Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Someone in this thread previously said it should work with lithium primaries, however I can't find it currently, and it might very well have been from a year ago, and might not be the case with the shipping version.

Oh nice!

Nothing on though. Their shipping is nicer over here. As far as I understand that’s where Barry’s hanging out, not the AE store. But maybe indeed a small batch that’s only offered through AE. But messy release, reminds me too much of the mini latern premature release if I may say so…

I’m not aware of the issues the LT1-mini had. Are you able to enlighten me? I’ve ordered this and consider it akin to a kickstarter. If I lose £20 I’ll not be happy but if this is the only way this light is going to get made then that’s what it takes.

LT1-MINI thread

Type ‘LT1-Mini’ in the search bar (upper left of page). There’s lots of discussion on this.

How are you affiliated with Sofirn AliExpress please?

Just ordered 2 ‘mystery’ ones, will see what shows up. I like the v3.0 for various reasons (easy to swap emitter, nice beam) and hopefully the new one is at least the same, but with Anduril 2. If it comes with flatter tailcap, that would be even better.

Also snapped up a few v3.0s. They make nice hosts for emitters I use for comparisons, but not in daily life. The current discount makes them roughly 8 to 9 USD cheaper, too good to ignore if you just want a small low cost side switch flashlight without fancy control.

I guess it’s just one of their pre-order listings. Instead of preparing everything and publish it once ready, they just create a new listing by copying another similar listing and publish it right away. Then they update it over a few weeks until the product is ready.

Can anyone confirm info about the button used in the pro? Is it plastic with a silver finish, or metal? Trim pressed in or threaded?

Hey Correllux…flashlight companies should send out prototypes to trustworthy testers so they can check them out and answer all of these questions. If they did that I think it would help their sales.

They did. They have sent prototypes to trustworthy testers – the development team of this flashlight in this forum. The final release version isn’t finished yet.

Oh, that’s great! Had no idea. Happy to hear back from them.

Appears same as the SP10v3.

I own one, but haven’t disassembled it. I think the button is anodized aluminum. I assume it’s pressed in from the bottom and free-floats. It is held in place by the switch guts. There is no screwed or press-fit retaining ring. Hopefully there’s some rubber in there for waterproofing.

Ok, thank you. I think I may pass on this or at least wait for a tear down. This one was checking off all the boxes and then suddenly it wasn’t. lol. Not like a really need another AA sized light but…

It’s up on as well. Still V3.0 photos though, but description makes more sense.

And of course they have the magnetic tailcap on Sofirnlight but not on their Ali store where I bought the light already.

I’m in the exact torn situation as you… would love to have some mag tail caps, but I just placed the order on AE a few days ago. I’ve kind of reached my SP10 saturation point. Luxury problem :smiley:

I do wish Sofirn would go ahead and list all the same stuff in both places.

Order placed! Really been looking forward to this release. :+1:

Just ordered one… and now the wait begins!

Ok, people ordering this but has it actually gotten the OK from the dev team? I thought they were still looking at the pre-production models? Or have I missed something? I'll order one once I know it's good and as intended by the dev team...