Solarforce clip works with the UF-2100

Feeling the need for a clip on just about every light I have, I tried the Solarforce clip on my UF-2100 and the virtually identical Yezl Z1X and it works quite well. I love these lights, but without a clip they don't get used as much as they should. The ring sticks out a little from the body of the light, but it fits solidly and the light functions nicely. If someone else posted this already, I apologize.

I thought that the 2100 was a lot thinner than the Solarforce.....and I have a nice new L2P too.

My UF-2100 is on a sampan from China at the moment. Maybe the 2100 is just skinny all the way.

Stroke, Stroke....*whip lash* HeeHee

Thanks for the tip, 1 clip coming up :)

You just made my day. I have a uf2100 on the way and lots of SF clips laying around. I get a lot more use from a light with a clip.

I’ve been using the sf clip for a while now, fits perfectly.

The 2100 is slightly thinner than a Solarforce, I'd guess about 2mm just eyeballing it. The only thing I don't like is that I had just ordered this and another to use on my L2P and L2...darn, I have to make another order from SF

Still hate the fact that Solarforce does not offer a decent deep-carry pocketclip.

Use this, half of the light is up from pocket, cannot even be used practically with L2m.

Use 2-way-clip when pocketed - keep the lens available for collecting all possible shit&debris :|

Good idea, though!

Sell shit and debris on ebay....start bidding at $5, sell out...they will buy ANYTHING on Ebay

I have had this already for a while... and I like it :)

Me too, works great. Made my L2T clip-less, though.

I wish there were not so rough threads on the 2100 and a few more threads wouldn't hurt also.

Any site where I can buy only the clip?

Welcome to's where I get mine:

That clip is $6.50 shipped to the U.S., and that's more than I want to spend.

Does anyone know of a less expensive clip that fits the UniqueFire UF-2100 pretty well?


8.50 USD shipped to Italy.. too expensive.

Solarforce does not only have a bad selection of clips, they are also on the expensive side...

No deep-carry clip available... Two-way-clip available only from eBay...

I have been thinking of starting to make my own.

I have in theory access to laser burning, if I could get a sketch of a clip frame with measurements, I probably could supply some straight, un-bended clips for people to twist in angle they like.

SS sheet is not THAT expensive per clip, I could also get it with buy-in prices.

Problem is, I bet the need for these is very limited and the other problem is, that the finish on these would most likely be not as great as in original ones.