“REVIEW”: Sofirn SP10B (AA/14500) w/ night beamshots [PIC HEAVY]

POST #1: General Specs
POST #2: Beamshot Comparison


This is my review of the Sofirn SP10B. The flashlight was bought on Sofirn Official Store @ AliExpress, on this link (non-affiliate): Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

There are other threads where this flashlight has been reviewed and talked about:
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On this review I will try to show some specs about the Sofirn SP10B (Post #1), also some night beamshots, and its comparison with other lights (Post #2)!

DISCLOSURE: in the name of flashlight science, I admit I didn’t test runtimes, nor “brightness” stepdown on this light :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

GENERAL SPECS (for both flashlights)
Body Material: Aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy, Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, anti-crash and better heat exchange
Body Colour : Black
Reflector : Orange Peel
Lens : Toughened glass lens, not AR Coated
LED : XP-G2 (5350-5700K) / Neutral White
Switch : Electronic switch, on the side (head).
Batteries used : AA Alkaline (1.2 / 1.5V) / 14500 (3.7V) AA Ni-MH batteries are not mentioned as supported…
Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
Battery reminder : Battery level below 2.8V – blinks 2 times per second, on 14500 3.7V batteries. No indication for AA batteries.
Brightness stepdown : After 3 minutes on High light steps down to Medium, when using 14500 Li-Ion battery
Distance throw of luminosity : 80 meters
+Beam Intensity: 3500 candela
Impact resistance : 1 meter
Waterproofness : IP68 (can be used in “rainstorm”)



Inside the package we find: the flashlight, the user manual, the accessories (1 lanyard, 2 o-rings, 1 keyring clasp). We also find a manufacturer card and a silica gel bag :smiley:
The pocket clip was already attached to the flashlight.

The Manual is written in English and Deutsch, clear and simple, explains the functions and general specifications of the Sofirn SP10B.



The Sofirn SP10B is small flashlight, well designed body, and feels nice to the touch!
It is equal to the SP10A, and it is similar to the Sofirn SP32 / SP32A models, only smaller.

The flashlight is composed by 3 different parts: head, battery tube and tailcap.

The battery tube, like the on the SP10A and the SF14 is not reversible, nor is the pocket clip.

The Family photos :smiley:

The SP10B is the second smallest AA/14500 flashlight, only surpassed by the Manker E11.
L to R – Nitefox UT20 > Zanflare F1 > Sofirn SP32A > Convoy S2+ > Sofirn SF10 > Sofirn SF14 > Emisar D4 > Lumintop Tool AA > Amutorch S3 > Sofirn SP10B > Manker E11 > Convoy S2+ Mini > Olight S1R Baton > Nitecore TIP

Some comparisons with it’s “A” sister:

SP10B vs SP10A (The only visible difference is inside the tailcap)

SP10B vs SP10A (modded with XPL-HI)



Weight without battery and with a Sofirn 14500 battery inside.


Lens is not AR coated, is Clear glass lens.

Reflector is Orange Peel reflector, and on the bottom as a small groove to sit well on the gasket.

The tube threads arrived slightly lubbed, and are, at least it seems, “squarish”. The knurling is well machined and with no visible imperfections.

It can take 14500 (unprotected), AA Akaline, and Ni-MH batteries (maybe not all…)



TURN ON: Press the side switch for 0.3 seconds. Turns ON in the last used mode (except High and Strobe).
TURN OFF: Press the side switch for 0.3 seconds.
CHANGE MODES: When ON, single click to change from ML > L > M > ML > L > M…
DOUBLE CLICK: Access High mode, from ON or OFF (except when locked out). When High is accessed from ON, a single click will take the output back to the previous used mode.
TRIPLE CLICK: Access Strobe (Double frequency), from ON or OFF (except when locked out).
4 FAST CLICKS when OFF: electronic lock/unlock (the light blinks 2 times on the latest regular used output, and then locks/unlocks out; it will turn ON in the last used mode, except for High and Strobe).

Physical Lockout: unscrew the tailcap or the head.


BRIGHTNESS LEVELS & RUNTIME (AA Alkaline ||| 14500) :
Moonlight >>>>> 1lm / 180h ||| 2lm / 330h
Low >>>>>>>>> 20lm / 11h40m ||| 60 lm / 12h02m
Medium >>>>>>>70lm/ 3h13m ||| 224lm / 3h19m
High >>>>>>>>>270lm / 1h42m ||| 573lm / 1h15m
Strobe >>>>>>>>270lm/ 1h42m ||| 573lm / 2h31m

14500 vs AA Alkaline

14500 vs AA Alkaline (@ 1.2m)

From Low to High (on 14500)


1 – The moonlight mode is excellent! It is really low, even with 14500 Li-Ion battery!

2 – The tint is a very nice Neutral White, with no significant “yellowish” shift! I like it a lot!

3 – Having the shortcut to highest level, from ON or OFF is top for me!

4 – It has a nice beam and provides illumination in a range up to 45/50 meters, with good visibility.



1 – Make the battery tube reversible, or make a groove to revert the pocket clip, as it would be very useful.

2 – Always start on the lowest mode, meaning, not have memory to always start on the last used mode.

3 – To have and intermediate mode between Moonlight and Low.

4 – To increase the output of High, making it brighter.

5 – The “long” click for ON could be just a fast click. I know this was improved, meanwhile and that mine is not one of the revised. Still, this is a suggestion.



This is a very nice budget AA/14500 flashlight, with nice UI, tint and price. Despite the changes or improvements I suggested, I will probably be carrying it on my backpack on the next times :smiley:

Thanks for reading!

Next post: Beamshot comparison :sunglasses:


So, I decided to take a look on how the Sofirn SP10B looks like on the real life – indoor and outdoor - on the dark Winter night ! Also on Christmas night, I admit :person_facepalming: :smiley:

Here it goes.

SP10A vs SP10B (@ 1m)

SP10A vs SP10B (@ 5-7m, both from Low to High)

Jetbeam RRT01 (16340 Li-Ion) vs Sofirn SP10B (14500 Li-Ion)

Jetbeam RRT01 (16340 Li-Ion) vs Sofirn SP10B (14500 Li-Ion) vs Olight S1R Baton (16340 Li-Ion)
I had to increase the Jetbeam output so that I could compare the beams, as it is ULTRA-LOW :smiley:

Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI) > Sofirn SP10B

(Reversed order photo)

Some tint comparison between the same lights I mentioned above in the same order;)

NOTE: on the 1st photos the SP10B is on the left, and on the 2nd it is on the right

-Nitecore TIP vs Sofirn SP10B

-Olight S1R Baton vs Sofirn SP10B

-Lumintop Tool AA vs Sofirn SP10B

-Manker E11 vs Sofirn SP10B

-Sofirn SF14 vs Sofirn SP10B

-Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI U6-3A) vs Sofirn SP10B



@ 7 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

@ 5-10 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

@ 15 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

@ 19 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

@ 35 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

@ 40 mts (the building)
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI) > Emisar D4 > Amutorch AM30

@ 50 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI) > Emisar D4 > Amutorch AM30

@ 70 mts
Sofirn SP10B vs Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI)

Beams in the Fog :smiley:
Sofirn SP10B vs Nitecore TIP > Olight S1R Baton > Lumintop Tool AA > Manker E11 > Sofirn SF14 > Sofirn SP10A (XPL-HI) > Emisar D4 > Amutorch AM30

And this is it!
Leave comments or questions in case you want :wink:

Best regards :+1:

Nice review and great photos. Pretty excited about the red one I haveon the way now.

Thanks ImA4Wheelr :slight_smile: The red and blue versions seem very neat :sunglasses: I hope you like it when you get it :smiley:

Nice review MascaratumB. It has replaced my tg06 as my edc, for now. There is little not to like about this little light. I too, wish it had a reversible clip, and did try flipping the tube, no joy.

Thanks Dusty :wink: Yup, the tube could be reversible! Not only on this but also on the SP10A and the SF14.
The new SP32A, they improved and put a reversible tube, unlike the former SP32. I like that a lot!
Have your tried using some kind of wire or ring to make contact with the tube reversed?

I’ll try that on mine and see if it works :nerd_face:

What an amazing review! Nice info and beamshots .Thank you for making all this information public . It seems that it took some time and dedication to do all that !!

PS: Every review should have so many beamshots like yours

Thanks NT45! Obrigado :wink:
Yup, it took a while for the photos and some long hours to write and put it up together! :person_facepalming:

And a warm Welcome to BLF !!! Let’s light up this country :smiling_imp: :partying_face:

From your review.

3 – To have and intermediate mode between Moonlight and Low. :beer:

Very good review MascaratumB.
Well done.

Thanks 264 :wink: Yup, I miss a “in-between” mode over there. From “almost” OFF, on the Moonlight mode, then we are flooded by a “high” low mode. Specially when using 14500 batteries! But also on AAs!
I guess it would make it more balanced :wink:

Nice little light. :slight_smile:

So let me get this straight:

The SP10A is black, the SP10B is red or blue?
This seems to be the case when i look on AliExpress “Sofirn Official Store”.

Indeed it is :wink:
Well, the SP10A used to be sold on black, while the SP10B was sold in black, blue and red.
Apparently it was changed, so maybe the SP10B is now only blue and red!
I guess this had something to do with the changes of the UI on the SP10A and SP10B. They now seem the same, as seen here:

Maybe on Amazon there is still the SP10B on black?

Well, i ordered one today, together with a C8F (triple) host.
Hope i will like it.

Did you manage to get the black one, or you had to chose one of the others?

I just received a SP10A in Black as a replacement for a black SP10B. Seems to have a slightly different UI than the B I had . Able to access firefly from off with a short press . Long press from off goes to last memorized level. Is this the norm for all SPs now?

Hum…didn’t know that!
I tried to check on their store but couldn’t find that information for the SP10A (black). If that is the new UI, I will love it for sure!!! :open_mouth:

Can you double check it again to see if it is a consistent way of working?

After being on firefly, a single click keeps going on through the modes or does it shut OFF the light?
Does the press and hold shuts OFF the light from any mode?

Also, does 2 clicks go to turbo, 3 clicks to strobe and 4 clicks to lock-out?

Thanks for any input on this :wink:

Yes , the new black SP10A I have does go to firefly with a short click . Everything else works as you asked . Long click to off except when turbo is accessed from off . Now you could turn off in M or H and have direct access to firefly, M or H, or turbo from off depending how you click it.

Short click - firefly, then M,H
Long click- memorized mode
Double click- turbo
Triple click - strobe
4 Clicks - lock out
The only thing I find annoying is there is both a long or short click to off from turbo, depending if you got there from on or off . Easy to forget . Also , accidental on to firefly in pocket could easily happen now with short click if not locked out.

I grabbed a black SP10A for the wife (when I also ordered another set of C8Fs). But wondering about the muggle factor here :question: Anyway, if the wife doesn’t like it— then I get to :smiley:

BTW: any sources for a few of the better 14500 batteries for this little thing? I have NmH but want a pair (maybe four) of these. Not needing bleeding edge, just good solid batteries over say 500-600mAh? I would have loved to buy from Sofirn but they can’t ship batteries to the US (right now) :expressionless:

I looked around, but didn’t see anything that got me excited (mostly junk or expensive— as usual). Any better mid-range sources or deals anyone seen lately? (no hurry so China is fine- just not wanting to mess with Aliexpress sellers I don’t know- but maybe you do?)

Thanks BLF!

Thanks for confirming these features! I like them a lot :smiley: Despite I know what you mean about the possible accidental activation on the pocket with the short click! But I like this UI better than the last, as the lowest mode can be accessed directly!

Well, I guess I will be getting a SP10A then, even more because my SP10B driver is damaged!!

Thanks for the answer :wink:

Hum, for this light I guess a Sanyo 14500 is enough (800mAh), but if you can also try the Efest IMR14500 (650MmAh).
Please note that the Efests are suitable for high drain devices and the SP10A/B are not those kind. Still you can use them on that flashlight.
I bought my Efest from MTN Electronics: 10440 - 14500 - 16340 - 18350 - 18500
The Sanyos I bought from AliExpress, but on MTN you will also find those :+1: