :smiley: