Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

As far as I know the samples were approved by the dev team last year.

Just wish there was a real official picture of it already. All photos are so far are reused SP10v3 ones…

Most probably they will use the same host, just with different labeling.



Wonder when more colours start becoming available.

It seems like it’s as OK as it’s going to get. The only parts to change are things Sofirn already vetoed, like a different clip design. So yeah, it has been ready for a few months.

The top post can’t be updated to reflect this though, because Lux-Perpetua hasn’t been around. I think he has been too busy with Real Life ™, which is totally understandable for volunteer projects like this.

Otherwise, aside from getting the light actually produced and sold, the only other task remaining on this project is for Sofirn to put together an attiny1616 flashing kit.

Here’s the flashing kit gchart sent me. It works, after giving avrdude a new config file, but it’s definitely not the only compatible adapter. It uses the “jtag2updi” profile in avrdude, which isn’t in the default config. Anyone know of a compatible adapter which is supported by default, that Sofirn could obtain for a good price in bulk?

Ordered one today, excited to see Anduril 2 making it into an AA light! Makes it much more practical as an emergency/backup light to have the option of disposable AA/lithium primary cells (although I’d never use those for day-to-day use).

I do hope they will offer more emitter and color options in the future. Getting lower CCT option would be great, hopefully the aliexpress link is an indication of things to come (e.g. 2700k/4000k). Would it be possible to swap in a 519b I wonder? For colors, getting blue and unanodized options would be really nice as well - a bit disappointing they only have black so far.

Edit: Also Sofirn, please make a programmer available, I would also like to be able to reflash the light.

I will only buy this light if the flashing kit is available (officially or through other sites). Really love the idea of Anduril2 on an AA light!

They already listed a blue, green and red options on AE store. But no pictures so far of colored versions.

Great. Only green and red actually available for order though.

Also “the photos will update soon”

will update the photo soon

Woohoo, this will be my 1st red Sofirn! I always ended up ordering after red versions were sold out. The spell has been broken :smiley:

Thanks for the update Jackie!

Would it be possible to add fitting magnetic tail caps to the AE store? Even if it’s only black (they will match the black SP10 pros I ordered yesterday).

Nice. Ordered one.

Excellent to see the additional colours available. Will the magnetic tail cap be offered in matching colours?

Colours also up at (remember black tail caps ;))

Looks like the tail cap is now on the aliexpress store as well: link

Once the blue and 4000k options are available, I’ll order a second one. Maybe also a green 2700k… Would be really fun to see a deep red SSD-20 in the red host as well.

Group buy or coupon?

At the current price, if I include the shipping costs to my country, it goes beyond the budget.

So the specs may be elsewhere in this thread but a search didn’t find it. Does anyone know the max current of this driver? Most single emitter Anduril lights use a FET driver so emitter swap choices are limited. Does this driver go into direct drive on turbo with a 14500?

Good questions and I have no answer. Since the v3 apparently uses a FET, I’m assuming the pro does as well. Fwiw, I’ve been running the v3 with a Nichia 519a without problems so far using the included Sofirn battery(!!! check the specs !!!) and I’m guessing the pro might be the same. But this is purely a guess based on manufacturers often re-using the same designs/parts as much as possible. Maybe someone with a prototype can say more. In any case, I think the included battery has been the limiting safety factor in my case.