Sofirn Special Deal for Father’s Day on 11, June to 15, June SF36 flashlight at $10.99

Hello guys,

We want to list our Special Deals for the coming Father’s Day! Hope you like this deal. Happy Father’ Day in advance!!!

SF36 on

Price: only $10.99

PS, SP32A updated 2.0 version are ready in our warehouse now.

Please PM us your review link of old SP32A in BLF or other flashlight light forum, we would like to arrange a free sample for you as a gift.

New Features of SP32A 2.0 version:

1, advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology

2, power indicator

3, updated reflector


Where do we get the “get $4 off $ 30”?

Please click the following link:

And there is a big banner “get coupons”:

there are three kinds of coupons:
get $1 off $10;
get $2 off $20;
get $4 off $30

Please choose one you like and click it.

Enjoy your purchase on 28, March to 30, March on Aliexpress.

Order of US $40 or more
:slight_smile: ?

Coupon automatically shows up (applied) at the last step in payment.

I already have a bunch of Sofirns. At these great prices I’ll probably buy a few more just for the heck of it.

Think I will be picking up that SF36W and the SF31 to add to my Sofirn collection. I carry my C8F and SP32A just about anytime I head outside. Love those lights. SP33 always gets a workout around here too.

Hi Tracy,

I’ve bought SF14 from Sofirn Aliexpress shop. I have a small issue with (probably) the driver. With li-ion battery everything works fine. But with ni-mh eneloop, on the highest mode, flashlight starts to blink after about 10 seconds. Blinking lasts for 30-40 seconds, then it stops. Flashligh goes to medium after 3 minutes (like described in the instruction). Then after bump up to the highest mode, blinking also starts after 10 seconds. What is going on? How can it be fixed?


Sorry to hear that!

When The SF14 powered by AA battery, it automatically adjusts to medium within 3 minutes. It is unnormal if the light blinks at High Mode within 10 seconds.The issues occurred to the driver. So, please contact Sofirn Aliexpress Store to arrange a new one for you.

Sorry for the trouble caused


Hi Tracy

please make this light with 26650 battery. Many people are wanting it with 26650

i will buy 5 of them if it happen.

It will be more interesting to be under 20700 or 21700


It will be even more interesting to be 2 versions with 21700 and 26650. :UGHH:

I have the same issue. my downside is that I bought it on another seller since at the time I was blocked from the official sofirn store

Received my C8A yesterday. Very good quality flashlight, and it is definitely very close to or over 1700 lumens to my eyes.

Hey Nico,

Thank you for your Kindly suggestions. The 18650 battery run out shortly, right?

Yes. We would like to update the C8F in coming months.

Have a good day!

Tracy from Sofirn Light

Yeah 18650 is not enough juice to run long.

Most people want 26650 so they can put tripple xhp50 or other similar types of led to have longer running time.

I got my SP10A today. I gotta say I’m impressed with the quality of the light and the UI. The size is on par with the Utorch UT01 just slightly longer.
The first mode is moonlight and its quite low, maybe 1 or 2 lumens. Single click cycles Moon, low, med and back to low. Turbo is hidden with a fast double press. Strobe is really hidden with fast triple press. Hold for off and it’s quite responsive. The tint is pure white, the only tint difference I see is maybe a very small shift to light blue on the outside spill ring. 4 fast clicks from off to lock out or a 1/4 turn on the tail for mechanical lock out. Knurling is larger than the UT01 with no sharp edges. I’m digging this little 14500 light.

I got a pair of SF11s and SF14s on the way, still in transit. :smiley:

Tried picking up a 4-pack of 14500s, also, and they weren’t available to ship to the US. Seems odd, as I’ve gotten lights with an 18650 inside just fine.

Any chance of being able to order some 14500s and have them ship?

Got two SP32A today and some drivers. :smiley:

Only been playing with it for 10 minute and i really like it. The ramping is better than Thorfire TK18 and the light build is very nice. I would say same as Convoy or better.

Will need to play more and post my though here on weekend :slight_smile:

My other wish for this light is that it should also have tail switch :frowning: