Solarforce Skyline I

Well I decided to buy one after seeing a picture. Looks to be a good quality light.

Now at just $30 dollars I suspect I'm certain you won't be alone.

That is a steal.

I even started a post about this light last week i think it was.

But im told its well worth the $30 and higher for what you get, My issue is i dont have much use for a thrower since most of my lights stay indoors.

It is a good light overall, but its performance on a 18650 is abysmal. (replacing the standard driver with a 3*amc linear regulator solves this issue)

where could you get the driver? is it possible for an XM-L mod?

Do you have any more info about why it is abysmal??

I also have a Skyline 1 and its much brighter using 2xCR123A batteries.

Thats a huge let down for me. The Skyline I has that fancy infinite brightness driver with hidden strobe mode too. I was thinking about pulling the trigger on buying one myself.

Here take a iook at this I was thinkig about the skyline too for a thrower but I got the solarforce pro-1 kit LI

heres a link compareing skyline to pro 1

I had one for a bit and ended up selling it. Fun to play light sabres with, but didn't have much of a practical purpose for me.

which one you mean

The abysmal part was referring to its low output on 18650, which can be rectified by replacing the regulator as I said.

You won't lose the "infinite brightness" part if you switch out the regulator for a simple 1-mode linear amc board. The brightness ramping is controlled by a separate pwm dimmer in the tail cap and it won't be affected by a swap to a amc regulator.

The regulator I used was a 5-mode 3*amc board that I pulled from another mod job and converted into 1-mode. But any 1-mode amc regulator should work just fine. It was fairly easy to get access to all components in the light, a xm-l mod should also be fairly easy. You'd want a 16mm or smaller mcpcb for the mod though.

I can't imagine 2x123a (all of $2) being a huge deal since it doesn't seem like a light you'd use all that much. A few years storage life might actually be a useful function.

i like this light good grip , hvy feel

but as stated poor output on one battery. i knew that going in to it and hate to say but i was shocked still . its my first single battery light in 18650 or cr123 .

to compare a dissimilar light

SacredFire NF-009 Cree Q2-WC 160-Lumen LED Flashlight (2*18650/4*CR123A)

destroys this in terms of output , 009 moded with XML BTW ( even without mod).

i had planned on swapping the LED at some point then maybe the driver...

interesting about the tailcap functions - i think that really is the WTG.

over all its a nice build - solid but not too heavy , out of the way disco mode and yet it can be deployed effortlessly , infinite brightness is good but... , does throw but needs xml

but infinite brightness is fast, too fast , once held it in increases in brightness then within a second its down to "flickering moon mode "

worst flaw- is not supporting rCr123s

id get it again but a few bucks less would be nice , i would be highly disapointed if i had paid more. although a few years ago ( when it came out) i dont know if the output equated a , eh-hmm "premium" $90 or whatever at the time

also SFF sent it light wrapped in foamy wrap ,l2t and l2p were in packages

I will be the first to tell you that for what you get for $32 shipped to your door is one heck of a deal. The quality on this light is just awesome. And it throws the tightest beam out of all the lights I own.

it throws the tightest beam but what throws the furtherest distance from what you own ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS ?

This one probably is the brightest light I own and the farthest thrower. It probably will throw a beam 500yds. I know it will very easily throw one 400yds.

It's 400yds or so to this horsebarn from my house where I am standing. That was taken on 18x optical zoom. I can light that barn up at nite very easily with that light at this same spot.