Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

Yeah but with 3600 lumens…. Come on. L6 has 3400 and the S70S can put out 3800 to 4000. And this light is bigger with a newer led. If sofirn make SP70 as they told it will be much brighter than this Jaxman.

Yes, xhp 70.2 or the xhp 50.2. = .2 emitters

Keeping in mind that this is a project light with input from the forum where the Jaxman is a production light WITHOUT the benefit of the forums FET expertise.

You know, of course, that either way some here will mode either light and produce quite a few more lumens. So simple, really, to hit 7,000 to 9,000 lumens with some moderate changes. And in THAT case, which light would hold up to it better? I like Jaxman for trying, good results without a lot of help. Got to give Sofirn Kudo’s to taking things to the next level though. They have surprises in store for us. :smiley:

**^ I do love surprises…… :smiley: **

How long beam distance ?

@Sofirn: You should notice that the most favorite emitter color in BLF is Neutralwhite/warmwhite or between 4000K and 5000K.

You could sell more Sofirn Q8 with a warmer emitter color too.

Sofirn chooses emitter color temps that the majority of ALL customers prefer, not BLF specifically. This gives them the most sales without having to stock multiple versions of each light.

They are still working on the reflector. It will be farther than the L6 and S70s, though.

I for one am glad Sofirn does it that way. That is one of the things that has attracted me to Sofirn.

They choose emitters that are close to True Neutral White …. no harsh blue tints of cool or the ugly yellows of warm.

Keep up the good work Sofirn!!! :slight_smile::+1:

Not only new reflectors take time, but the new DTP is not ready. It takes about 10-15 days. :rage:

Thanks for the news.

No worries, thank you for the update… it is appreciated. :+1: . :slight_smile:

After get the warehouse ready, sofirn will try making the current models with different leds and different tints. It helps if with quantity of the needs.

I think Sofirn is okay with using just the one 5350K-5700K tint for the SP70, but if they want to do 2 different tints that’s okay by me. Assuming that I understand what you mean. Are you maybe talking about other models besides the SP70?

I’m talking about other models. Some want Sofirn Q8 with 4000K tints, or C8F (21700) with one emitter etc.

I would like to see single emitter C8F 21700 with bigger head for throw and what about SP70 with XHP35? :wink:

They would need to know if demand is high enough. If there is not enough demand, they would lose money making it.

Would love to see a larger head single emitter version with Oslon KW CSLPM1.TG, KW CSPLM1.TG, or KW CULPM1.TG and USB C recharge. Will be the farthest throwing production flashlight in existence for its size and I am sure will sell very well.

Ediy: oops I thought this was the c8f 21700 thread.

Basically an olight m2x with 21700 and better driver/LED.

Keep in mind this is the SP70 thread.

For new flashlight ideas you might want to post on Sofirns suggestions thread or in a PM to them.