Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

In my country, AA are “just around the corner” while 14500 “nor with a prescription”, we have to import them (for now only Aliexpress sends them).


I would be interested

What about a internal charger in the tail cap? USB type
C or magnetic ………

Won’t happen… BLFers hate integrating charging for some reason, maybe it will make them feel like “muggles”.
I, for one, LOVE integrating charging and type C even more

Haha I grap what you mean.
This type of torches is such great presents for people who are not minded taking battery in and out for charging …….mind you charging is so convenient with my Olights,…… some folks still prefer manual gearbox vehicles.

Type-C in the tail would be interesting, but likely would rule out NiMh/Alkaline compatibility entirely. I dislike proprietary connectors.

I would love good NiMh support because then I could toss them in a few places with Eneloop Pros and forget about them until needed. Standby drain would also have to be considered.

That, plus charging from the tail means either having the driver also in the tail, and/or a dual-tube design.


The one issue here is a missing de-facto standard form factor. Case in point: the SP10 with its tombstoned switch/driver PCB. Won’t fit anywhere else, most likely.
There’s not that many setups available (component-wise) that allow AA+14500 anyway, so it’s quite predictable how the schematics will look, but space constraints will heavily dictate the implementation.

Otherwise, I fully agree.

How about building a light switchable between 2 drivers, one for NiMH and one for li-ion input?
Or autoswitching if it could be smart enough ….


Interested in one if 14500, multiple if NiMH compatible.

I think the problems a lot of people have with integrated charging… well they’d include:
-added cost
-added failure/water ingress point
-eventual discontinuation of charging method (mini-usb anyone?)
-some lights w/integrated charging prevent removal/changing of the battery which puts a definite expiration date on a light.


For those that don’t like the green tint in the LH351D 5000k 90cri, slice it. You want believe the difference.
Djozz sliced a LH351C 5000k 90cri to satisfy my curiosity and it turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Ends up at about 4300k with a slight rosy tint.

I sliced the LH351D 5000k 90cri which djozz says should be very similar to the effects to the LH351C and it turned out to my eye to be correct. I like the tint alot in a RRT-01. Loses about 100 lumens but definitely worth the loss.
Interested in either battery configuration but it would be nice if BLF had another first.
The first light to run 14500 and AA with Anduril, I’d definitely be in for that. :+1:


Interested for at least one.

Very interested if NiMH compatible.

man this project is much more exiting than other lights.

definitely getting anywhere between 5 to 10 pieces if they’re making.