Sofirn SP10B - Anyone?

Well, digging the AliExpress stores as I always do, I found the Sofirn SP10B (AA / 14500), a reformulated version of the SP10A.
Does anyone have it?

I’m still waiting for 2xSF14 and 1xSP10A, but I guess I’ll jump on the SP10B :person_facepalming:
ML > L > M + High (double click) + Strobe (triple click) + Lock-out (4 clicks)


Yea, been going back and forth with Sofirn to get the firmware updated so it’s one click for ON (like the Manker/Utorch AA lights), but I’m not sure that they’ll be doing that. They’ve cut down the hold time to 0.3 seconds for on/off from 0.5 seconds, which is an improvement, but really hoping they will change it to the single click for ON. I’d wait on ordering until the updated firmware is confirmed if that’s important to you… also some new colors coming up soon, hopefully in time for the holidays.

Sofirn SP10A vs Sofirn SP10B?

224 lm output for 3h 19min when running on 14500 cell? That would be nice if true, but it seems too optimistic to me.

Still, looks like a useful little light. Wish it had a reversible clip.

Hum, so they’ll probably reformulate the firmware again, is that it?
For what I’ve seen, I like the changes on the modes, having a lower mode (ML) and double click for high. I’d probably change the memory and have it without memory, but that is me…
Having lockout is a + for me as well!

The information you provided is very useful ! Do you have any notion if or when there will be that new update on this firmware?
Thank you very much :+1:

I made some suggestions some time ago which they integrated into SP10B updated firmware (finished 10/20) but the most important update (to me) that was NOT included was for them to change it from “hold for ON” to a “one click for ON”. So I conveyed the importance of that change to them (as well as always starting on ML) and they’ll look into it this week I presume, and we’ll see what happens from there. They might not change it at all if they feel they don’t need to, so don’t hold your breath…

If they’re already using single fast click to cycle through modes, then how can they also use it for on/off?

Or are you suggesting to use single fast click to turn ON, but still use long click to turn OFF?

Yes, one click for ON and 0.3 second hold for OFF, then when OFF, hold 0.3 seconds to go to last mode (like the Manker and Utorch).

I’d also prefer another group mode that cycles ML>L>M>H>OFF>etc., more muggle friendly that way…

That’s the way how SP32 works, click for ON, hold to change modes and long click for OFF! I guess it would be doable!
I understand what you (k-wong) said, so I won’t hold my breath, but it would be nice if they could tell you something about that change (or not change) in the SP10B firmware!
Once you are in touch with them, maybe them can give you an update the status of that :wink:

This would give room to always start on ML, as well, wouldn’t it? That would be nice as well (for me, I say)!

Right now there’s no change, but I did submit a request after I found out the one click for ON was not implemented. So I’ll update if they decide to do that or not. :+1:

Probably they invented a new cell like this superb 1800mAh AAA

Aw man, I also got trigger happy and have an SF10A on the mail... I should start waiting a few months before I get a recently released flashlight. Until 2018 lumintop tool AA (AAA on the mail xD)

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Lol, “trigger happy” is a nice expression :smiley:
I’ll wait for a while to see if I go for this SP10B.
The SP10A and SF14 will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll check how they perform, compare them with the Tool AA and the other AA lights I have and discern if I should be “trigger happy” to get a SP10B.

Apart from the “click for ON” that k-wong mentioned, this light seems to be the more interesting AA/14500 light they launched so far. If they change that “click”, it will be better. If not, let’s see.

BTW, the SF10 will soon be changed, getting a nice driver and a different emitter! The host is awesome, but the driver… messes all up :person_facepalming:

I’m tempted by some of Sofirn’s lights, but those dishonestly labeled cells put me off. However, the cells HKJ tested don’t seem to be listed in Sofirn’s AliExpress store. Does anyone know what (if any) connection there is between the Sofirn flashlights and the mislabeled Sofirn AA and AAA cells?

As asked above, what’s the diff between the A and B?

I like the A quite a bit, so am curious about the B.

If I’m not mistaken, hardware is the same, but firmware changed to…

1) Reduce on/off press from .5 to .3 seconds.
2) Add moonlight mode (1 lumen) for a total of 4 light modes.
3) Two clicks to turbo .
4) Move strobe from two click to three click territory.
5) Four clicks to lock/unlock.

Personally, I think it would be better with three clicks to lock and four clicks for strobe. :slight_smile:

Looks like Sofirn is Taking suggestions to heart because I received a message regarding making firmware updates.

Ooh, nice!

Yup, they are indeed :wink: They changed the modes from their “first” AA lights (SF10, SF12) to the newest (SP10A and B, SF14), and they continue to improve.

k-wong gave valuable information here about the “click to ON” and yesterday I asked Cissy on AE store about that change, and she said they will make it, but it is yet to confirm when! She said she would send message to inform about that! I hope they make it!

Finally, a manufacturer, making budget but quite nice lights, “listens” to the costumers (even if those are flashaholics :smiling_imp: )!

Yup, I guess this is it :wink: