Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!


  • I (gchart) have made up some programming adapters to be used with the SP10 Pro and potentially other future flashlights if they use the attiny1616. See this post for more information. If you'd like to put your own together, check out the Oshpark page which includes the BOM.
  • Thanks to SB's help, I (gchart) will now be managing this post while we patiently await Lux-Perpetua's return.
  • The SP10 Pro is now available on and AliExpress.
  • I (gchart) will be assembling several flashing kits for those that would like to flash new firmware. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  • For putting together your own flashing kit and for flashing instructions, please see this post. The short of it is that you'll want a USB to Serial TTL adapter, possibly a programming key, and then to use pymcuprog to do the flashing.
  • The first batch of SP10 Pro flashlights has what I consider to be a minor annoyance of a bug. At very specific light levels (most frequently, Level 2 of 7 in Advanced UI), you may notice a dim light for a second while the flashlight is turning off. Very rarely, this may also manifest as a brief flash of light. A patch has been made and sent to Sofirn for future batches. If you'd like to flash this build, the updated hex file can be found here.

gchart made some great runtime charts of his prototype driver in an SP10S host

  • Revised firmware, fixing a minor glitch in Party Strobe when using NiMH batteries
  • New Andúril 2 UI diagram that fits in vertical alignment into the manual

It is yet to be clarified if SP10 Pro will use a switch w/o button light.

  • Sofirn confirms they could offer bare aluminum (no anodizing) if requested.

► Active Poll #1 for 7 days from August 18, 2021:

Would you like Auto-Lock to be integrated in Andúril 2 Simple UI?

  • gchart could offer to implement Auto-Lock into Simple UI, i.e. timer is set up in Advanced UI, settings will be adopted in Simple UI.

► Active poll #2 for 14 days from August 18, 2021:

What anodizing do you prefer for SP10 Pro?


Sofirn has finished creating a prototype driver. The driver offers flashing pads to have direct access for a pogo pin adapter.

Next step is to release two prototype flashlight samples to gchart and Tom E for full examination and testing, followed by a trial phase before ramping up mass production.

gchart created a custom Andúril 2 hex-file to be used for SP10 Pro:

  • Default mode is stepped ramp with 5 brightness levels
  • Simple UI has full power (ceiling 150/150)
  • Advanced UI ceiling per standard 120/150
  • USE_2C_MAX_TURBO command implemented, i.e. Turbo in the Advanced UI works like in Andúril 1 via 2C
  • toggle stepped/smooth ramp via 3C from ON in Simple UI
  • all latest code updates until August 12, 2021 are taken into account, i.e. firmware revision 2021-08-12

Lumen output as per gchart's prototype testing sample:

(Actual numbers may vary in the final product and depend on the used battery and the emitter type/tint)

Mode NiMH Li-Ion
Eco 0.2 0.5
Low 6 16
Med 32 75
High 133 270
Turbo 308 729

Current design:

The clip design is being discussed with Sofirn. Sofirn is checking for possible changes to make it fully captive and/or deep carry.

Final UI diagram for SP10 Pro:


Sofirn will soon be able to source the new AVR-1 MCUs. Final line up is imminent.


Awesome news! gchart built an SP10S driver using the ATtiny 1616-MNR MCU with dual chemistry / dual voltage support and Andúril 2. See video below for illustration. I will try to get more news from Sofirn after May Days holidays.


Barry confirmed that Sofirn's engineering could redesign the driver. Andúril would then have to be adapted to work with the SP10S driver, e.g. there is no indicator switch LED in the SP10S. I have suggested the SP32A V2.0 switch LED design but we will see how feasible this is. So far no news about 1.2V - 1.5V (AA/NiMH) compatibility.


Currently, I'm in touch with Toykeeper, Barry and Kikkoman to help Sofirn developing an appropriate driver for the SP10S. As the SP10S driver uses a PIC12F1822 with limited memory it will be difficult but with some changes (e.g. ATtiny85) and a better boost converter we might get to see a new driver with Andúril and AA as well as 14500 support.


Kikkoman has successfully transferred Andúril onto his experimental driver, using a more efficient TPS61021A boost converter. Further work on LVP, more efficiency and less standby drain is ongoing. Lexel, gchart, wight and Tom E as renowned driver experts have been invited to join and share their ideas and thoughts.






How about a limited color option?

Edit: lol, I should have read it better. Clear anodizing sounds awesome.

I would be interested, but I already have two SP10B and don’t need anymore! I might be interested in the driver though, unless TK makes a version which works on the current driver then I would just flash it myself.

How does that side switch not activate in one's pocket?



INTERESTED :sunglasses:




And I wonder!

Eh I’m not really interested in this.

Why? Lack of AA compatibility here.

If this new light uses an Andurik driver, there is a very high chance it’ll be using a FET+1 driver, not a boost/FET driver.



Definitely interested

Tbh from my sofirn lights, the Sp10 is my least favorite. The output is extremely low. Specially compared to the tool AA and Wuben E05

Attiny MCU and AA Voltage wont work without a separate boost powering the MCU, which would make likely a way too high standby drain
not sure how the original driver handles this

they may write a firmware close to Anduril on another MCU, but it wont be any real Arnduril