Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

You’re good. You’re speaking what’s on my mind! I was saying for them to admit there isn’t any updates is pretty sad. There should be some updates after all of this time if it was still going to happen.

well, wurkkos is releasing in near future something similar on anduril 2, with tail e-switch and aux led (only on 14500). At least I hope, it's not miscommunication, and it does support 1.2V AA

"near future" could still be years away.

Shenzhen covid lock down to add further delays :weary:

I had no idea they were working on that. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep an eye on them, also.

I have my doubts it’ll support 1.2V. What Wurkkos wrote strikes me as two separate thoughts. My initial question had nothing to do with aux anyway so I think they were trying to soften the blow with the new feature. But if it does support 1.2V AAs, I would be all over it. I love that size and I like the idea of battery versatility.

Yes i can read it in 2 ways. I assumed they didn't want it compare directly to the lumintop FWAA, hance the answer, that dodged the question.
We should always expect the worst, so I assume it doesn't support 1.2V, but then again, wurkkos have close connections with sofirn, so it's not impossible for them to get their hands on the driver for this project.

It is probably worth summarizing a few things:

1) Almost every BLF collaboration project has moved slowly. Manufacturers generally seem to have their own priorities, and view collaborations as additional projects, rather than top priorities. This has been the case with Sofirn, as well (LT1, C01, C01R).

2) Sofirn seems be successfully growing, which is keeping them busy. When Toykeeper speculated above above that production depends on availability in a busy factory, I believe it.

3) There has been difficulty sourcing parts. We know this was the case for the SP10 Pro prototype at a minimum. It may still be the case:

  • May 20, 2021 - Microcontroller availability is preventing prototypes (source link)
  • August 3, 2021 - Microcontrollers acquired, but unclear what quantity. Prototypes in work. (source link)

4) Another problem just showed up in the news this week:

News article: The Shenzhen lockdown will affect everything from cars to iPhones

As we should all know, COVID lockdowns have a lot of potential be extended beyond initially indicated periods. The disruptions also tend to last longer than the shutdown period. Some industries require more time to restart production than others, and even once running full speed again, they often have accrued a backlog of work during a shutdown they have to catch up with before they can proceed to pending projects.

No it doesn’t: 【Clearance】Wurkkos WK01/WK02/WKC06/TS30/TS30S lowest price/HD20 new color orange release - #18 by Wurkkos

Now they’re considering it with a little persuasion :sunglasses:

what cancelled?
get ur sp10pro from Ae now

Sofirn SP10 Pro Powerful 900lm EDC Flashlight LH351D LED Torch USB C Rechargeable 14500 AA Mini Portable Lantern Anduril 2.0

WOW, very nice Sofirn! :smiley: Might get one when the 4000k variant gets released.
If you read this message though Sofirn, please check the listing, because it’s ~just a copy paste of the sp10V3 listing, with almost no changes at all (in the pics you can see the sp10V3, not the pro, and the pics don’t seem to mention anduril, but instead the ome the V3 has).

+1 what Blastboom said… I would like to see a better listing and hear from Sofirn. Plus, no mention from them directly on this product release surprises me.

I’m also surprised that Barry didn’t pop in and mention something. Hopefully it’s ok that I say this… A couple days ago Barry informed me “SP10Pro with Anduril2 seems good in trial production.” So I’m guessing this is indeed a small first batch of SP10 Pro’s!

Sofirn seems to be a little wonky lately. After the dumpster fire with the premature release of the LT1-mini, and now this half-arsed tease, one wonders where they’re coming from anymore. The whole cart before the horse thing is not a big confidence booster. 1400+ posts of interest and input (just in this thread) would lead one to believe the project and design partnership was defined enough to warrant a legitimate prospective of release directly from Sofirn. I just don’t understand their marketing concepts.
If true, though, it’s good to see the fruits of labor of all the good folks who contributed to this design coming to “light”.

I bought one. Hopefully it’s legit.

Excellent info!

Ordered a couple, seems like this would be perfect for a toolbox/glovebox light.

Also, noting in specs, won’t likely work with Energizer Lithium primaries if that’s a factor in your consideration…

E-gizers are 1.8V.

A few folks here have prototypes. Maybe they can test that.