solarforce l2t grip rings

Does anyone know where to get replacement grip rings that are better than the stock l2t ones? Mine are getting quite soft and easily sliding off.

No one knows?

Rubber bands? LOL

seriously I would like a few also. I just sent SF email.

That is probably one of the only complaints of the L2T’s. The rubber grip rings are too soft. And there does not seem to be a place to get any better rings.

solarforce sells them for like 5$ a pop ....

I want them too just not that bad

I'm buying big rubber stoppers and making my own ..

Got mine at Sears ...One 2$ stopper makes two cigar grips

I like farka /xeno or Crelant grips But both companies laughed whan i asked for them //even when I had orders incoming ... I don't like the solarforce grips very well .

Could you use a thick O-ring instead? Just wondering…

Edit: The Niteye TF20/25 comes with something similar. I wonder if those’d work, and if they could be gotten from Niteye?

Illumination Supply carries, or carried, the Niteye lights, so maybe they’d know?

Edit again: I thought I saw somewhere that someone (vague!) had used paracord to make a grip.


Photos please. :smiley:

Surefire makes so called combat rings that might work. They are pricey, especially from Surefire, and you get three different types when all you may want is one style. Also, they are for 1” diameter lights. I just measured my L2T tail cap and they should work in they manner Surefire intended, that is to say, around the tail cap, but I have no idea if they will fit where the stock L2T grip ring resides; Primarily a height issue, not diameter, near as I can tell.

In case you are still interested, here is a video of the guy who “invented” them where he demonstrates their deployment.

Here are a few places to get them cheaper than SureFire.

Optics planet- $12.60 w/potential free shipping.
Cheaper than Dirt- $12.70; personally, I’m boycotting these guys, but…
OpsGear- $11.04; normally $12.99, but you can get 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter

That guy is funny as! :bigsmile:


Supposedly, he’s the real deal.

Love the photo’s of him standing on the seats! :smiley:


I had seen those before and was not interested in them but have become more interested after that video. They seem fairly useful although I am not much of a shooter.