Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Interested in one with Anduril, 14500/NiMh compatible, without USB charging, but with a strong magnet in the tail. :slight_smile:

As for charging, I see a number of reasons why it won’t happen.

Space: as it is, the driver cavity is pretty cramped already . See here: pic1 pic2 .
Getting additional hardware in there would be very, very tricky. Charging port covers take up space too, so it would either grow externally or shrink internally.

AFAIK there is no small off-the-shelf solution for multi-chemistry single cell charging (besides NiMH being a bitch anyway, with another host of issues…) so it would either mean a discrete solution (lots of space) or somewhat crippled (charge Li cells but leave NiMH/Alkalines alone).

In other words: forget about it…

I might just be nitpicking but can the “hot” caution logo be removed for a more cleaner look? This might have more legal implications but i’m just putting it out there.

Can anyone who owns a SP10A confirm the driver is 15mm in diameter? I want to find out what fits in there but I don’t have one on hand, mine is still in the mail.

When is this happening?

I don't know. Barry has sent me some detailed information about the SP10S circuitry but I'm not that sophisticated to tell what's possible and what's not. So, I will try to get in touch with some guys (e.g. Lexel, gchart) that hopefully will do us the favor to take a look at it. Is there anyone else out here who's experienced in driver designs? Please take into account that Barry asked me to not post the driver schematics publicly here, I guess for reasons of confidentiality.

It looks like 17mm.

See this nice review by MascaratumB .


Meanwhile I have received very helpful feedback from Toykeeper, Barry and Kikkoman. As the SP10S driver uses a PIC12F1822 with limited memory it will be difficult but with some changes (e.g. ATtiny85) and a better boost converter we might get to see a new driver with Andúril and AA as well as 14500 support. As soon as I get any updates I will let you know.




:heart_eyes: :exclamation: Awesome!


Interested Excited

Interested :slight_smile:

Can Sofirn do these in their Champagne color?

i also would love one in this color :heart_eyes:

Inner-rested, please!


I like the one I already have, but I’d love it if I could start in .5 lumens instead of that being the last setting.

My Innova X1 is no more, so I’m open to options. :disguised_face:


I keep telling myself I don’t need it, but this sounds highly interesting.

If it comes down to making a compromise, Anduril is a more compelling feature to me than AA-support, even though both is even better.

LH351D, SST-20, and 219C’s are all emitters that would appearl to me.