Solarforce clones

Hey Guys,
I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the Solarforce clones, I saw one in a post but I can’t remember which one of if there were any details about it. I was just looking to add a cheaper light with some good throw to my little collection. Any advice would be helpful also.

Just the link to the clone in particular that I’m interested in.\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649


I personally don't but you may want to know that they don't throw well. If you want a thrower you need something with a big reflector.

Ahh… thats disappointing. They have a fairly large reflector on them? Anyhow, could you recommend something in a similar price range that would have decent throw?

P60 lights have a small reflector and generally do not throw well. If you want a cheap thrower the Ultrafire G4 MCU does very well for the price. Sadly you did miss out on the group buy but it is still very cheap at 15 dollars.

Jimmy, for starters, welcome to BLF. Is your about Solarforce as clones or clones of Solarforce lights? Most Solarforce lights are clones of Surefire P60 style lights. There are other clones out there, but many people feel that the Solarforce units are the best of the clones. If you are interested in P60 lights, you can hardly go wrong with Solarforce.

That said, the light in the link you provided is not what I would consider a Solarforce clone. Also, I’m not into hardcore throwers, so I can’t really offer much help in that. Sorry ’bout that.

Again, welcome to the forum.

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@cone- I was unaware that solarforce lights were actually clones themselves :O. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated thrower, but I already own a fair bit of flood thanks to a little jetbeam torch I own, so I was thinking of restoring some balance with good throw

@scaru- I was thinking of getting something a little larger as my dad has basically that torch (it’s a generic ultrafire q5), even if it was the same LED but with a body big enough for 2x 18650, do you know of anything like that?

@raccoon city- Is that green day fan art by any chance?

Also, god everything looks so good in solarforce. Luckily I have a much lower budget else I would have bought something by now

Maybe a TK35 clone ?

Sf clones are not as good and really are just like a 503b. Some have a flat tail cap. There are heaps of fakes around and they usually come with a drop in.

I think it has to be. ;)

Here's the website where I found the image:

@Sardion Master- I like the look of that tk35 clone, but unfortunately im limited to like 20 AUD for the torch with 5 AUD for a trustfire 2400 mah battery. If this wasn’t the case i would probably buy the tk35 clone….

@edc- Yeah a guy earlier in this thread told me they aren’t as good as they look.

@raccoon city- hahaha, there isn’t any other Saint Jimmy thats famous enough to enspire artworks, so it must be him!

Maybe I should settle for a 1x 18650…. I saw a thread on these:

A couple of weeks on, are you guys impressed with them for their price range?

@edc- The 503b’s that I just had a look at looked much smaller than the solarforce clones, am I looking at the wrong model? Could you post a link please?



Ohhhh…… Now I’m following, my mistake for the misunderstanding

Remember to budget for a charger too. Don’t go bottom of the barrel on cells either because if you get a high current XM-L cheap batteries will trip their overcurrent early. The Chinese like to put ridiculously low overcurrent protection on their cheap cells. It’s like they know their cells aren’t capable of discharging over 2 amps.

I have been told my L2m is a counterfeit. I forget where I got it… DX, KD, one of those places that take months to ship something.

Honestly its one of my best lights. I have modded it to handle water submersion. It sees regular pool-duty with my kids using it for night-swimming. It has 3 gaskets between the body / bezel. Two more seal out the body / tailcap junction. I use it with a surefire 6P bezel. The stainless Xeno RG03 bezel ring reaches deeper into the light so it presses down on the front window gasket with more compressive force than the stock plastic surefire piece.

If you want a bit more throw then find or order a XRE, XPE, or XPC emitter drop-in. The XRE is the best emitter for throw as it has a narrow angle optic [90 deg], the XPE and XPC are 100 and 110 deg [IIRC]. XPG and XML emitters have a wider 125 deg optic so they require a larger reflector to get greater distance.