Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

That’s pretty funny. Top seller despite not even having a real launch yet.

It seems this item might do like a band I know… At show time, one of the band members walks onstage and starts doing sound tests. A couple minutes later, another band member walks on and starts tuning a guitar. Then a few minutes pass, and the drummer shows up, checking mics and such. A couple minutes later, another band member walks on and turns on their synths and tests a few patches. Their tests and checks and tuning overlap into sort of a mess of sound. And then, several minutes later, the audience suddenly realizes the band is halfway through a song and nobody has a clue when it started.

There seems to be a difference in the focal spot, not sure. I have a Wuben E05 which had a LH351D. It always bothered me that the beam slightly (asymmetrically) diverges, leaving a doughnut hole. After replacing it with a 519A all is well. I fear if Sofirn calculates the reflector to match the Samsung, the Nichia might not be a good fit. Again, I’m not sure, others will know better.

A second thought: Adelina once stated that Sofirn cannot source Nichia LEDs (for whatever reasons). Don’t know if this has changed. It was in ’19 or so.

Is there a possible Group Buy coming up?

Lets get this party started!

I got a green SP10 Pro!

After 3 years in development, and over 1500 brilliant posts, the First off the shelf AA Anduril Light is Finally Here!

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That’s the spirit :beer:

What was the issue with the sp10 where certain batches wouldn’t work with AA or 14500 after switching between batteries? And did Sofirn figure it out so the same mistake wouldn’t be made here?

I want to order but I wish they had sent out some of this production run for testing. I’m leery of ordering and having qc issues happen.

I think they did all the testing already:

now is our chance to set aside all worries, and prepurchase considerations, just shout YOLO! and buy it now. Thats what I did, anyway… :innocent:

I wonder, since the pro can be flashed, how much work would it be to build an Anduril 2 version with some NO_FET define or custom PWM levels? E.g. modify software so it never uses the FET, even though it is physically there.

The code change would be easy, but I don’t think you would like the results… It has two power channels, and the smaller one maxes out at about 0.15 lm.

If you want a maximum which is somewhere between moon and turbo, the easiest solution is to just set a ceiling level to something you like more, and set the turbo type to “none”. This can be done entirely with button presses, without flashing new firmware.

It should be fine to swap for any high power emitter because even though it looks like some passthrough or bypass with PWM dimming the circuit resistance looks pretty high considering Zeroair measured 4.15A at 4.2V with the LH351d 90CRI, rough estimation at 180mΩ including sofirn cell, even with a H10 and 519A it’ll probably stays below 6A.

Once mine is here, i will be the guinea pig on the 519a / H10 combo :)

And I’ll gladly add that to the list of things in my head that I’m wanting you to have done for me!

Definitely! I mean worst case, i will just use my shockli 3amp 14500's. either way itll be awesome i know

Even better. Didn’t know you can disable turbo these days, nice! Lame excuse, but I just haven’t taken the time to fully explore all options yet. Seems Ivan does a good job of describing this.

there seem to be about 600 total SP10 Pro available, spread over 3 colors, half with battery, half not… so about 200 of each color, combined

at sofirnlight there are less than 100 black, less than 25 red, and less than 20 green

dont miss the party :partying_face:

i got mine, all thanks to you! Of course I got it the day after my sp10 v3 shipped bc I thought that was the Anduril model :) ohwell, now I'll have two. One red, one green.

I buy one red… still waiting

from alix? How long has it been?

congrats on your order
we are also still waiting

when I posted this:
I got a green SP10 Pro
I only meant I got my order placed and paid for, not that I have received the light, yet

when he said this:

he also means he got his order placed and paid for, not that he has received the package

our estimated arrival is April 15th…

Yep… 20 days I think in Europe (i am in Italy). When it come i give you a feedback